12 People Who Managed To Insult Others In A Satisfying Way

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It is not nice to insult others, but people sometimes deserve it. There are a lot of people out there who are mean, stupid, or both. Those people deserve to be put in their place; if no one does so, they’ll just continue being terrible until the end of their mortal lives.

Not all insults are great, though. A lot of insults are as stupid as the people that are being insulted.

People Who Managed To Insult Others In A Satisfying WayHere are thirteen fun examples of people who managed to insult others in a very satisfying way.

1. The Message From Simon

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If you need to tell someone that they are a bad singer, you should probably use Simon Cowell to do so. He is very good at telling singers that they are very awful. He seems to truly enjoy it, in fact. Really, he is the only reason I ever watched “American Idol”. He just has a way of being mean that I find amusing.

I don’t really know what the sibling was expecting in this case, though. Sometimes, when you are singing in the shower, you are just trying to have fun; you are not always trying to sound your best.

Furthermore, not everyone has a great singing voice. I love singing, personally, but no one would ever pay to hear me sing—no one wants to hear me sing at all, and I am fine with that.

2. The One About the Feet

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On the one hand, this is a pretty good insult. That response probably wasn’t what the young woman was expecting. I also don’t know what prompted this particular response. Maybe a lover’s spat was involved?

On the other hand, it was kind of a lame insult. Aren’t all feet kind of gross? I had to go into my neighbor’s house the other day, and I wasn’t wearing shoes. It is a long and boring story, as most of my stories are. I felt terrible, though. She wasn’t wearing shoes either, but it was her house. She can walk around in bare feet all she wants.

I also hadn’t yet had the opportunity to shower that day; frankly, I am surprised those people still talk to me.

The point is that feet are pretty gross. I have seen some disgusting toenail fungus in my day. I have also interacted with people who have horribly smelly feet. When you wear one pair of sneakers day in and day out for a year and frequently do so without putting on a pair of socks, your feet are going to stink.

3. The Divorced Mom

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I don’t really spend much time on dating sites, and I don’t think I have posted a picture of myself on social media in months. Therefore, I don’t really know what a divorced mom looks like when she posts a picture of herself. I am guessing divorced moms pose like this one. This woman doesn’t look old enough to be a divorced mother, but I am terrible at judging ages.
I am assuming this woman’s friend was trying to be mean; is posing like a divorced mom a new, clever insult of which I am unaware? There are worse things in the world than being divorced and having a kid.

4. The Cheater

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I do agree that being faithful in a relationship should be expected. The young woman certainly has a point.
However, I loathe hypocrites. I also really don’t understand why people cheat. If you are not happy with your relationship, you should end it. I guess it gets difficult if you’re married, living together, or share a child. Still, it is not a nice thing to do.
The guy who responded to her post apparently had a pretty good point. He called her out, and she probably deserved to be called out.
Then again, “relationship” is sort of a nebulous term. What is “cheating” exactly? When do romantic relationships really begin? Is a talk really necessary? As far as I’m concerned, if you have gone out on more than three dates with a person and they all ended well, you probably shouldn’t be fooling around with anyone else. It is a matter of respect, and you also don’t want to end up with an infection that requires antibiotics to treat.

5. The One About the Bully

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There’s nothing wrong with working for Subway. That’s a great chain. I love their food. For the money, it is hard to do better. There’s a reason there are over 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.
It sounds terrible, but it is often fun to see someone you disliked at one point in your life fail miserably and live a horrible life. As a kid, I was never bullied in the traditional sense of the word. I was just treated like I didn’t exist by most of my peers—a trend that has continued into adulthood, in fact.
When I was in college, I used to hang out with a group of people, and there was this one guy who would take any opportunity he could to make fun and belittle those around. I understand that he was doing so because he had low self-esteem issues, and to this day he would probably say he and I were friends. Still, he was a jerk, and I was kind of happy to learn that his life didn’t exactly turn out the way he would have wanted it to turn out.

6. The Awkward Attempt

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This guy was clearly trying to hook up, and there is a good reason he got shot down. Did he really think that was a good idea? He was being blatant, sort of disrespectful, and very desperate. In my experience, people don’t really like that combination of traits.
The person who shot him down had every right to do so. Who likes being talked to like that? There are probably people that do, sadly, but those aren’t the sort of people you want to date.

7. The Inappropriate Father

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I feel really bad for these girls. Nobody wants to think about their parents having sex. If there are people out there who are into that, I do not want to meet those people.

Sadly, however, the father was probably telling the truth to his daughter. A lack of condoms is the reason a lot of people on this planet currently exist.

Birth control failure is a big problem pretty much everywhere in the world. Condoms don’t really work as well as people think. They should definitely be used, as they prevent disease transmission, but they’re not as great as people think when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Oral contraceptives also don’t work as well as people think. The failure rate is surprisingly high.

If you don’t want a baby, you should really consider getting sterilized.

8. The Invitation to the Prom

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Seeing notes like these make me glad I left high school a long time ago. Teenagers can be so mean to one another. Then again, people of all ages can be really mean to one another.

I feel terrible for the person who tried to ask this young lady out only to be shot down in such a brutal fashion. That person probably dodged a bullet, though, as it doesn’t seem as if the young woman is a very nice person.

9. The Girl On the Side

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You have to wonder if the pregnancy was intentional; considering the guy in question has a girl on the side, I am guessing it was not.

How do you not know you are the girl on the side? Also, why are there women out there willing to be someone’s girl on the side? You hear these stories about mistresses who are just waiting for their “boyfriend” to dump their wives. Often, it never happens. Generally, the man is pretty wealthy, which might explain why they are holding onto hope.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I don’t get it. If I knew a girl I was dating seriously was also fooling around with someone else, I would get out of that relationship immediately. Life is way too short to be with someone who cheats on you. It is better to be alone than in a bad relationship that is going nowhere.

10. The One About the Modesty

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Shahd here has a very good point—assuming what she said is true. She took that guy down—there is no arguing with her.

What is it about people who criticize others for their appearance and behavior when they, in fact, are ugly and stupid? I know this woman who hangs out at a bar several days a week, and she is constantly criticizing other women behind their backs. I have also heard her wonder why she’s never had a boyfriend propose to her. The answer, I think, is obvious; most guys don’t want to marry a mean person. Also, she’s not exactly the sort of woman most guys would look at and instantly want to engage in relations with—if you know what I’m saying. She is no spring chicken, either, and yet she is extremely picky. When you are in your mid-30s and you are not aging well, you either have to settle or just accept the fact you’ll die alone.

Shahd in this image, though, looks great. I couldn’t even tell that her hair was showing. Regardless, she certainly looks classy.

11. The Grocery Cart and the Message From the Parents

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Why does this person think he or she is an adult because of a trip to the grocery store? I hate grocery stores for the most part—with the exception of Wegmans, which is the best supermarket on the planet; still, it isn’t like buying food is a particularly challenging task.

Is it because of the contents of the cart? It does appear as if this person is purchasing some fresh fruits and vegetables, which is definitely important. You really can’t live on pizza, beer, and chips alone—although many university students have tried over the years. I wish you could, because that would be a fun way to live.

The parents in this case really do have a good point. They are probably paying for all of those groceries. They probably paid for that purse, too.

12. The Comment About Ugly People

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Ordinarily, I don’t approve of calling another person ugly, but this person sort of deserved it. Who posts nasty things about ugly people falling in love? Not everyone can look like a soap opera star, after all.

Sometimes, for a laugh, I take a look a profiles on dating apps. It is remarkable just how picky some people can be. Frankly, they’re in no position to be picky. There are people out there making very little money—who obviously never met a cheeseburger they did not like—demanding quite a lot from prospective romantic partners. It is like some people have absolutely no self-awareness at all. It boggles the mind. Many of us would like to marry a movie star; few of us ever will.

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