12 Amusing Images That Will Probably Make You Wince

Image Source: Reddit / degenerates123

There are just so many images out there on the internet. You could live for 10,000 years and not see them all. New images, after all, are being put out there every day.

If there is intelligent life out there, those aliens are probably judging us by what we put on the internet. That is not necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of great, inspiring images out there to be enjoyed. However, there are also a lot of terrible images. There are the images that, when you look at them, cause you to wince. You can’t help it—you just do.

Here are fifteen amusing images that will almost definitely make you wince.

1. The One About the Speed Bumps

Image Source: Reddit

Drivers are almost always grateful when signs warn them about speed bumps. They definitely serve a legitimate purpose, but speed bumps are also a giant nuisance. They can actually do a lot of damage to vehicles if you hit the bumps too quickly.

This image, however, is pretty disturbing. What level of incompetency led to such a bizarre combination of signs?

Is it a joke? Jokes about running over kids are not funny.

You really do have to be careful when driving in an area that may have speed bumps. There aren’t always warning signs, and various parts of your car can be damaged by speed bumps in very severe ways. For example, they can completely ruin your shocks. If your shocks go, there is a good chance your steering will go. Your wheels might also end up out of alignment. Your tires could be destroyed. Your exhaust system could be ruined.

2. The Joke About xHamster.com

Image Source: Reddit

If you are at work, do not go to that website. It is not a good idea. If your kids are around, do not go to that website. You will regret doing so.

If you are single, alone, bored, and at home—go for it, I guess. I don’t think I need to be more explicit here. You know what I mean.

3. The Kid and the Glue

Image Source: Reddit

There are several things wrong with this image, which is why you are probably wincing right now.

Why would you advertise a product that is not meant to be eaten by putting up a picture of a little kid eating that product? In terms of marketing, that seems like an absolutely horrible idea.

Admittedly, most household glues are not poisonous. If your kid eats a bit of it, he or she will likely be okay.

Glue does contain harmful ingredients, though, so the consumption of glue should not be encouraged.

Industrial-strength glue is dangerous, though, and kids should definitely avoid eating that stuff. Also, it can be used to get high, which is also a really bad idea.

You really have to wonder what Elmer’s was thinking, don’t you? The company definitely made a mistake, but that is no reason to write off the whole company. The company, which is currently headquartered in Ohio, has been producing glue and office supply products for decades. Elmer’s School Glue was first introduced in 1968. It has been making glue sticks since 1983.

Elmer’s mascot is a bull, which seems like a curious choice when you really think about it; for the record, the company’s glue is not made from animal products.

4. The Woman and the Face Paint

Image Source: Twitter

Keely’s manager really did look like Michael Jackson in this image. The whole look is sort of weird.

Michael Jackson was, at times, a controversial figure. Over nine years after this death, he still is. What can’t be denied is that he made good music. Over 65 million copies of “Thriller” have been sold, and he remains very popular. Many of his other albums are also best sellers. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and won hundreds of awards. He was recognized by Guinness World Records for his philanthropy in 2000. He was supporting 39 charities.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, and his memorial service was held on July 7 of that year. Several celebrities, including Lionel Richie, Usher, and Mariah Carey, performed at the event. Technically, the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

5. The Guy and the Camera

Image Source: Happy Facts

The guy in this image clearly does not know how to take a selfie. This is an awful picture. How did it manage to end up on the internet? Did the guy actually post this one? If so, what was he thinking?

If taken properly, it probably could have been a halfway decent picture.

6. The Fitness App

Image Source: Reddit

When your fitness app gives up on you, it is a clear sign that you need to take a good, hard look at yourself and your life. Imagine your dog telling you that you need to get your life together. The situations are sort of similar.

I’m really not surprised this happened, though. Anyone who has ever owned a Fitbit can relate to this particular situation. That thing just loves reminding you that you should get out of your chair and move once in a while. It can actually get quite obnoxious.

While the products can get a bit irritating at times, Fitbit is actually a great company. The activity trackers really can motivate one to lose weight and be healthier. The company, which has been around since May of 2007, is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

In addition to the company receiving numerous awards, a Fitbit device actually helped solve a murder. Believe it or not, a Fitbit proved that a man murdered his wife. The story the man told law enforcement was that an armed intruder killed his wife. However, the Fitbit she wore proved she was at the gym when the “intruder” supposedly shot her. Her husband had created a false story, and the Fitbit made that clear.

Anyway, the message from “MYFITNESSPAL” in the image is hilarious. You have to wince, but you also have to laugh. It also comes across as really passive aggressive and sort of sad. It almost seems like the app is desperate for attention and wants the user to start using it again.

7. The Work of Art

Image Source: Reddit

I do not know exactly what animal this piece of “art” is supposed to represent. You kind of have to wince when you look at it, though, right?

On the one hand, I really have to wonder what sort of person created this. On the other hand, you kind of have to admire the creativity and talent. If you just happen to be in the market for this sort of thing, you should probably consider hiring this artist.

8. The Car That Broke Down

Image Source: Reddit

You hear a lot these days about how entitled people can be. Those claims, in general, are made by people who are on the older side, and they are generally referring to younger people. They talk a lot about how people used to work for what they had and that “kids these days” just expect to be given everything for free.

This post, though, kind of proves them right. Cars are ridiculously expensive. You should not expect to be given one. I understand that the person who posted this is in a bad spot, and that’s awful; however, there are not that many people who are in the position to just give away free vehicles. Most people aren’t even in the position where they can give away discounted vehicles. What world is the poster living in?

Look, if there are people out there who can just afford to give away vehicles, that is great. They obviously made a lot of great choices in life. Also, they might have been born to extremely rich parents.

Either way, though, you shouldn’t expect a lot from your friends when you are down on your luck. They might let you sleep on their couch for a couple of weeks, or they might buy you a meal, but you should not expect a free car.

What makes this post even more irritating and wince-worthy is that the poster refused to take the bus and also refused rides to work. The poster wanted a free—or cheap—car; he or she wouldn’t settle for anything less. The poster was definitely being greedy.

9. The Urinals

Image Source: Reddit

Peeing while standing up is one of the great things about being a guy. However, peeing at urinals isn’t always the best. You’re not exactly afforded a ton of privacy, and a lot of us have shy bladders.

In this restroom, from the look of things anyway, you really don’t get any privacy at all. Why did they even bother installing the dividers?

I’m hoping this one is just an angle issue. Maybe you can’t see anything when you’re actually doing your thing.

10. The One With the Troll

Image Source: Imgur

Many men have more hair than they would like. You do not want to lose hair from the top of your head, certainly, but you also don’t want to start growing it in weird places. It is not a good look when you start growing weird patches of arm hair.

The guy in this image is certainly creative, though. You kind of have to give him that.

11. The Guy and the Underwear

Image Source: eBaum’s World

I don’t care how bright it is outside or how badly you need a decent night’s sleep, you should not be putting your underwear on your head. Even if that pair was just laundered, you should not be putting your underwear on your head.

12. The Helmet That Probably Won’t Do Much

Image Source: EvilMilk

When you are riding around on a motorcycle or a scooter, you should always wear a helmet. Everybody knows that. What a lot of people don’t know, apparently, is that the helmet needs to be worn properly. If it is not worn properly, your brains might end up on the sidewalk in the event of a crash.

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