12 Of The Most Hilarious Tattoo Memes To Which You Can Definitely Relate

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A lot of people really love tattoos. There are also a lot of people who absolutely can’t stand them. A third group tolerates them. A fourth group is completely indifferent but gets one once in a while at university because they are rebelling against society, their parents, or both.

I myself could take them or leave them; I don’t have any, and I probably never will. I can’t think of anything meaningful to get tattooed, honestly. Maybe I’m just unsentimental, but I have yet to lose anyone so important to me that I want their name on my arm. I read a fair amount, and there are a lot of great and meaningful quotes out there, but none are quite so meaningful that I want them on my body forever. I suppose, in theory, I could come up with a really great quote or expression. I might get that tattooed on me; however, I am not that clever, and that would also be a bit narcissistic.

My good friend, however, loves his tattoos. He may have overdone it a bit, though, when he lived in New York City. I think the big mistake he made was getting tattoos on his hand. Jobs that require you to work in an office setting tend to frown on those—in my experience, anyway. That may change in the years to come, I suppose, but for now that is very much the case.

He also made a few ridiculous choices. Many of his tattoos are at least kind of cool. In one case, however, he got a tattoo of a brand he really liked; he later decided he didn’t like that brand, so he had it crossed out in what I guess should be considered a separate tattoo.

Tattoos are just getting more popular, and it is certainly far more culturally acceptable to have one than it was back in the 1950s. I don’t see tattoos going anywhere, which is why studying to become a tattoo artist might not be a bad choice. If you are good, you can earn over $30,000, which isn’t bad. I considered it myself for a minute there; I then remembered that I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever, so that probably wouldn’t have been a good choice.

Because tattoos are so popular these days, there are a lot of great memes out there. Here are 12 of the best ones.

1. The One About the Aging

Image Source: The Poke

A point is being made here, and it is a valid point. The couple times I considered getting a tattoo I thought about what it would look like in fifty years. I don’t plan to still be around then, mind, but you never know. Life can be random.

I also considered the tattoo those times only because there’s a tattoo parlor near my friend’s house, so I keep driving by it. The place looks nice enough, and there is a great pizza restaurant across the street. You can get an entire pizza for five dollars! I could get a tattoo and then eat an entire pizza. It sounds like a memorable day. I wouldn’t call it a great day, but I would call it memorable.

In addition to wondering how a tattoo would look on me, though, I worried about the cost. Those things can cost hundreds of dollars; you can buy several video games for a few hundred dollars, and there are several video games I want to try. There are neat-looking video games for systems I don’t even own! I can’t afford a tattoo! You have to have your priorities.

Going back to appearances and aging, though, that’s why it is important to get a tattoo in a place most people won’t see. I was going to start going on about how people in nursing homes aren’t doing that thing that makes the babies, but that’s apparently not true. They might be having more fun than people in their 20s and 30s.

2. The One About Pain

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I have heard people claim that getting a tattoo is extremely unpleasant. I can believe that.
Then again, my friend with the tattoos says is doesn’t hurt at all. He has an extremely high tolerance to pain, though. I once saw him trip over a rock, land on his face, and then get up and continue walking down the street. It was pretty remarkable.

I have developed a pretty high pain tolerance myself, which makes me think I could handle getting a tattoo. I once had to have something called a discogram. Long story short, you have discs in your spine, and the doctors inject a certain kind of dye into them if the discs are injured. If you want to learn more, go ahead and research the procedure yourself. All I remember is wailing like a baby and literally passing out because the pain was so bad. I’m still traumatized by the experience. It was also weird that such an invasive procedure was performed in a shopping center where there was also a fast food restaurant. Medicine in the United States can be sort of weird.

3. The One About Regret

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I have actually told a person he is going to regret those tattoos, and he did roll his eyes at me. We were in our early 20s.

Years later, however, I was proven right. If you are getting a tattoo that can’t be covered by sleeves, you should probably take a step back and think on the matter. Hand and face tattoos do sort of look cool, I admit, but they also make life a bit more difficult; there is no reason to make life more difficult. Life is a big enough pain as it is.

4. The One About the Needle and the Skin

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This one just makes me want to never even consider getting a tattoo. The anticipation of pain, in my mind, is worse than the pain itself. That’s why I never have any medical tests. They always involve some sort of needle, and I can’t stand the idea of needles anymore. As I have gotten older, I have developed a phobia of sorts.

I recognize that I’m being ridiculous, of course; as I get older, the chances I’ll have to endure intrusive tests to unnecessarily prolong my life increases, but I still don’t want to be around any needles.

5. The One About Hurting A Lot

Image Source: The Chive

I just can’t do it. I just can’t get a tattoo. I don’t know why I ever considered one even once.
I could meet the love of my life and would probably cancel the wedding if she insisted on my getting a tattoo of our wedding date on my arm.

I likely wouldn’t cancel the wedding if she were particularly rich and extremely attractive. I’d force myself to get the tattoo. For example, I find Alison Brie particularly comely and would marry her in a heartbeat. Sadly, however, she is already married. She actually married Dave Franco. I thought he was pretty amusing on that final season of “Scrubs”, which wasn’t very good, but I have to give credit where credit is actually due. His character was delightful.

In case you are unaware, Dave Franco is the brother of famous actor James Franco. I know him from his role on “General Hospital”. I can’t really explain why he decided to appear on a soap opera after he was already super famous, but he definitely did. The show ended up recasting the role after Franco left, which was a bold move on the show’s part.

The character of Franco is currently engaged to marry “Liz”, who is one of the heroines of the soap. They work well together.

6. The One About the Great Client and the Tips

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I can’t imagine this one happens very often. I know I have revealed myself to be a person who is terrified to get a tattoo, and I am; however, if I were to get one, I would certainly tip! That is just standard procedure here in the United States.

It can be hard to figure out tipping here in the United States, though. For example, I am going to a buffet for Thanksgiving. It is a buffet-type thing, and I have no idea how much I am supposed to tip. The servers don’t technically bring you your food, so are you supposed to tip twenty percent? All they do is clear away the plates, after all. That said, clearing away empty plates is the grossest part of being a server.

I wasn’t a server for very long, but I did do so once at a semi-fancy place. I never got tipped, and I had to touch really gross stuff. I did not like that job. A tip would have been nice.

I also worked at a dining hall for college students. That was the grossest experience of my life. I often washed dishes. I would leave there with my t-shirt covered in what can only be described as the sort of food-related filth only college students can generate. Unsurprisingly, the pay was extremely low.

7. The One About What Your Tattoo Says About You

Image Source: Sharenator

I agree with all of these.

First of all, even my friend with the hand tattoo wouldn’t consider getting a face tattoo. Why would you do that? You’re just asking to be unemployable by most jobs to which you may eventually want to apply. If you want attention, you should get a loud, obnoxious puppy. That’s how I get attention. It isn’t the best kind of attention one could hope for, but people definitely notice him. He has this sharp, piercing bark that is almost impossible to ignore. I imagine that the planes that fly overhead can hear that bark.

The barbed wire thing is definitely overdone. I think it looks kind of cool, frankly, but I don’t see why anyone would bother with it. What are you trying to convey, exactly?

As for the tattoo on the lower back, that is completely overdone. I don’t understand how that became a trend. Speaking as a guy, I can attest to the fact that guys don’t need a reason to look at a woman’s lower back. If there is skin visible, we’ll probably take a look. We don’t need to see a dolphin tattoo or a rainbow tattoo.

8. The One About Being Told How To Do Your Job

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I can kind of relate to this one as a writer. There is constructive criticism, and that’s a good thing. I was a news reporter for several years, so I had to deal with constructive criticism. It isn’t fun, but that’s part of the job.

Really, if you’re going to do any sort of “artistic” job, you should just embrace the fact that people will criticize every little thing you do. Similarly, I would offer that sort of advice to anyone who gets married. You will be criticized for everything you do—by your spouse. I have never been married myself, but I have heard stories from friends.

9. The One About the Cheap Tattoos

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This one is curious to me, frankly. Why would you want a cheap tattoo? They can’t look very good. Do people just get tattoos for the sake of getting tattoos? That really seems like a ridiculous thing to do.

I might not understand the culture. I would only get a tattoo if there was some sort of particular meaning, and I would be willing to pay a lot for it. You can’t expect to get quality work if you’re only willing to spend a small amount of money.

10. The One About Not Having Enough Business

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I can’t imagine why anyone would want a tattoo of an upside down verse from a religious text. Are they trying to be disrespectful to a particular religion? Does it make it easier for them to read the verse?

I really do not understand the whole thing; then again, I don’t understand why people buy freemium games for their phone. There are a lot of great games out there for the smartphone that are actually pretty good. They only cost eight dollars or so, and they don’t revolve around a fake farm.

11. The One About the Meaning

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I suppose it is true that the tattoo doesn’t have to mean anything. I am not sure why anyone would get such a tattoo, but it is that person’s body.

I like to think that every tattoo has some sort of meaning, but some people just like the way they look, and it really is as simple as that. I met a girl once who was tattooed pretty much everywhere, and I asked if any of them had any particular significance. She told me “no” and that she just liked the way she looked. That was an honest and respectable answer. Who am I to argue?

12. The One About the Itchy Stage

Image Source: Someecards

As I don’t have a tattoo, I can’t really relate to this personally. I hate feeling all itchy, but that’s usually because I have dry skin. The cold weather and my skin just don’t get along.
However, my friend with all of the tattoos has called me complaining about the itch. He said it was driving him nuts, and he went on for hours. I need to learn to stop taking his phone calls.

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