12 People Who Only Cared About Being Extra

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It is no secret that there are many weird people among us. They actually contribute to the wonderful and colorful variety of personalities in the world. Without weird individuals everything would be a lot more boring and this is why we are glad they exist! As you are about to see, there is a special kind of weirdoes who always make the biggest impression. We are talking about those individuals who are always acting extra! And by acting we don’t mean just pretending to be extra. In the majority of cases their personalities are set in a specific way which makes them behave like that. Thanks to the social media platforms we get to see a lot of extra personalities and we are about to share some examples with you! Check out the following list and enjoy it!

1. Autographs are obsolete

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Oh, the good old times we chased our idols after a concert with the sole intention of begging for an autograph on a poster or a CD. Those were the times when romance was still a thing and we used to do stuff like writing actual letters using pen and paper. As much as we feel nostalgic about those years, we need to admit that there are a lot of cool new ways experience similar moments. Sometimes people go the extra mile and do something that was never done before! As you can see, someone also though that autographs were a thing of the past and decided to go to a Kanye West event prepared! As you can imagine, the air inside has no special features, but it is the thought that counts! We believe that this person was able to brag about their idea later and we believe they had all the right to do so.

2. These costumes take cosplaying to a whole new level

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There are certain individuals who never give up and always push things further than they are supposed to in the first place. Such people always complete a task and never refuse a challenge! As much as we admire them, we need to admit that sometimes being too good at something might lead to controversial results. You see, overdoing things is not the way to go in a lot of cases! We believe that some of you might consider these costumes to be a bit too realistic. The person next to Emma Watson is not wearing a Yoda mask. This is actually makeup! Well, we need to specify that the person does not look like Yoda at all. Look closely and you will see that the lower part of the face was covered in black. The appearance is extremely realistic and we are certain that this work of art is worthy of an award! We hope they got one if there was some kind of a contest.

3. Here is one really accurate meme

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Have you seen a photo or a meme that you immediately relate to? It happens to us all the time and we love seeing such images. Luckily for all of us, the social media platforms are overflowing with memes and the one you see above is among the best we’ve seen lately. It captured a scene that seems impossible to relate to a night out at a fast food restaurant, but the clever captions transformed it completely. A lot of women tend to argue and even fight with the staff of stores and diners over the smallest and insignificant reasons. We all know that the customer is always right, but meaningless feuds never lead to something positive. This is why such situations must be prevented and often helps a lot! We hope we never get to be the referee in such a situation again.

4. This grandpa stepped up his crossword game

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One of the things we love the most about small cafes is the variety of people you get to meet there. One of the most common characters you can meet at a café located in a quiet neighborhood is an elderly gentleman who enjoys a coffee and a croissant and has a newspaper to read. Of course, the newspaper would almost certainly feature a crossword page! This is when it gets interesting, because usually those individuals never give up until the whole crossword is solved. This brings us to the photo you see above. We guess that this grandpa decided to skip some of the café mornings and invested the time in solving crosswords online using a massive monitor. He looks focused and he is also super cool, no doubt about that.

5. Here is one way to upgrade a vehicle

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Car tuning is a huge industry and hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts spend a fortune on upgrading their rides. The variety of aftermarket parts and accessories is endless and people can choose options which can make their ride seem like it did not roll off the production line but it was an exclusive one-off unit. However, some people adopt the idea of having a unique ride but their approach is more than controversial. This Mini was probably supposed to represent a bull which is why someone completely covered the car in fur and even added horns! It looks interesting but we are certain that some people would call it ridiculous. The tongue inserted in the lower bumper grill is a nice finishing touch!

6. Now this is something truly impressive

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If you think that you bought the best phone holder or the most advanced selfie stick, you need to take a look at the photo above! This man owns the most impressive piece of equipment we have seen lately and we are in awe! Imagine playing Pokémon Go with this rig! Everyone playing the game would feel like quitting if they see someone wearing this device! We believe that it could finish the game within minutes! It does not seem to be easy to handle, though, but we guess it is worth the extra effort. The umbrella is also a nice touch, because a sudden rainfall would probably damage the rig.

7. Some people need to show off in every possible way

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In our modern society looks can be deceiving, but they sure do count a lot! People always scan the others from head to toes and frantically search for flaws, which is definitely not right, if you ask us. Everyone has the right to dress as they please. It is a choice to follow a certain trend, not an obligation! However, a lot of individuals try to give their best when it comes to appearance even though they don’t like certain aspects of the trend they try to follow. Some people push things a lot and often the result is the same as the styling in the photo above. It is just too much, but it is definitely extra!

8. Office chairs are not what they used to be

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If you work on a computer or you have another job that requires you to sit behind a desk all day, you are definitely familiar with back pain. The struggle is real and there seems to be no real solution to that problem! Even the most expensive chairs are not comfortable enough! This is why most people experience back pain. We guess that this person decided that since the struggle is real, she might as well feel extra and use a chair like no other! The lavish chair she chose looks like it came straight out of a fairytale! Of course, this was probably a setup created just for the photo, because sitting on that monster of a chair will surely not be a comfortable experience.

9. This happens a lot

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We are certain that a lot of bride would relate to this meme. First of all, we need to admit that Beyoncé looks fabulous as always, but that is only partially related to the main topic here. Girls are best friends for a lot of numerous reasons and making an extra effort about something important to their BFFs is among those reasons. This is why the bride’s BFF is the second most glamorous person at the wedding! Giving a proper speech makes an impression like no other when the outfit matches the beautiful words!

10. Fans are always prepared to do something extra in honor of their idols

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It is no secret that sometimes a fan can be so devoted to the love for their idol that it might appear to be too much sometimes. This is exactly what those pictures above show. Once an idol or an influencer does something, their fans try to replicate it and in the majority of cases they overdo it! The images really speak for themselves!

11. The wedding photos are definitely extra

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Chances are you have already seen tons of wedding photos! Of course, the majority of them are basically the same. Sometimes it takes a person who is more or less extra to turn the wedding photo shoot into something unforgettable. As you can see, the bride’s friend made sure that not a single photo remains ordinary. We love the end result and other couples should draw inspiration from the amazing images. The mood they bring can really be sensed and that is what it is all about.

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