10 Pics Of Things That Went Wrong On A Whole New Level

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Even the luckiest of people have bad days once in a while. If you have never had a bad day, you are a very lucky person. You are also probably lying. Even billionaires, I imagine, have bad days. Granted, their bad days aren’t nearly as bad as our bad days, but they can still be pretty bad.
For example, no matter who you are, if you eat bad rice you will end up having a bad day. Any sort of food that has spoiled will result in your having a bad day. You just can’t help it.
Here are eleven examples of times things went just horribly wrong.

1. The Coffee in the Car

Image Source: Reddit

I am firmly convinced that it is impossible to keep a car nice unless you spend a lot of time and money doing so. This seems like something that would happen to me.

I don’t even drink beverages in my car—for the most part—because I just know they will spill all over the place. Someone will slam on the breaks and your beverage will go everywhere. Cleaning is a chore.

The situation in this picture is quite the mess. I wonder how long it took to clean. That definitely seems like a job that would take at least an hour.

The weird thing is that spilled coffee really makes a car stink, and coffee in general is a pretty good smell. The only thing that lingers longer, I think, is pizza. I had hot pizza in my car recently, and it was only there for about four minutes, but my vehicle still smells like the inside of the restaurant from which I bought it.

2. The Eyelashes

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This is definitely a shame. I would be upset if I were her. This young lady is definitely going to look kind of silly for a while. I don’t really spend much time thinking about my eyelashes, but I would certainly miss them if I lost them.

I would also miss my eyebrows, even if they are sort of a pain in my butt. For whatever reason, men in my family grow really bushy eyebrows. I definitely have to perform eyebrow maintenance.

When I think of enormous eyebrows, though, I generally think of Larry Hagman. If you’re not familiar, he played J.R. on the very popular drama “Dallas” back in the 1970s and 1980s, and then again starting in 2012. There were also television movies. He was definitely a big part of the reason the show was so popular. He was a very entertaining villain.

3. The Girls and the Cookies

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These young ladies look pretty sad that their cookies didn’t turn out so well. At the very least they are doing a pretty good job of faking their disappointment.

I am ashamed to admit that I wouldn’t know to bake a cookie right now if I wanted one. I don’t really like cookies very much—I am not a sweets person—but I feel like I should know how to make one. What if I had a guest who wanted a freshly baked cookie? That seems like an unlikely scenario, true, as I don’t receive many guests to my home; still, it could happen. A lot of people like cookies.
When I think of cookies, I think of the Mrs. Fields brand. They make good cookies—when I am in the mood for a cookie, of course. It is kind of hard to believe you can enjoy one of the cookies in over 20 countries.

In case you are curious, Debbie Fields is still alive. She is 62 years old. She actually sold the company she started back in the 1990s, but is still sort of involved. She remains the spokesperson for the company.

4. The Worm and the Car Vent

Image Source: Dumpaday

I have been having car problems recently, and my luck in general is pretty terrible, so I could see something like this happening to me. I would be freaked out and probably crash. I don’t really care for worms. They aren’t exactly the prettiest creatures, are they?

People are fascinated by worms, though. I don’t understand it, but they are. When I think of fictional worms, I tend to think of “Earthworm Jim”. Those were pretty good video games. I initially played the first one on the Sega Genesis when I was a kid. I think I also played it on the Super Nintendo. I really enjoyed it.

They haven’t done anything substantial with the franchise in ages, which is a definite shame. A lot of people would probably spend a few bucks to buy “Earthworm Jim: The Last Worm” or whatever the producers decide to call it. Actually, I really like that title. People who make video games are free to contact me about this idea.

5. The Car Situation

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I have no idea, exactly, what happened here. It does look gross, though. I definitely would not want to be the owner of that particular vehicle.

It seems like something that would happen to me, though. I’m always worried that my car will be damaged in a parking lot, which is one of the many reasons I try to avoid going places.

I once had eggs thrown at my car, which is a thing teenagers do for some reason. I have no idea why my car was egged. I didn’t know any teenagers at the time, nor had I ticked off any neighbors. I generally try to avoid my neighbors. It just isn’t worth getting involved. You try to be polite for a month or so, and then the next thing you know you run into them on the street and they start to tell you about their lives.

I know way too much about my neighbor’s dog. I have nothing against the dog, of course; it is just that my neighbor seems surprised that her 15-year-old dog has to go to the vet a lot. She complains about it. Frankly, it is hard not to say something along the lines of: “Of course she has to go to the vet a lot! She’s fifteen! It is a miracle she’s still alive!”

I don’t think that would go over well.

I like my other neighbor’s dog a lot, though, and always enjoy seeing her. She’s even tinier than my dog. She looks like a little stuffed animal that somehow manages to walk around a yard. It is a pretty amusing sight, really.

6. The Helmet and the Bugs

Image Source: The Chive

This is just disgusting. Bugs are one of the many reasons I don’t ride a motorcycle. Could you imagine seeing all of those bugs on your helmet? I would throw up all over it. I think I would rather have a worm in my car than bugs all over a helmet.

There are other reasons I don’t ride a motorcycle, though. For one, they’re not very safe. I am particularly clumsy, which I am ashamed to admit. It is true, however. The experience of owning a motorcycle probably wouldn’t go well for me and my physical health. I also have a bad back, and I can’t imagine that riding one would be good for it.

7. The Bath

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To a very large extent, I have no idea what I am looking at here. There was clearly an unfortunate accident or decision.

I hate taking baths. That’s why I only take showers these days. For a while there, because I contracted MRSA, I had to bathe in bleach. That was a pretty awful time in my life. It didn’t hurt or anything, but the smell was weird and I had to sit in there for far longer than I wanted to.

8. The Body Damage

Image Source: The Chive

When it comes to body damage to cars, I have seen more ridiculous things. I have seen many cars that were practically held together by duct tape. Body damage to a vehicle costs a fortune to repair.
You get one little dent in the wrong place and you are suddenly out five hundred dollars. I know that body work is a skill, but it also seems like it costs a little bit more than it actually should.

9. The Cake

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You really do not need your food mocking you. I don’t care if you’re the healthiest person on the planet, you still don’t want your food reminding you that it could make you fat if you ate too much of it.

Fortunately for me, I really don’t like cake. That’s one of the reasons I have never liked my birthday—or anyone else’s, for that matter. First of all, I hated it when people sang to me; I also hated singing to others. It is just an awkward experience all around as far as I am concerned. I definitely don’t want to eat cake that someone else literally blew on. What sort of unhygienic person came up with the idea of candles on the birthday cake? That is just an obnoxious, digstusting waste of wax.

The only thing I like about my birthday is that I get to choose where I eat. Nobody can argue with me on my birthday. I have a friend who would eat nothing but “Taco Bell” if he got his way, so the ability to choose where I eat one day a year is very important to me. It isn’t that I have anything against “Taco Bell”. I like tacos as much as they next guy, but I don’t want to eat them at every meal.
I think I would rather eat at a Taco Bell than a Sbarro restaurant—if both choices were available to me and I had to choose between the two. There is probably a reason Taco Bell has about 7,000 restaurants and Sbarro only has about 800.

10. The Shoes That Just Don’t Match

Image Source: Acid Cow

I relate to this situation. I definitely feel bad for this person.

I have been in that situation, actually, as I have two pairs of black dress shoes that look practically identical when you’re getting ready for a job interview at eight in the morning. I am pretty sure that one of the women who was interviewing me noticed that the shoes didn’t match. I unwisely kept trying to hide of my feet beneath the chair, which probably only drew attention to my little goof.

In case you are wondering, I did not get the job. I couldn’t really claim to be “detail oriented”, could I? To be honest, I really didn’t want that job, so things sort of worked out for me.

In the case of this particular picture, I do have to wonder how the woman didn’t notice one set of toes were exposed.

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