12 Tattoos That Actually Have Extremely Powerful Meanings

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A lot of people get tattoos for silly reasons. A random dolphin on your ankle or your back does not really mean very much; it is in no way significant. A lot of people have tattoos, and a lot of people get them just because they can or they are trying to prove a minor point.

A lot of people get them because they are challenged to do so by friends.

Sometimes, however, people get tattoos for truly powerful and extremely personal reasons.
In such cases, the tattoos can be used to acknowledge a family member or friend. They can even remind a person of an important time or event in their life. That sort of tattoo can be a wonderful thing.

Here are 12 tattoos that earnestly acknowledge important people or events.

1. The Woman Who Got a Tattoo to Acknowledge Her Dad

Image Source: Reddit

The woman in this image got a tattoo to honor her father, who passed away in December of 2016. She did not get a portrait made, though; instead, the tattoo simply depicts the man’s moustache and glasses.
The picture of her father hugging her on what appears to be her wedding day is adorable; the man clearly loved his daughter.

The tattoo she got is also in a very appropriate spot. You would have to look behind her ear to see it. Unless someone is looking for it, the tattoo won’t be noticeable. The young woman is definitely keeping it classy. Her father would probably approve.

2. The Young Woman Who Got the Tattoo of a Book To Honor Her Dad

Image Source: Reddit

In this case, a woman got a tattoo that referenced the book that her father was reading. He was gone before she was born. The novel was bookmarked at page 128.
The novel “All the Pretty Horses” was published in May of 1992 and won several awards. It was turned into a film in 2000 and starred Matt Damon.

3. The LEGO Tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

This Lego tattoo is meant to honor a person’s older brother. That brother passed away just before he turned 40 years old. The siblings apparently played with Lego blocks together.

Siblings have been playing with Lego construction toys for decades now. The popular toys were first manufactured back in 1949. Over 600 billion Lego parts have been produced since then.

It is actually considered one of the world’s most powerful brands, and there are even Legoland amusement parks. There are also Lego-related video games, and they are incredibly popular.

4. The Tattoo About the substance

Image Source: Reddit

This tattoo exists to remind the person who got it of his sobriety. The person apparently used substances for 12 years and has been sober for four years. Every year, on July 23, the tattoo is updated.

Any addiction is a truly serious matter.  .

5. The Tattoo About the Car

Image Source: Reddit

This tattoo honors a friend who couldn’t make it in a car accident. The friend who didn’t make it actually wanted to be a race car driver, which makes the tattoo particularly touching.

It does not need to be said that motor vehicle collisions cause property damage, injury, as well as death. According to recent data, over 50 million people are injured in motor vehicle collisions every year, and more than a million people don’t make it each year.

Human factors—such as distracted driving—are responsible for the majority of such cases.

In recent years, drivers being distracted by mobile devices has become a major problem. Many people browse the internet and update social media while in control of a vehicle. Texting while driving is also a major issue.

6. The Concentration Camp ID

Image Source: Imgur

This is one of the more poignant and touching tattoos anyone has ever received. The backstory is touching, but it is nice to know that the person who was once in the concentration camp lived to the age of 96. That is truly impressive and extremely heartwarming.

It is also really nice that the person who gave the tattoo to the grandson refused to be paid for doing so. It probably was the most important tattoo she had ever done—or ever will.

Frankly, it is sort of amazing that the man’s paternal grandfather survived such a ordeal. Most people did not.

It is also very cool that the guy who got the tattoo also gave the tattoo artist the Polaroid of his grandfather’s tattoo.

That artist will forever remember the atrocities that occurred during World War II. That is a period of time that should not ever be forgotten. We definitely do not want history to repeat itself.

7. The Note From Dad

Image Source: Reddit

This tattoo is a replica of a note written by a father in a yearbook when his child was just a little kid. The father passed away back in 2009.

It must be nice to be able to look at a part of your body and be reminded that your father was proud of you and loved you. While it could—at times—be a painful reminder that the father is no longer physically present, it must be comforting.

People often consider mothers to be the more important parental figure, but that is not really the case. Fathers are vital to the emotional well-being of their kids, and they definitely influence their children’s relationships and behaviors. Boys tend to behave like their fathers, and girls often seek out romantic partners who remind them of their dads.

Furthermore, girls who have supportive fathers tend to be better at math and science; boys who have loving and supportive fathers tend to get better grades in school.

8. The Tattoo of the Father’s Handprint

Image Source: Imgur

This guy got his father’s handprint tattooed on his back. His father had passed away, of course, but the tattoo is a good way of making sure that his dad is always with him. As mentioned above, fathers are very important in regard to the development of healthy adults.

The young man in the image clearly loved his dad very much, and it is a shame they did not have more time together.

9. The Tattoo of the Laugh

Image Source: Imgur

This tattoo is the waveform of a laugh. The laugh came from a child who couldn’t make it of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and the man who got the tattoo is the little boy’s father. The poor child will always and forever be close to his dad’s heart.

This tattoo is both heartwarming and kind of sad. No parent should ever have to outlive his or her child.

SIDS, refers to an unexplained and sudden passing away of a child who is under the age of one. Even after an autopsy, the situation can’t be properly explained. This typically happens when the child is asleep.

The cause of SIDS is not known, although certain risk factors have been proposed. For example, exposure to tobacco smoke may be a factor.

According to experts, the best way to prevent SIDS is to put an infant to sleep on his or her back. Because overheating may contribute to SIDS, sleeping environments should be relatively cool. Sharing a bed with a parent or sibling also increases the risk of SIDS.

For reasons that are not completely clear, SIDS tends to impact male babies more often than female babies. Most cases of SIDS occur before the age of six months.

Unsurprisingly, breastfeeding tends to reduce the risk of SIDS. The use of pacifiers, for reasons that are not totally clear, also reduces the risk.

In 2021, over 20,000 babies didn’t make it as a result of SIDS.

10. The Tattoo to Honor the Mom

Image Source: Imgur

This person’s mother would leave post-it notes around the house; when the mom perished, the child got a tattoo that looked just like one of the notes. Both the notes and the tattoo are super sweet, and the tattoo must be a comfort to the grieving child.

11. The One About the Best Friend

Image Source: Imgur

The person who got this particular tattoo lost a best friend at the age of 15, which is truly sad. The tattoo will forever remind her of her dear friend.

12. The Tattoo of the House

Image Source: Imgur

This is a really impressive-looking tattoo. The guy in the image grew up in the house depicted in the tattoo. The house caught on fire, apparently, and he ended up losing his parents as well as his dog.

It is a sad story, and we feel for the guy, but you really do have to admire the tattoo artist’s work. It is truly impressive. You have to wonder what other works of art the artist produced.

So those are twelve of the most poignant tattoos out there; however, you can be sure there are more that exist that are attached to equally touching stories.

Tattoos are interesting as a subject, as the practice of tattooing has existed for thousands of years. Tattoos were recently found on Egyptian mummies—the people on which the tattoos were found lived before 3000 BCE.

In the United States and throughout western society, tattoos first became mainstream in the 1970s or so. Decades ago, they were once considered an act of deviance; times have changed, though, and tattoos are now considered an acceptable form of expression.

If you are going to get a tattoo, you should consider it permanent. While it is possible to partially or fully remove a tattoo, doing so is a painful and expensive process.

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