10 Fun Facts You Definitely Didn’t About “The Big Bang Theory”

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It is always a delight when you get to write about one of your favorite television shows.
“The Big Bang Theory” has been delighting television viewers for about a decade now. Almost everyone I know likes it. I have one friend who is not a fan, but he’s that sort of person who only likes movies made by really weird directors “creating” incomprehensible nonsense. Certain people just try way too hard when it comes to making their “art”.

I get it, writers and directors who live in Hollywood. You think you’re smarter than me. Go away, please. First of all, you’re probably not smarter than me. You’re probably just luckier than me. That is not an accomplishment. Millions, or possibly billions, of people are luckier than I am.

The show is great, and anyone who disagrees does not have a sense of humor. When I lived in Los Angeles, a lot of people thought I looked like Sheldon. I was very thin at the time, and I’m similarly neurotic. I make Sheldon look normal. These days, I look more like Leonard, and I am also similarly neurotic. Back then, I also sort of looked like the guy who played Spider-Man in a few movies, but that’s a different story.
Here are ten fun facts about a show most of us love.

1. The “Blossom” Connection

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One of the stars of “The Big Bang Theory” is Johnny Galecki. Another star is Mayim Bialik. They were both in an episode of “Blossom”, which is a show about a teenaged girl living her life. I never really watched it regularly, to be honest, as I have never been a teenaged girl.

Apparently, however, Galecki appeared on an episode of “Blossom”. You have to get your start somewhere, right?

When I think of “Blossom”, I think of a couple shows. It was mentioned on an episode of “Seinfeld”. It was the episode when George and Jerry were pitching their show to the network. It didn’t go so well for them.

I also think of the soap opera “General Hospital”, which is somehow still on the air despite the fact it is over fifty years old. One of the stars of the program is a woman by the name of Finola Hughes. She was also on “All My Children” for a while there. To get to the point, she played a minor character on “Blossom”. On “General Hospital”, she is a spy. She also has a daughter who is a doctor, and the young actress who plays her granddaughter is in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

2. Johnny Galecki Makes A Lot Of Money

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A few years back, Johnny Galecki was one of the highest paid actors on television; he is worth tens of millions of dollars—at least. Actually, he is probably worth a lot more.

I like Galecki a lot, but I’m still sort of ticked off. I used to do a bit of acting. I am also taller than him, and I also have a pretty mediocre body. Why can’t I be worth many millions of dollars?

The character he portrays on “Big Bang” does inspire me though; I like to think I could marry a woman half as pretty as his character’s wife. I never will, but I like to dream.

The one complaint I have about sitcoms is that they seem to suggest that mediocre-looking guys with nothing going on can marry pretty girls. That just isn’t the truth. I am a mediocre-looking guy with nothing going on; trust me when I say no one who looks like Penny from “Big Bang” will ever go near me.

3. Raj Can’t Talk to Women, and That Character Trait is Actually Based On a Real Person

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Raj can talk to women now, but at first he could not unless he had had a bit of alcohol. That trait was based on a former coworker of one of the show’s executive producers.

That is definitely relatable. I can’t talk to women who aren’t related to me, sadly. I suppose I can, but they don’t really seem interested. Then again, I don’t have anything interesting to say. When I try to talk to them? I definitely see the boredom in their eyes. That said, I see the boredom in the eyes of everyone I try to talk to. I try to talk to the people at the convenience store—and I can just tell they want me to complete my purchase so they can get on with their day. I can’t really blame them; I have nothing interesting to share. They clearly want me to go away, and I respect that thought.

4. Two Stars of the Show Dated

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Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, and Johnny Galecki actually dated for a couple of years. I can’t figure out how that one happened. I am jealous of him. Who wouldn’t be? He probably should have tried very hard to put a ring on that, because you can’t do much better than her.

Until recently, I didn’t know that Kaley Cuoco was on the show “Charmed” for its final season. I was never a fan of that show, really. I preferred “Buffy”. She was also on “8 Simple Rules”.

Recently, there has been talk of Cuoco playing Penny on a spinoff of “Big Bang”—with Leonard, of course. I love the characters, but I just can’t imagine what the show would focus on, really. We have been watching those two fall in love for a decade; what’s left to the story? Their friends have already had babies. I feel like, at least for the time being, those characters should be retired. They might be interesting again in 2029 or so. You can only milk a cow for so long, after all.

They would have to do something pretty radical to make a Penny and Leonard sitcom interesting. They would obviously have to move somewhere outside of California. I guess it would be interesting to see them move to Texas, which is where Sheldon is from. She definitely wouldn’t fit in there. It would make sense, plot-wise, to an extent; Leonard is an academic, and he could get a great job at a college in Texas. They could have wacky neighbors, and Sheldon’s mom could even be a character. Sheldon’s brother is also pretty interesting. He could also be their neighbor.

Actually, now that I really think about it, I could see the spinoff working! Hollywood writers should feel free to call me. I am willing to consult on the script.

5. Sheldon and the Number 73

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Sheldon wears the number 73 a lot, and it is the fictional character’s favorite number. That is largely because Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, was born in 1973. Watching current episodes, it is hard to believe he is well over the age of 40. He is just one of those guys that ages very gracefully.
I am guessing—considering he is worth more than everyone reading this put together—he has access to the world’s best plastic surgeons. That might be part of the reason he looks so young. If I had a couple million to throw around on plastic surgery, I would also look great. Sadly, however, I do not.

I actually saw Parsons in a play on Broadway. He portrayed God, which seemed fitting somehow considering his character on “Big Bang”. It was very good, and the critics loved it.

6. Stuart and the Comic Books

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If you’re not familiar with the show, there is a character who owns a comic book store. His name is Stuart. The fun thing is that the actor who portrays him, Kevin Sussman, actually worked at a comic book store prior to becoming a successful actor. He has been playing the character since 2009. He also appeared in episodes of “ER” and “My Name is Earl”. He also appeared in an episode of “The Sopranos” and in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”.

7. The Audition

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Jim Parsons’ first audition was very good; as a result, the show’s creator immediately asked him to come in for a second one—just to make sure, essentially, that the first one wasn’t a happy accident. Well, the second turned out very good indeed, so he became the character most of us know and love.

I like these pictures. They are kind of dark and sad, true, but a lot of us nerds out there can really relate. There is no way in heck any attractive woman would let me make a baby with her. Also, my baby would be neither smart, nor attractive. I don’t care how beautiful my mate is; my genes will result in an ugly, sad baby. My bad genes would never allow for a successful, happy, pretty child.

8. The Show Made It Clear With Whom Everyone Would End Up

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It is true, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Sitcoms rarely throw surprises our way. One of the things we like about sitcoms is that they are pretty predictable. You knew Leonard would end up with Penny. You knew Sheldon would end up with Amy. It was just obvious based on with whom the characters first interacted.

A couple of sitcoms have managed to fool us. For example, Murphy from “Murphy Brown” never got together with Frank. I thought—for sure—that would be a thing. It just never happened. There is a new season airing, so I suppose it is still possible, but I somehow doubt it.

Weirdly, the character of Frasier from “Cheers” and “Frasier” never really found lasting love; that one did come as a surprise. He was married on “Cheers”, of course, but that relationship seemed doomed from the very beginning. “Frasier” lasted for eleven years or so, and he never really settled down. The show ended with him chasing a woman to Chicago, but even the actor who played Frasier admitted that he didn’t see the relationship working out. There is a good chance Frasier is still single to this day, which is why they should make another show about him. I have ideas! Call me Hollywood!

It is also kind of weird that Mary from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” never managed to find a nice young man to settle down with. There was an awful TV movie made decades after the show ended that revealed she did in fact marry and have a daughter; it was so bad, though, that I like to pretend that movie never existed. Rhoda also had a daughter.

In theory, I have nothing against TV movies about great sitcoms; I just wish that the networks would hire people who actually know how to write comedy. I wish they would hire people who knew how to write anything!

9. There Aren’t Any Lenses in Leonard’s Glasses

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You can kind of tell from looking at this image. There was an issue with Galecki looking up at Parsons, who is much taller, which makes sense. The set lights created an issue.

Happily, I was born with okay vision. That’s the only thing that really turned out well in regard to my birth. I’ll eventually need to wear glasses; I probably should when I drive, but the people working at the department of motor vehicles in my state are extremely lazy. I once showed up there and waited behind a woman who was clearly drunk; nobody noticed, and she got her license renewed just fine. I probably should have complained. I just didn’t feel like dealing with the paperwork.

10. Mayim Bialik has a PhD

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Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, is a brilliant woman. In addition to being an award-winning actress, she is literally a neuroscientist.

Curiously enough, she went back to television because it would mean she would have more time for her sons. I would have thought that television would be more demanding than research, but I would have been wrong. I guess you get a lot of time off during the summer months if you star on a sitcom.

“The Big Bang Theory” is ending this year, by the way; I will miss seeing her on my television screen. I hope she finds another show very soon.

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