11 People And Animals Who Dare To Follow Their Own Rules

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Image Source: Reddit

There are those people who always play it safe. They rarely break a rule. It is kind of hard to not exceed the speed limit once in a while, of course; otherwise, though, there are certain people who just won’t intentionally break rules. They are proud of themselves for that—it is a point of pride.
It seems odd to many, people, though, who really seem to enjoy breaking a rule now or then.
Here are twelve examples of people and animals that are perfectly willing to break the rules.

1. The Chocolate Before Eight

Image Source: Reddit

The packaging clearly states that the chocolate should only be eaten after eight. It is not yet eight in this picture.

Then again, the packaging might be referring to eight in the morning. When you really think about it, it is always after eight—unless it is precisely eight.

Personally, I don’t follow the rules when it comes to eating and drinking. Why should I bother? As it is, I have an erratic sleep schedule. I sometimes get my best work done at four in the morning. I’ll eat pizza at six in the morning if I feel the desire to do so. In fact, I find pizza to be a great way to start the day. Soup is also a great way to start the day. I once ate hot wings for breakfast. That was sort of strange, but it definitely woke me up a little bit. It is hard to go back to sleep after a couple of hot wings.

2. The Pickle and the Milk

Image Source: Reddit

I am both intrigued and horrified by this picture. First of all, I despise milk. I couldn’t drink it as a child, so I never developed a taste for it. Also, I can’t imagine it pairing well with a pickle. Those two tastes just do not seem like they would go well together. What was this person thinking?

Still, I love pickles. They are probably my favorite food in the world. I have loved them since I was just a little boy, and will love them until the day I die. I have never tasted a pickle I didn’t like.

There are a lot of things about pickles that are great. For one, they are a pretty healthy snack. It is better to eat an entire jar of pickles than an entire bag of potato chips.

For a while there, I made my own pickles. I think they were pretty good, and other people seemed to agree—at the very least, they pretended they were good. Unfortunately, it was a pretty time-consuming process, and they ended up costing a lot more than the pickles I could buy at the supermarket. Fresh herbs aren’t cheap! I also lost the recipe I developed. It is a shame, I suppose, but people weren’t exactly demanding jars of my homemade pickles.

3. The Headphones and the Apple

Image Source: Reddit

Why would you plug headphones into an apple? This has to be some sort of joke, right? I did not realize that actual apples play music.

Weirdly enough, when people hear the word “apple” nowadays, they think of the technology company and not the fruit. That was not the case thirty years ago. For a while there, in fact, Apple Inc. was sort of a joke. It is almost hard to believe, looking back, what a powerful company it has become. The company currently employs over 120,000 people. There are hundreds of Apple retail stores throughout the world.

I had an Apple computer when I was a kid; this was before the iPod was introduced, though, and the computers really weren’t the best. It wasn’t a terrible computer, certainly, but the software options were definitely pretty limited. Nowadays, the company’s computers are fantastic, and I do love the iPhone. I should probably get a new one; the iPhone I have is over two years old. Amazingly enough, the battery still kind of holds its charge. I just can’t really justify paying for a new phone, though. I only really use the current one for browsing the web and texting. What do I need a better phone for?

4. The Book and the Eating

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know why a book would tell you to not to eat alone. Eating alone is great! It is a wonderful way to take time out and be alone with your own thoughts. You can reflect on your day and plan for the next one.

I’ll never understand why so many couples choose to go to dinner on their first date. Watching people chew, in general, isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. Also, people don’t have great breath after they eat. If you go out to eat at an Italian restaurant, it is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have garlic breath. If you’re hoping for a first kiss, do you really want it to be all garlicy?

There are also a lot of foods that are difficult to eat, and you don’t want people watching you try. I love hot wings, I do, but they are such a mess that I have started eating them with a fork and knife when I am out in public. I look like such a dork, but the alternative is having sauce everywhere and a table full of napkins.

5. The Bird

Image Source: Reddit

You can’t really expect a bird to follow the rules. You can’t expect any animal to follow the rules—at least not in my experience. My dog doesn’t do a thing I tell him to do.

I wonder what the point of this sign is. Birds can’t read signs, so I am assuming it means don’t feed the birds or run them over with your vehicle.

I do like the defiant look on the bird’s face. That bird just don’t care, does it?

6. The Vending Machine

Image Souce: Reddit

You would be surprised how many brands Coca-Cola owns or partially owns. That company owns brands of which you have never heard. For example, it developed Bibo, which was a fruit punch. It was apparently very popular in Canada for a while. Coca-Cola also manufactures Dasani, which is still pretty popular in the United States—last time I checked, anyway.

It is hard to believe that Coca-Cola has been around for almost 130 years now. As a brand, it is one of the most valuable in the world. The company itself really is fascinating. For example, it was a sponsor of “American Idol” for over a decade. I did not know that until very recently.

Coca-Cola is one of the reasons many of us are so very fond of polar bears—ignoring the fact polar bears are extremely dangerous creatures. They do really look cute in pictures. If it weren’t for the fact it would probably eat me, I would definitely hug a polar bear. The baby ones are extremely adorable.

Arctic foxes actually kill a lot of baby polar bears, which strikes me as curious. The bears are born blind, and they are extremely vulnerable to predators. You wouldn’t think that a fox could kill a bear—even a baby one—but it happens.

7. The Teen Spot

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what a “teen spot” is—at least in this case. It looks like the guy is in a library. I also worry that he is going to spill his coffee on his laptop.

Do teenagers frequently hang out in a library? I used to hang out in my high school’s library, but that was usually done so I didn’t have to talk to my classmates at lunch. I didn’t enjoy the company of teenagers even when I was one.

Arguably, he is breaking a rule. He probably just wanted the free Wi-Fi that most libraries offer these days, which is probably the reason people still continue to go to them.

8. The Foot Cream

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what foot care cream does—compared to, for example, hand cream. Isn’t it all just a form of moisturizer?

People do need to take better care of their feet, though. I say this after spending a summer of looking at people’s feet. People in my area love wearing sandals and flip flops.

Personally, I have issues with my own feet. I don’t like anyone to see them unless medically necessary. It isn’t that they’re particularly gross, either; I just find feet to be disgusting. That said, I’m quite neurotic, and I find most things disgusting.

The nicest thing I can say about my feet is that they aren’t particularly hairy. As a guy, you have to expect a certain amount of hair on your feet. That is all well and good. However, my father’s family is unusually hairy, and that is not a great look for anyone. I managed, somehow, to dodge that particular bullet.

9. The Mess and the Car

Image Source: Reddit

I have seen worse ways to use a cup holder. I use mine to store change. I have two in my car, and I never need more than one.

I hate driving when other people are in the car, which is why I only need the one. I hate driving in general, but there’s nothing I hate more than having to drive my car when there is someone in the passenger’s seat. For one thing, they try to talk to me. When I drive, I like to either listen to the radio or be alone with my thoughts. My thoughts when driving aren’t particularly deep either. They’re not particularly deep no matter what I’m doing, but they’re definitely not deep when I’m driving.

When I drive other people around, though, they always insist on making conversation. I understand that, I guess, because I do it too when I am being driven around by others. That said, however, I don’t need my passengers pointing out random things that they see. If there were a polar bear interacting with a monkey by the side of the road, then that would be worth pointing out.

Unfortunately, people tend to have pretty low standards when it comes to things by the side of the road that they like to comment on.

10. The Horses and the Bridge

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t imagine seeing a sign than points out that horses are not allowed on a bridge like this one. I sort of live near Amish country, so I have seen my share of buggies, but they’re not crossing bridges like this one.

Also, I do want to know where you can purchase a cool horse head mask like that one. I also very much want to know why the young woman in this picture purchased it. Is there a story there, or did she do so for the purpose of this picture? I can’t imagine high quality horse head masks are very cheap.

11. The Seat and the Good Mood

Image Source: Reddit

I did not know that a seat could be reserved for someone in a good mood. What sort of establishment is that? I imagine it is not one that gets a lot of customers.

This guy clearly isn’t in a good mood. From the look of things, he won’t ever again be in a good mood again. That is the face of a guy who clearly hates his life and will do so until the end of his days.

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