12 People Who Definitely Got What Was Coming To Them

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Image Source: Reddit

Life is not fair a lot of the time. It does seem like the mean people and the jerks and those who simply don’t care about others get away with a lot of stuff they shouldn’t be getting away with.
Sometimes, though, life has a funny way of paying those sorts back for their nastiness. They can’t get away with their nastiness forever, after all.

Here are twelve examples of people who basically got what was coming to them. They were sort of asking for it.

1. The Car and the License Plate

Image Source: Reddit

Hitting someone’s car and not leaving a note is one of the nastiest things a person can do. I have absolutely no compassion for people who do that.

The repairs to this car will cost hundreds of dollars, I’m sure. Fortunately, the owner of this vehicle likely won’t be the one who pays for the damages. Furthermore, I bet the vehicle that hit this one was damaged pretty severely. Also, it is missing a license plate, so the driver will likely get pulled over and charged with a crime or two.

One of the reasons I hate driving so much—and there are several reasons—is that I worry about damage being done to my car. Right now, my car is almost pristine. I need to clean a bunch of crap out of the interior, true, but the exterior is practically flawless. If I were to drive it around a lot and actually go places, I can almost guarantee it would look terrible within six months. People around here just open their car doors with little-to-no regard for who is parked next to them.

2. The Car and the Gas

Image Source: Reddit

This is another example of a person who hit someone else’s car and didn’t leave a note. I don’t understand why people can justify doing that in their minds. If you hit someone’s car with your own, it is clearly your fault. There’s no way around that.

Anyway, the person who hit this car got exactly what was coming to him or her. Apparently the vehicle he or she was driving ran out of gas; police responded, and the person was ticketed.

If you are going to commit a crime using your vehicle, you should probably make sure you have enough fuel to get away. That is a good lesson for all of you criminals out there.

3. The Prank On the Brother

Image Source: Imgur

There is so much to love about this particular image, really. I almost have to wonder if it was staged. If it was, the person who staged it did a brilliant job. If it wasn’t staged, it is still cool. However, I don’t understand why people have this need to ruin perfectly nice photos with pranks.

That is indeed a donkey in the background there. I like donkeys. I don’t know if I would want one as a pet, as they do take up a lot of space and tend to smell bad, but they are cool animals. They have been helping us humans do our thing for 5,000 years or more, and there are about 40 million of them in the world.

4. The Parking Enforcer and the Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

I have gotten a few parking tickets in my life, and I was always irritated. It is nice to see a parking enforcer get a ticket for once. They aren’t above the law, after all. When you think about it, they really do wield a considerable amount of power. They can easily make you hundreds of dollars poorer. If I had a friend who was a parking enforcer, I would not cross him or her.

The thing that bugs me about parking tickets is the lame reasons you get them for. How important is street cleaning, really, in most cities? Does anyone really care if you take up a parking space for an extra couple of minutes? I can see that being an issue in New York City or London, but it doesn’t matter in Cleveland or Philadelphia.

5. The Woman Who Thinks Too Highly Of Herself

Image Source: Reddit

I can totally relate to this guy’s experience. For some reason, attractive people seem to be of the belief that everyone on the planet is trying to hook up with them, which is often not the case.
I open doors for pretty women, sure. I open doors for all women, though, as my mother raised me to be a gentleman, and that is the gentlemanly thing to do. I open doors for the elderly and the disabled, too. I will open doors for small children. Heck, I’ll open a door or hold one open for a perfectly able-bodied guy if I get there before he does. It is called being nice.

The woman described in this short story sounds like an awful, conceited person. I bet she didn’t have a husband, either. I hope she had to wait around for a long, long time.

6. The Bike in the Parking Spot

Image Source: Reddit

I used to encounter this sort of thing all of the time when I was at university. For whatever reason, probably because the city was run by morons, there was never enough parking for cars, vans, or trucks. There were plenty of spots for bikes, but people nonetheless decided to park their bikes in spots designed for cars. I never really understood why that was the case.

The people who enforced parking rules at that university were the worst. There was this one guy who liked to act like he was an actual police officer and was genuinely contributing to society in a positive way. He wasn’t. He was also pudgy and had a really dopey looking mustache. I am assuming some frustrated university student eventually ran him over out of spite. It would have been a fitting end.

Anyway—I support the person who threw this bike into the bushes. The owner of the bike deserved that and a whole lot more.

7. The Guy Who Stole From Walmart

Image Source: CR

This must be one of the most embarrassing pictures I have ever seen in my life. I honestly feel bad for this guy. You must have to be pretty down on your luck to steal from a Walmart. I know people who refuse to shop at Walmart stores on principle. Then again, I unfortunately know a lot of snobby people.

I have nothing against Walmart. You really can’t beat the prices on food, and it isn’t a bad place to buy video games. The one near me attracts some shady characters, but that is easily explained by the fact it isn’t in the best neighborhood.

It is hard to believe Walmart was founded over 55 years ago; it is also hard to believe there are over 11,000 Walmart stores in the world. It is also one of the largest private employers in Canada, and it is the largest in the United States.

8. The Bill and the Sunglasses

Image Source: Reddit

If you leave a restaurant without paying your bill, you are a jerk. If you skip out on a bill when it is only $25, you’re a loser. If you leave your expensive sunglasses behind, you’re just a moron. You deserve to be made fun of.

Until I did a bit of internet research, I did not realize how expensive Ray-Ban sunglasses could be. They can cost well over $150. I wouldn’t want to leave those behind. I hope the waiter or waitress who found these managed to sell them on eBay and get his or her money.

Ray-Ban sunglasses aren’t the most expensive sunglasses you can buy, though. I saw a pair online that sells for almost $1,000. That might sound like a bad deal, but they apparently come with a lovely protective case.

I would never buy a really expensive pair of sunglasses. My dog likes to chew on sunglasses. He will basically chew on anything that is worth more than forty bucks. He once ruined one of my XBOX controllers; I was not happy with that puppy when I discovered the damage.

9. The Dog Laxatives

Image Source: Reddit

I have never heard the term “lava butt” before, but I like it. I need to find a way to work that term into my conversations.

I feel bad for the constipated dog. That can’t be fun.

I have a couple of questions here, though. First of all, are dog laxatives flavored like peanut butter ice cream now? I suppose that makes sense; it can be almost impossible to get a dog to take a pill, and I know dogs love peanut butter. My dog also loves ice, so I imagine he would love anything that tastes like peanut butter ice cream.

Who eats other people’s food? I am assuming this occurred in a workplace environment. That is just so rude. You should always try your very best to get along with your coworkers. Chances are they are as miserable during the workday as you are.

Honestly, I really don’t like eating food prepared by other people. I have known one too many people who don’t do the best job washing their hands after they use the restroom.

10. The Interview

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the reasons I try to be nice to everyone. You never know when you might need a favor—or a job—from someone you might consider being rude to.

I am guessing that this Matt person did not offer the rude guy a job; you can’t really blame him, either. Even if the rude guy was extremely qualified, you don’t want a nasty, foul-mouthed person working at your company. If Matt did offer the rude guy a job, he might just be the most forgiving person on the planet.

I suppose I have to defend the rude guy a little bit, though. We don’t know the whole story. Furthermore, job interviews can be very stressful. I had to go on job interviews last year, and every single one of them was a miserable experience. I hate wearing ties, and the questions asked are always incredibly stupid. Where do I see myself in five years? There is just no good way of answering that question as far as I am concerned. “Hopefully not dead or homeless” is, for the record, not an acceptable answer. All it does is provoke a bit of uncomfortable laughter.

11. The Person Who Stole the Cigarettes

Image Source: Reddit

Some people have a lot of nerve, don’t they? If you are hitchhiking, you are extremely lucky if anyone picks you up at all. You shouldn’t steal their stuff. Stealing a pack of cigarettes doesn’t sound like a big deal, I know, but those things are expensive now. They used to be pretty cheap. Doesn’t a pack of smokes in New York City cost around twelve dollars now? That’s an insane amount to pay for a product that makes your breath smell and will likely give you cancer.

I can’t believe anyone picks up hitchhikers in this day and age. Perhaps I have watched one too many “true crime” shows, but picking up a random person by the side of the road just seems like you are asking to be murdered and have your body found in some random field somewhere.

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