12 People Who Came Up With The Funniest And Strangest Ideas

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You probably know at least one person like those you are about to see. These people are willing to do all kinds of crazy stuff with the sole intention to have fun or to show they are different! This can turn into a wild rollercoaster ride sometimes! Of course, we are okay with that because it often leads to hilarious situations! These are our favorite situations and we always share them. After all, something that is equally funny and bizarre is totally worth sharing!

1. Here is what ‘panic at the disco’ really means

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We love when creative people start improvising! This always leads to amazing things and this case is no different! All it took was a disco ball and some really special but simple additions! As you can clearly see, one common inanimate object that everyone is familiar with received a personality! And what personality that is! Just check out that huge grin! We guess that when the ball starts spinning and the alcoholic cocktails do their magic, some people might be freaked out! This is exactly the thing we would like to see. Parties can get wild and this is one way to make a crazy party! We would definitely attend any event this woman decorated with her own two hands.

2. Selfies are not that easy to do sometimes

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People are obsessed with selfies and we are all well aware of that, because we are obsessed, too! We love experimenting with different ideas, but there is literally a whole new industry built around the selfie craze! There are thousands of apps, filters and different gadgets like selfie sticks, flashes and other things. However, all of this is not enough sometimes and people seek other means to improve their selfies. This person definitely had a good idea and probably expected a nice result. However, the end result was a complete disaster and we get to see it! It is kind of creepy to see that face which looks as if it was completely disfigured. We are certain that he would never try taking a similar selfie again.

3. Some people use a different approach to ask someone out

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We have seen a lot of different first date proposals, but this is something entirely new to us! Asking someone out needs to be done very careful because things can go bad really fast! One wrong word and you might end up dumped before you even started walking the path to first base! Sometimes people plan their pickup lines in advance but we are firm believers that improvisation is the way to go! If you see a situation that is worth trying, you should take your chance and go for it! We are not entirely sure if the person who used a lime to ask a girl out planned it or not, but it is the most bizarre pickup move we have seen! It is interesting to know if it actually worked or not.

4. Here is how you can be extra with minimum effort

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Some individuals feel extra for the weirdest reasons! Some of them have no right to do so while others have every right to claim they are extra. We guess that doing something seemingly small speaks a lot and these photos prove it! Replacing each and every photo at a charity shop with images of Jeff Goldblum definitely says a lot! First of all, showing sympathy for the actor is a sign that this person has excellent taste when it comes to famous Hollywood faces. Second, the kind of sense of humor this person has is obvious – it is the best possible kind! We love seeing what such people are capable off, because it is always funny!

5. This person knows a thing or two

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Since we already mentioned the art of creating the best pickup line, we just had to show you this one! The main ingredient in using catchy phrases is definitely the sense of humor! It is all you need to be successful in an attempt to impress the object of your desire! Naturally, people with a rich and sarcastic sense of humor are usually creative as well, which helps them choose the best way to use those clever phrases. This person used her skills to come up with something simply but brilliant! She is technically correct, too! We would like to see more clever things like that in yearbooks!

6. They say romance is dead but they are wrong

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People who are extremely romantic are our kind of people! You may find it to be cheesy or outdated, but romance to us is like the icing on a cake when it comes to love and other sweet feels. Of course, being romantic is not only about saying nice things. You need to be really active and show your significant other your romantic side. There are certain things that are accepted as classic moves and the most commonly used is giving flowers! Most men bring flowers to their girlfriends and wives but in some cases this sweet sign of love and affection can backfire massively! These photos show how this is possible and how not to bring flowers to a dame! This person thought that saving a few bucks is worth it and you see the result! We hope it was all done just for laughs, because he cannot be serious!

7. Here is something that is both weird and sweet

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We never thought that we would stumble upon something that can be qualified as equally sweet and weird! However, it happened and you can see the object we are talking about in the photos above. The idea of carrying a photo of your kid in such a medallion is really nice and a lot of people do it. However, we guess that it takes only a small effort to get an actual photo and cut it to size that would fit the medallion. What this woman did instead really puzzled us but at least her approach is truly unique!

8. You cannot be more extra than this person

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We cannot get enough of the crazy things people always come up with! Just take a look at this person! We guess the photo is absolutely genuine and it was not a setup! This makes the person who did this our new inspiration for the morning commutes! After all, what can be more inspiring than actually seeing someone doing the thing you dream of? Nobody wants to leave the bed or the couch and skip a nice TV show.

9. Here is one really impressive sign

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First of all, we need to make something clear. This sign must be created by some jokester who has Photoshop skills. There is no way that someone would actually put a sign like this! Not that we don’t approve it! Quite the opposite, actually – we love it! There is nothing like an official sign reminding of an epic 90s hit! We wish that these signs were an actual thing!

10. Now this is more weird than funny

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Garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets are definitely our kind of spending a nice weekend! Visiting such places is always exciting because you never know what you might find. You know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Of course, this has a different meaning to different people. We believe that sometimes a useless item may actually be valued by someone. This mug obviously became a favorite thing to this person despite the fact he is unaware of who the people pictured on it actually are! It would be a nice social experiment if they connect via internet. We guess they would find it funny that they have a new and unexpected fan.

11. Here is one controversial photo

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This is one of those photos that puzzle us. We cannot decide how we feel about these images. From one point of view they seem cool but from another they are nothing but weird. The person who posted this photo explained that it showed their instructor who played some videos from the 80s. It is clear to see that he is wearing the same outfit now! This might be considered cool because he kept the same style, but some people will probably think that it is a dorky thing to do. Maybe the truth is somewhere between the two!

12. This idea reinvents ‘trick or treat’

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The Halloween craze still holds us and we check out a lot of photos containing the funniest stuff from this year’s edition. There are some amazing things to see and this is one of the best. As you can see, someone decided to dip apples in chocolate but added a little twist! There are a few hard boiled eggs along with the apples which is a nice idea! We guess that this is one of the best Halloween pranks we have ever seen and it is really simple to do.

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