11 Pictures Of Things That Kids Nowadays Will Never Understand

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If you’re a 90’s kid, you might agree that it was probably the best time to grow up—with all the technology being developed incredibly quickly, things were changing constantly. At the very least, it was definitely interesting.
However, when you look at how we used to live back then and compare it to today’s reality, things come across as rather amusing.

Here are ten things that we 90’s kids all remember—or can at least relate to—but nobody born after the year 2000 would truly remember.

1. The Horror Of A Scratched CD

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You pull out that very important CD containing the pictures from your prom night and realize it has been so damaged that all the rubbing in the world could not make it readable again; you still give it a try, though. Cherish those memories.

2. Rewinding Cassettes

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The pencil trick is one of the oldest in the book of must-have skills.

3. MP3s had to be carried separately

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It seems funny now, but mobile phones used to have memory space that could best be defined as “lacking”; as a result, you couldn’t upload a playlist, so you had to carry your trusty iPod alongside your mobile.

4. Phone charging happened once a week

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Compared to today’s smartphones, the old mobile devices had bigger batteries and also consumed less energy; therefore, you only needed to plug your phone in once or twice a week instead of every night.

5. CD-players—a blast from the past

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Today’s kids know nothing about this struggle—imagine carrying this heavy compact-disc player all day with you; also, you had to have a few spare CDs in your bag..

6. The good old boom-box

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There was a time when being romantic almost certainly had to include a serenade beneath the girl of your dreams’ window, and you would play her favorite track on the boom-box.

7. Renting a movie for that perfect Friday night

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“Netflix and chill” is nothing compared to going to a Blockbuster location armed with your membership card in order to rent a couple of movies. Oh, the sweet memories.

8. Old cellphones with a regular keyboard.

Image Source: Imgur

The old mobile devices were not equipped with a touchscreen display and very few among them had a QWERTY keyboard, so you were constantly struggling with a regular one, pressing those keys a million times each day.

9. Fidget spinners are not a new thing

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The widely popular fidget spinners are definitely not something new, at least as a concept. When you think about it, you probably made one yourself fifteen years ago—or even earlier. All you needed was a ruler and a pencil.

10. Old-school texting

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Before mobile phones even existed, every classroom was familiar with the way of texting back then—writing notes and spreading them among the classmates, so we could all be up to date with the latest school gossip or just remind our buddies that we intended to skip the next class.

11. The original fidget spinner.

Image Source: IMUGR

We all remember the finger bird and the struggle we had spinning it. It required balance and finesse. But it was definitely worth the effort. The joy of playing with it was more than amazing.

Admit it, 90’s kids—we all did that.

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