10 Great Comics About Cat Ownership By Lucas Turnbloom

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Image Source: Facebook / Lucas Turnbloom

These are a bunch of comics composed by a man from Southern California. His name is Lucas Turnbloom, and he decided to rescue a female cat. According to him, his pet is sweet, but also a little nuts. His wife managed to convince Lucas to put the comics about the cat on the internet for the whole world to enjoy.

I can’t relate to owning a cat—I’m quite allergic. As far as pets go, I have only ever owned dogs, but my current dog is definitely a bit weird. For example, he really likes coffee. It isn’t good for him, I know, so it isn’t like I let him drink a mug of the stuff. I’ll let him lick a little coffee off of my mouth, though, which actually makes me the weird one. Then again, it isn’t like I have much of a choice. He just hops on the couch and starts licking. I told his vet about it; the vet thinks that it is funny.
It is weird, though; if a person licked my face, I would freak out like you wouldn’t believe. There would probably be crying, honestly.

I have a friend who used to own cats. He called them “girl cat” and “boy cat”. Despite the fact he studied creative writing, he’s apparently not the most creative. I stayed with him a few times when he owned them. They made me sneeze a lot, but I sort of liked “boy cat”. We got along well, and he would snuggle at my feet. The girl would just hiss at me, and she once knocked over my beer. It was totally unnecessary on her part.

You can check out all of his work by visiting some of the following links: https://www.facebook.com/pg/lucas.turnbloom

Here are ten great comics written by Lucas about his pet.

1. The Comic About the Washcloth

Image Source: Facebook

I can relate to this one. To an extent, my dog acts like a cat.
For whatever reason, my dog likes toilet paper, the empty toilet paper rolls, and napkins. He will often—when I am trying to work—bark at the trashcan in my restroom. He wants the empty toilet paper rolls. He loves cardboard. I have no idea why.
He also really likes ice. I find myself confused over that one. He will scratch at the refrigerator when he wants ice, and he won’t stop until he gets some ice. He always has fresh water available; it isn’t like he is thirsty, so I don’t know why he is obsessed with ice.
I often wonder if he has some form of pica, which is when you eat things that have no real nutritional value. I have jokingly referred to him as pica-puppy. I like that name; it reminds me of Pikachu, who is one of the stars of the Pokémon series. The character is also one of Nintendo’s mascots, and I do love Nintendo.
I am kind of surprised that you can’t play as Pikachu in “Mario Kart” games. Don’t get me wrong—I love “Mario Kart”. I have never been disappointed by a “Mario Kart” game. It just strikes me as curious that I can’t drive around as Pikachu. You can drive around as Link from “The Legend of Zelda”, so why not Pikachu?
That said, I have other complaints about character choices in regard to Nintendo video games. The “Smash Bros” games are great—and you can be Pikachu in those, which is fun; however, you can’t fight as Toad in any of the games so far. That really ticks me off, because Toad is my favorite character in the “Super Mario” universe. He is just constantly overlooked, and I have no idea why. You can drive as Toad in “Mario Kart” games, but he’s not in “Smash Bros”, which is sort of ridiculous considering he is well known for being super strong.

2. The Comic About the Bed and the Sleeping

Image Source: Facebook

I can certainly relate to this one. My dog has many pet beds, but he doesn’t like those. He only really likes to sleep on laps or on the floor.
He actually likes sleeping in the shower for some reason, which I find weird. He usually licks up any water in the shower before curling up for a nap. There is always fresh water available in his bowl, but he likes the dirty shower water. He is a weird dog.
When I first got him, the dog was only eight weeks old. He’s one of those little dogs that are about the size of a small raccoon when full grown; at the time I brought him home, he was about the size of rat. He was a cute little rat, though. Anyway, I was playing with him on the ground, and he suddenly decided to crawl on my back and take a nap. I didn’t have the heart to move him. I probably should have, though; now he thinks he is the dominant one in the relationship. He essentially does whatever he wants.

3. The Comic About the Tripping

Image Source: Facebook

It seems, at times, like my dog wants me to trip over him. I am relatively sure it is not intentional on his part, but you never really know. Due to the color of his fur, he does sort of blend into the floor.
It was a very problematic situation when he was still a puppy. He’s still the size of an average puppy because he is one of those little terrier dogs, but he was a very tiny little thing when he was an actual puppy. It was hard to notice if he was in the room or not. I’d just be walking around and then all of the sudden he would be there. I almost fell more times than I can count.

4. The Comic About The Day of the Cat

Image Source: Facebook

I don’t know how common this is, but I definitely believe it. When I stayed with my friend who owned cats, they were always driving me nuts in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t see them all day, but then they would bother me in the middle of the night when there was nothing to watch on television and I was trying to get sleep. I think they considered the couch their ‘territory’ and didn’t like that I was trying to crash there.

5. The Comic About How Disgusting Pets Are

Image Source: Facebook

My dog is gross, and I admit it. Therefore, I can totally relate to this comic. When he was a puppy, he just decided he could pee and poop wherever he wanted and whenever he wanted. To a certain extent, he still sort of thinks that. If he is ticked off at you, he will pee in order to express his disdain. I get mad at first, of course, but he is a cute little dog; he knows that I can only stay mad for so long.
He also eats weird stuff. For example, he really likes the taste of mulch. I have no idea why. To be fair, I have never eaten mulch, so I guess it is possible that mulch is delicious. However, I doubt it. I once chewed on a stick because I was dared to do so, and I did not enjoy the experience.

6. The Comic About Staring at the Wall

Image Source: Facebook

This particular comic makes me a little sad. When my old dog was fourteen, I was in the process of moving. People had to look at my place, so I had to leave my place and take him with me. The dog wasn’t totally with it. I often ended up bringing him to this one restaurant, as it was the one place that would welcome pets. He always ended up staring at the establishment’s brick wall. He was weirdly fascinated by it. He would just stare and stare while I ate my meal.
I still sometimes wonder what he was thinking—if anything.
Sadly, the old dog didn’t make it to the new place. When the vet decided it was time for him to be put down, I asked for a moment. We went out into the parking lot and both just sort of stared at everything going on around us. I think that, in that moment, he was aware of what was about to happen. We shared a look before we went back into the vet’s office. It was time for him to go. He was fourteen, after all.

7. The Comic About the Crow

Image Source: Facebook

I have never owned a cat, but I can sort of relate to this one because my dogs have always wanted to catch a squirrel. I have only owned terriers, so that makes sense. They like to chase after the little animals.
I feel kind of bad that my old dog never managed to get a squirrel, because it was one of the main goals of his life. He lived to chase those things, and he came close a couple of times. He also chased deer, which was weird. They were a lot larger than him and probably could have done a lot of damage. If you have ever seen a video of people fighting off an aggressive deer, then you know what I am talking about. Baby deer are cute, but the adults are terrifying. I am definitely afraid of them. I am also afraid of foxes.
My current dog also wants to capture a squirrel, and I don’t know what I’d do if he did and brought it to me. I would probably scream and then beg a neighbor to put it in their trashcan.

8. The Comic About the Toilet

Image Source: Facebook

I don’t have a cat, but I do have a dog that loves to visit people while they’re on the toilet doing their business. I have no idea why. I suppose it is possible that he likes the smell, which is sort of disturbing. I wouldn’t be surprised, though; as a relative likes to point out, dogs are kind of disgusting creatures. They can be very endearing, and mine is super cute, but they really are gross. I can’t figure out why people decided to domesticate them and keep them as companions.
Also, based on my research, a dog will eat you if you perish and they don’t have any food around. I am sure that my dog would. I am kind of worried he will do so if I take a nap and he’s hungry. My dog and I have a strange relationship. I am sort of scared of him. I freely admit that.

9. The Comic About the Costumes

Image Source: Facebook

I don’t think that people should dress up their pets in costumes. I do not think the pets like it, and a lot of people think it is kind of silly. I also think it is kind of silly to dress up infants for Halloween. They are babies—shouldn’t they just be sitting around drooling until they are at least one year old? The baby isn’t going to remember the experience. They probably shouldn’t be eating candy, either. I’m not sure about that. I know very little about babies, but I don’t think candy is good for them.
Candy isn’t good for anyone, but I do love Skittles. I like to pretend they are healthy because of the fruit flavors. I know that it is kind of ridiculous to think that, but you have to think certain things in order to get through the day.

10. The Comic About the Computer

Image Source: Facebook

As I have mentioned, I have a dog, so I have never experienced the joy of having an animal curl up on my laptop; I know it is a thing, but it isn’t a thing with which I am familiar. However, in my case, I have a dog that clearly resents my laptop because I am often interacting with it when he wants to play or be fed or be taken outside so he can bark at airplanes.
That’s the problem with pets. Much like romantic partners, friends, and family, they frequently want to be interacted with when you’re busy. They want your attention when it is convenient for them. They don’t care what is going on in your life.

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