10 Tweets Will Definitely Bring Fun In Everyone’s Day

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Image Source: Twitter

You would be surprised about the variety of things people talk about on Twitter! If you are among the few that still haven’t joined, then we suggest you create an account immediately! There are a lot of stories, conversations and even feuds to read! However, the thing we like the most is the huge variety of memes! These funny photos always feature a clever caption, and we simply cannot get enough!

Sometimes all you need to kick off the day in a good mood is to check out a few memes or short, but brilliant tweets! This is why the following selection exists. It will surely bring you a lot of smiles and positive vibes!
Scroll down and pick your favorite!

1. Can this count as an awkward situation?

Image Source: Twitter

Life happens so fast that we often miss a lot of it! One minute you are in high school and in the next you are all grown up and you have dozens of responsibilities. Since this is something that most of us experience, the meme you see here is probably also relatable to most of us.

Situations like that are probably more or less awkward, because the relationships between parents and their offspring change over the years. It is a perfectly normal thing, because kids turn into adults. That leads to a different kind of attitude in many situations. For example, you can pay the bill if you go out to dinner with your parents. We think that it is the right thing to do.

2. How could anyone read with an accent?

Image Source: Twitter

Some tweets are better than the others, and there is a good reason for that. This is due to the fact that you actually learn something new, except for having a few laughs. The case with this tweet is exactly that! We were pretty shocked to find that some people apparently read books in a certain accent! How crazy is that? We tried to find a reason for that, but just cannot seem to be able to find one. We actually think that it is not the right approach.

The author may be an Australian, but the language is still English! It would make sense to imagine an Australian accent if some of the characters in the book came from the land down under. This would make the whole reading experience a bit more realistic. We don’t think this person should feel embarrassed for not reading an entire book in Australian accent!

3. This one is probably too relatable for many of us

Image Source: Twitter

We immediately felt a relation with the person behind this tweet. We seem to live in some really controversial times. The ways of communication with the others seem to be getting more and more, and the world feels really small nowadays. However, in the same time the real human communication seems to fade away.

It is becoming hard for many people to socialize, and the reasons for that are many. Unfortunately, the preferred type of social life today is social media! People would choose browsing the internet or playing games instead of going to a party. This is very sad, because one of the best things about being a human is the way we can interact with each other.

4. Animals should always be allowed in everyone’s home

Image Source: Twitter

You have probably noticed that the rental terms and rules for a lot of apartments include ‘no pets allowed’. We have always considered that to be a strange thing. The landlords probably do it in fear that pets might destroy their property. This is actually funny, because most damage is always caused by the tenants themselves!

The real menace is always the human! A well-trained cat or dog would cause little to no problems at all! Of course, there are exceptions and pets are welcome in some rental homes. The funny conversation you see here is an example of how things should be done! We like the fact that this landlord was able to change their mind after seeing the cute feline. Nobody could say ‘no’ to that face!

5. This story is worthy of a movie

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes the stories that are shared in Twitter are worthy of a Hollywood movie! Well, at least they should be included in a popular TV show! This one here is the perfect example. We guess that it could be a joke, but it most likely happened for real. We like the fact that the whole thing was presented with a sense of humor.

However, the situation was probably not that funny at the time it happened. Being in a coma is something that nobody should joke about, except for the cases when the person wakes up. This is why this tweet is both funny and uplifting! It makes you feel good that someone literally came back from the other side. Of course, the whole thing with the TV might have been just a coincidence, but we love the story anyway!

6. There is a good reason for that hashtag to exist

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes your calm mood can be interrupted by something you hardly expected. For example, one really short tweet could be more than enough to set you in a whole new different mood! We need to admit that after reading this particular one, we were unable to think about anything else for quite a while.

We were also tempted to click on that hashtag and see what other irrational thought there are. However, we were able to resist that temptation, because the whole day would be ruined for sure. If you dare, you can check it out. We are still here stuck on the fact that our butts have arms. It is a strange thought, because it makes total sense and in the same time it doesn’t! This is why we love Twitter!

7. This is a real life hack

Image Source: Twitter

It is safe to say that in today’s world most people could use some kind of a therapy. Even if we are talking about plain work stress, it is more than a serious reason to book an appointment with a specialist. Unfortunately, most people feel embarrassed to use this kind of service, while other cannot simply afford the costs.

This brings us to the reason why the tweet you see above is brilliant. We never thought about it before, but it makes total sense! If someone already paid the huge bill and received the proper treatment, why not simply listen to what that someone has to say? It is the best way to benefit from the therapy without even spending a cent! We like this kind of rational thinking a lot!

8. Here is the most relatable meme on the list

Image Source; Twitter

This funny meme is probably something that many people could relate to! It actually not that funny considering the reason for its existence, but we might as well enjoy it. Having little to no money in your account does not mean that you just have to sit into a dark corner and feel bad. Actually, you need to do the exact opposite!

Having fun is not always related to spending big bucks! All that really matters is the company! The place and the drinks are not that important, but friends are everything. This is why even if your bank account is close to empty, you should still enjoy life.

9. This is the funniest beach accessory ever

Image Source: Reddit

We all love floating around on our inflatable beds, but this thing is next level! We need to specify that we are not sure if this resembles a coffin on purpose or not. There are many product design fails out there and this just might be another one of them.

Regardless of that, it does not look that bad at all! The pink color really makes it stand out and removes any grim associations you might have. We think that you would feel nice and isolated by the others on the beach while you could still soak up some sun by not putting the lid on. The idea for this item is not bad at all, and we are sure that a lot of people would buy it. We know we would!

10. We have never thought about this before

Image Source: Reddit

This tweet proves that everything in life is a matter of perspective. We couldn’t possibly agree more with that clever thought! People seem to take for granted everything they see in their lives since their birth. However, some of these things or events might actually turn out to be more incredible than others which we consider to be impossible.

The comparison between the unicorn and the giraffe is probably the best way to explain this, because it illustrates it perfectly! The giraffe has a lot more unlikely features compared to the unicorn, and yet it exists! This serves as proof of the fact that we should always strive to have a different perspective on everything that surrounds us. It will give us the opportunity to appreciate everything we have more.

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