12 Charming Comics About An Artist’s Relationship With ‘IT Guy’

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Relationships are almost never easy. They often become more difficult as time progresses. That’s one of the many reasons to find someone with whom you are truly compatible.

Even though you might not think an artist would be compatible with a person who works in IT, that simply isn’t the case. An artist named Bonnie Pang has been making comics about her relationship with an IT guy. They are based on her real-life experiences. She admits she might exaggerate a little bit, but they are definitely based on her real life. She says that a lot of couples can relate to the series.

Here are twelve amusing and heartwarming comics about her life with her partner. In case you’re curious, the series is called “IT Guy & ART Girl”. You might want to give it a look.

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1. The One About Shopping


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Shopping with other people, in my opinion, is awful. For some reason, people seem to think they have the right to tell others how to dress or what to buy. I can’t stand that.

Based on my personal experience, shopping with one’s wife might be the worst experience. I am not married, but I have watched a few married couples interact during a shopping trip for clothing. I can’t remember why I was there; I assume I was extremely bored and the internet was down.

The wives were constantly telling their husbands what “looked good” on them; that would be fine, I suppose, if the husbands actually cared and asked for their opinion, but they did not. They wanted to dress how they wanted to dress. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. A relationship shouldn’t involve changing how you dress to suit the preferences of your partner.

I like this comic for a couple of reasons. It is not always possible to be interested in other people’s shopping excursions. There really are people out there who could spend all day in a store that sells electronics. I like televisions and video games far more than I like clothing, but I still don’t want to spend all day in a store.

My uncle is one of those people who could spend all day shopping for electronics. I have seen him spend three hours in an “Apple Store”. He doesn’t work there; he just likes looking at the stuff. He did end up buying a really nice computer, though.

2. The One About the Cream


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I can relate to this one. I don’t have a person asking me to apply moisturizer to their back, but I do have dry skin. I think it is because I shower every day and use really hot water when I do.

I actually saw a moisturizer that costs over $1,000 available for purchase via the internet. What could justify such a price? Does it contain stem cells or something? Can it literally reverse aging? If it could reverse aging, I would consider purchasing it. Getting older is a chore, and I don’t like the lines around my eyes. I like to think they make me look distinguished, but I am just kidding myself.
I am not looking forward to getting even older, which is why I don’t want to celebrate my birthday next year. I have seen what happens to the men in my family once they hit middle age. They don’t exactly age gracefully. It is kind of a rough road, frankly. I am kind of hoping they’ll figure out how to put a brain into a robot very soon, but I’m not counting on it.

3. The One About Eating Out


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I can relate to this one because I have a relative who eats super quickly. In general, I do not. I will eat quickly if I am stressed, true, but that’s not an enjoyable experience. I usually end up with food lodged in my throat, which is a truly miserable experience.

Some people just eat quickly. This young woman’s partner is clearly one of those people.

I actually don’t like eating out as much as some people do. For some people, it is a treat; however, I really don’t like putting food in my mouth in front of other people. I can’t understand why people go out to eat on their first date. It is disgusting, and the point of a date is to talk and get to know the other person. Why make that more difficult than it has to be by inserting food into the equation?

Furthermore, your breath tends to be at its most terrible after a meal, and one of the goals of a date is a kiss. You are basically just making the first date experience worse by eating.

4. The Comic About the Artist


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I can definitely relate to this one, as well. I have spent many years of my life writing, and it is way harder than people think. I don’t know if I would call what I do art, but it definitely isn’t easy. It isn’t glamorous.

I don’t think there are actually artists out there who get “dressed up” to go to work—unless they work in an office, which is unlikely. They probably don’t even change out of their pajamas unless they need to buy food.

I actually did work at a journalism job that required me to go into an office. This was long after the internet became a thing, so I never really understood the point. The editor could have just emailed me my story assignments and fired me if I didn’t get them done. The publisher could have saved a lot on rent by not having an office. It wasn’t like we had “story meetings” or whatever. We just had to sit in a cubicle for eight hours a day when we weren’t “on assignment”.

5. The One About the Seasons

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I agree with the artist; I dislike autumn. I have a friend who loves the season; I am seriously considering not being his friend anymore—he is clearly nuts. Who likes autumn?

Sure, the trees are kind of pretty; I like the coffee that sort of tastes like pumpkin. Everything else about it, frankly, is a chore. Here in the US, you have to deal with Thanksgiving around the end of autumn, which is always sort of a chore. I don’t like turkey. I like the turkey hoagies that the shop down the street makes, but I don’t like it otherwise.

Also, autumn means that Christmas is swiftly approaching. I definitely don’t like Christmas. I like the Hallmark movies about Christmas, I guess. They’re very charming and predictable; Lacey Chabert, who stars in many of them, is adorable. I would happily marry her. I also like some of the music. The rest of the holiday is just obnoxious.

6. The One About the Halloween Costumes

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I can’t stand people who dress up for Halloween after the age of about 30. If you have been living for three decades, you shouldn’t be going around pretending to be “Sharknado”. At that point, you’re basically just pretending to be a person who is still actually young.

If you are over 30, just sit around and give out candy. While you do so, you can wait for your inevitable passing—which is a far more appropriate thing to do.

7. The One About Recharging

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This is cute, but I can’t relate to this one at all. It is clever, certainly, but every relationship I have ever had has been sort of draining.

If I wanted to feel recharged, I would just watch a classic sitcom. I don’t want conversation and a hug. I want to be left alone.

I know a guy who had a really great relationship for a while. They were good friends and had similar senses of humor. A couple of years after they married, though, she left him and got pregnant by another guy. There was some sort of toothpaste situation that led to the breakup; I didn’t dig too deep into what that meant.

8. The One About the Fan and the Farting

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This one is sort of depressing. Every single person on the planet stinks from time to time. How can you not? I probably smell terrible right now, which is why I am avoiding everyone.I literally can’t imagine living a few hundred years ago. People used to poop in buckets, after all. How could you be attracted to a person if you saw them poop in a bucket? I think that would be a deal breaker for me. They peed in the river, too; can you imagine having to swim in that thing? The whole idea is very disturbing.

9. The “It” People and the “IT” guy

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Sadly, I have never been an “it” guy. I have definitely never been an “it” girl. I’ve also never been an “IT” guy. I sort of know my way around a laptop, but that’s about it.

I have just always been the guy that happens to be there. I’m that sort of person you meet who isn’t offensive enough that you tell him to go away. You don’t really want him around, but he knows a friend of a friend, so you eventually learn his name and once in a while hang out him with when you have nothing else to do and randomly want to have a conversation with another human being. That’s sort of my thing.

10. The Stereotype


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I am not an IT guy, but I know a couple of dudes that went into that field. The one that really comes to mind is the guy who ran a company while wearing t-shirts with holes in them. He made a lot of money. Those are reasons to be jealous. His life, at one point, was going great.

He ended up going bald, though, and now he is married to a woman that looks for any excuse to criticize him. It is safe to say that things didn’t really work out well in the end.

11. The Broad Shoulders

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I have never heard a woman complain about broad shoulders before. I guess it happens.
I once had to sit next to a really fat person on an airplane. He was a nice enough guy, and he also smelled okay. He just took up a lot of room, and it wasn’t particularly pleasant. I preferred that experience to the time I had to sit next to a baby, though. That kid would not shut up, and the mother seemed irritated by the fact I was irritated by her kid. She didn’t even try to get the kid to quiet down, which was curious and infuriating. She just thought her kid should be able to cry and cry about whatever it was bothered by. People were supposed to find it adorable, I suppose. I, however, did not.

12. The Slouching

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I can understand the slouching. I am a person who slouches. In my case, it is health-related; however, I know a lot of people who are perfectly healthy who also choose to slouch. It can be more comfortable to slouch. Standing up straight can be a lot of effort.

It is a pretty cute cartoon, though. You can tell that the artist really has a lovely relationship with her partner. You have to try to tolerate the faults of others, especially if you want to spend a lifetime together.

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