10 People Who Managed To Confuse Everyone With Their Cosplay Outfits


When a cosplayer wishes to impress everyone else with their costume, sometimes things go to the extreme and the realistic image that is created can make the others not believe their own eyes. Below you will find ten examples of cosplayers who achieved the impossible and created perfect copies of famous characters. The effort they put in is definitely worth it and we have to give them the credit they deserve.

#1 Russel From The “Up!” Film

The resemblance between the Up character and the boy pictured is truly remarkable, but the additional key details complete the whole picture and the kid seems to be the perfect doppelganger for the character he chose.

#2 DC Comics’ Wonder Woman CreatedBy Alyson Tabbitha

Image Source: Instagram

It really helps when you look like Gal Gadot and want to make a Wonder Woman cosplay costume. Alyson Tabbitha managed to combine a well-crafted costume with her beauty, and the result is simply stunning.

#3 The Joker In His Nurse Outfit

Image Source: Reddit

Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker is quite a memorable one and therefore it is pretty tough to recreate such an image, but this guy definitely nailed it.

#4 Jon Snow Is A Challenge

Image Source: Reddit

There probaly aren’t a lot of people on this planet that do not know how Jon Snow looks, so if you want to replicate his appearance, you have to make it flawless, and this attempt to do is simply perfect.

#5 Cosplaying Oswald Cobblepot Is No Easy Task

Image Source: Reddit

The villain from the first Batman movie has an unique appearance and is physically tough to create, but when you see this cosplayer, it seems rather easy. Do not be fooled, it’s not.

#6 An Amazing Tyrion Lannister Cosplay

Image Source: Facebook

This is one of the characters that are probably the hardest to recreate. It takes a special man to become Tyrion Lannister’s double.

#7 The Comic Con Russia Featured This Wolverine COsplay

Image Source: Reddit

You have to give credit to this man for the details he managed to recreate. The work that has been put in this costume is admirable.

#8 This Best Comic Con Cosplay

Image Source: Reddit

Darth Vader is a controversial character, but this is not the point here. The specific details that make the character who he have been recreated down to the smallest details by this guy.

#9 The Most Amazing Jay And Silent Bob Cosplay You Will Ever See

Image Source: Reddit

Jay and Silent Bob require a lot of physical resemblance by anyone who would attempt to duplicate their looks, and the dudes pictured here have nailed it.

#10 Schwarzenegger As The Terminator

The appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator is one of the most widely known action heroes in history, and the little details matter, not to mention that you have to be a pretty tough guy to be able to recreate him. Check out the photo and you can see that someone definitely did it.

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