12 Easy And Amazing Solutions That We Should Have Considered Before

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There are a lot of problems with the world that can’t be easily fixed. If you watch the news, you are constantly hearing of trouble in pretty much every part of the world.

I don’t really hear about trouble in Australia, but I am guessing that is because it is both a country and a continent. I think that’s still the case—it was when I was a kid and had to take geography. That was a while ago, though. I once had to learn where every country in the world was located; I am guessing ten percent of those countries don’t actually exist anymore. I also couldn’t find 90 percent of them on the map anymore. I know where Canada is, so that’s something.

I have gotten a bit off track, though. While you can’t solve the world’s major problems, you can solve your own personal and minor problems via these easy solutions. Honestly, not all of them are that easy.

1. The Marshmallow and the Ice Cream Cone

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So there is an ice cream shop out there that puts little marshmallows at the bottom of their ice cream cones. It prevents leaks!

That’s a great idea. There are a few reasons I don’t eat ice cream cones, but the leakiness is definitely one of them. I am also sort of lactose intolerant, and ice cream is fattening! There is a farm near me that makes ice cream from cows that live there, and I’ll have that once in a while; it is just too good to ignore. I can’t recall the name of the flavor that I really like. I know the ice cream is purple, and once in a while they put little bits of chocolate in it.

It is kind of weird to eat ice cream while looking at the cows that produced the milk used to make it. The cows are pretty nice, though, and the staff of the shop is great. It also sells cheese, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. They do very well! Who knew there was so much money in cows? The answer to that question is ‘probably everyone on the planet other than me’.

By the way, this place also sells eggs. They started with cows, but ended up getting into the egg business, which seems like a step down—but who am I to judge? When I was a kid, there was this ridiculous commercial about brown eggs being local, and therefore the local ones were fresh. There was a funny little jingle. I am sure you can watch it on YouTube if you’re so inclined. What’s interesting is that the local eggs really are better. The ones I buy from the supermarket taste like crap compared to the ones I buy from the farm. You should support your local farmers!

2. The Intersection in Iceland

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This is an intersection in Iceland, and they are installing whatever the heck that is to slow drivers so they don’t inadvertently run people over.

To be honest, this may actually be a far more complicated version of the speed bump, which works pretty well in my experience. There are several near my house, and I never speed. Most people don’t. If you go too fast over those things, you can really mess up your car.

I will give it to Iceland, though—this looks really cool. I also want to visit this town; it looks like a nice place to have a meal. I don’t speak Icelandic, sadly, but I hear that most people there speak English. Also, it is my understanding that it is not as cold as you might think. The name does not exactly encourage tourism.

3. The Kebab

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This is definitely an easy solution to a problem that has personally plagued me for a couple of decades or so. There are two sticks! It is so simple and so elegant.

I don’t like eating food off of a stick, though. My dad used to cook beef and peppers and onions on a stick, and it was marinated with Italian dressing; I know I should have been grateful that I had any food at all to eat, but it was kind of gross. It might have been the preparation.

I can’t be too hard on my dad, though; he did teach me that it is better to eat hot wings with a fork and knife.

4. The Solar Panels

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This is a stadium in Taiwan. Solar panels were worked into its design; I am sure it cost a lot more to build, but the energy savings over time will probably be huge. Based on my research, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to air condition a stadium during the summer months; that’s why you have to pay nine dollars for a soft drink and seven for a really terrible hot dog.

I have never really understood the appeal of the “going to the game” experience. I admit that I am lazy, and I am not the biggest sports fan in the world, but I prefer watching “the game” at home or at a local restaurant. I don’t like paying thirteen dollars for crappy hot wings; I would rather pay six for mediocre ones.

5. The Menu and the Braille

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This is sweet, and I definitely feel bad for the young woman who has never been able to read a menu. That must be a great restaurant, and I would visit it if I knew where it was and I happened to be in town.

However, not all restaurants can accommodate all customers. I go to this one place all of the time; they won’t let me bring my little dog even though I lied and claimed he is a therapy dog. It isn’t that I want to bring him, per se, because he is sort of a pain in the butt; however, it would be nice to have the option.

All joking aside, this is great. I am happy for the young blind woman and her sister Alyssa. I don’t think this is an easy solution for ninety percent of restaurants, though. Most of the restaurants I go to have menus that were clearly printed that day on printers that are even crappier than the one I use.

It is probably hard to find a restaurant that has braille menus, which actually is kind of a shame considering there are over a million people in the US alone who are legally blind.

6. The Hood For the Screen In the Sunlight

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This little hood makes it easier to look at your laptop screen while you’re sitting in the sun, which is definitely a huge problem.

I would like to spend more time outdoors, but I kind of need my computer to do my job. I pretty much spend all day looking at a screen, which is why I’ll probably be unable to see by the time I turn fifty. The sun really does make it very difficult to look at a computer screen; the sun clearly dislikes technology.

The sun also dislikes us. It gives us skin cancer, and in about five billion years it will become a red giant and humanity will be doomed.

Can you imagine humanity surviving for another 5 billion years? What will the iPhones be like then? I am guessing they will have unnecessary features and be ridiculously overpriced. A lot changes in this world, but some things never do.

7. The Wii strap and the Phone

Image Source: Reddit

That is a Wiimote strap attached to a phone case; if you have one of these situations going on, you won’t drop your phone, so it is a great idea.

I have never actually dropped a phone; I have thrown it against the wall in a dramatic fashion because my relatives are very irritating and don’t know when to mind their own business. Other people, apparently, do drop their phones, so this is a great solution to that particular problem.

I have mixed feelings about the Wii. I love Nintendo, and I know the system was very popular, but I hated the motion controls. They were sort of fun for about two weeks, but I don’t play video games to get a workout and develop shoulder problems. I play them because I am lazy and have nothing better to do. That “Zelda” game they released for the Wii was the frickin’ worst. The story was great, and the graphics were kind of cool, but the motion controls just made me want to break the Wii in half. Honestly, it was sort of a chore to get through the whole thing.

They are thinking, apparently, of re-releasing that game on the Nintendo Switch. If they do, I hope they make it less of a pain in the butt to play.

8. The Kid and the Luggage

Image Source: Reeddit

I am sure a lot of people could find this offensive, but I don’t see why. The kid looks pretty happy.
The problem with kids, in my opinion, is that they are difficult to transport. This clever parent found a great way of handling that particular situation.

Like many of you, I have seen a child kept on a leash—like a puppy would be—in stores. The kid doesn’t seem to mind, and the parents look relaxed, so I don’t really know what the big deal is. Regardless, it isn’t my job to tell other people how to care for their offspring.

9. The Theater and the Screen

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At this theater, you can continue to watch the movie while you take a leak. That’s awesome.
One of the reasons I hate going to the movies is that I generally have to pee about halfway through, so I inevitably miss something important. They sell giant sodas, after all, so the theaters should really expect that. There should be an intermission for any movie longer than ninety minutes.

You know what would be even better than a screen in the restroom? Theaters should make it so that you can—if you have bought a ticket, of course—watch the movie on your smart phone while doing your business. How is that not a thing yet? The technology definitely exists!

10. The Buttons at the Restaurant

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So there is a restaurant out there, apparently, that allows you to press a button to request service from your server. If you want your check, you can get your check. If you need your server, they’ll come over to you.

I like going out to eat, but the relationship between server and customer can get a bit tricky at times. For example, I frequently just stare into space while composing the deep thoughts that my readers know I have on a regular basis. Once in a while, my server misinterprets that as a need for attention, and I don’t like to distract them when they are waiting on other customers. I feel bad about that.

Once in a while though, I do need something—and the server is nowhere to be found. This device obviously makes things simpler, and that’s almost always a good thing.

11. The Butter

Image Source: Reddit

I am sure this is a great trick, but I can’t really comment on it considering I literally can’t remember the last time I intentionally used butter.

I have eaten butter lately in some form, I am sure, but I have not went out and bought actual butter in over a decade. What would I use it for? I can’t bake to save my life, and I don’t really care for toast.

I can vividly remember the last time I bought ham, though; it was delicious.

12. The Great Leash

Image Source: Reddit

This is a fantastic idea. I don’t know how to make one of these myself, sadly, but it can’t be too hard! Fortunately, I only have the one dog.

I couldn’t get another dog if I wanted to do so. My dog is very demanding and would not take kindly to another dog who wanted my attention. He gets mad when I pet my neighbor’s dog. He is kind of a jerk.

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