12 Times People Were Expecting Babies, But Had Grown Up People Instead

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Image Source: Reddit

Babies can be delightful, and most new parents think that their new baby is the cutest creature that has ever existed or ever will exist.

The fact of the matter is, though, that newborns aren’t always the cutest things in the world. I have seen a couple in my day, and they weren’t that cute. They weren’t really cute at all. They were tiny, but they weren’t cute.

That’s nothing against babies. Everyone loves puppies, but puppies aren’t adorable right after they’re born either. Neither are kittens, for that matter.

Sometimes babies just look old. It is weird, but I really do think that a lot of babies look like old men.

Here are thirteen examples of babies that looked a whole lot older than they actually were.

1. The Kid That Looks Like the Celebrity

Image Source: Reddit

The mother of this young man apparently thinks her son used to look like actor Danny DeVito. It is kind of hard to argue with that. The actor has many more wrinkles, though. Then again, he isn’t exactly a young man.

It is hard to believe that DeVito is 73; then again, he has looked like an old man for decades now. If you are not familiar with the actor, you apparently don’t watch much television or see many movies. He is also a filmmaker.

The actor first became famous for his role on the sitcom “Taxi”, which aired in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He won an Emmy for that role.

He is a major movie star now, though. For example, he was in “Batman Returns”, which came out in 1992. He played the Penguin. Michael Keaton played the character of Batman in that film. He was also in “L.A. Confidential”, which came out in 1997. It also starred Kevin Spacey and Kim Basinger.

Currently, DeVito is very famous for starring on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, which is a sitcom about people who run a bar. That show premiered in 2005, and it is still on the air.

DeVito is married to actress Rhea Perlman. She is perhaps best known for portraying Carla on the sitcom “Cheers”, which aired from 1982 to 1993. She was a great character. She reprised her role on a 10th season episode of the sitcom “Frasier”, which was a spin-off of “Cheers”.

2. The Baby That Looks Like the Old Irish Guy

Image Source: Reddit

While I agree with the parents, a lot of babies look like old Irish guys.

This isn’t the most attractive child in the world, honestly. I feel bad saying that, but it is true.

I am assuming the kid will grow into his looks, though. Babies usually do. The ugliest children often turn out to be really attractive people.

Just in case, though, I hope the kid’s parents are saving up for the possibility of plastic surgery. Frankly, I think all parents should save up for the plastic surgery their children will eventually want or need. I wish mine had.

3. The Newborn Who is Tired Of It All Already

Image Source: Reddit

If it weren’t for the fact that this baby was the size of a terrier when this picture was taken, I would swear it was 80 years old. If you squint at the image, you will see what I mean.

I like this picture a lot, though. The baby just looks ticked off and sort of “over it”, if you know what I mean.

It kind of looks like the baby met its parents and decided it should have never left the womb. It really looks like the baby is about to roll its eyes at the people who gave it life.

Seriously, it seems like this kid just realizes that life is going be terrible; sadly, there is probably a very good chance that it will.

4. The Baby and the Missing Teeth

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the more wrinkly newborns I have ever seen. It is also very obvious that the kid doesn’t have teeth. He needs to grow a set fast, as that is not a good look on him. In a couple of years, he’ll probably be a positively adorable little kid. When this picture was taken, though, he sort of looked like an alien.

He looks particularly tiny; he may have been born premature, which would explain all of the wrinkles. I hope the kid is doing well!

I like the outfit; that’s cute. Whoever picked that out has pretty good taste.

5. The Baby With the White Hair

Image Source: Instagram

The baby is kind of wrinkly, but it is the white hair that really makes it look old.

It is a terrible day when you finally start to notice gray—or white—hairs on your head. That’s a clear sign that you’re just getting old and there is nothing you can do about it.

I first noticed a gray hair when I was sixteen. It drove me nuts for weeks. I was very worried that I would go prematurely gray. Fortunately, that did not turn out to be the case. I know a guy that went prematurely gray, though. It isn’t a bad look. Still, it does make you look older than you are. I don’t know of many people over the age of 21 that want to look older. Once you hit thirty or so, all you want to do is look younger. That is why plastic surgery is such a big business.

If I had it to do over again, I would consider becoming a plastic surgeon. In the United States alone—believe it or not—people spend over $15 billion dollars a year on plastic surgery.

In case you are curious, breast augmentation is one of the more popular—if not the most popular—procedures in the United States. Liposuction is also very popular, of course. It is easier to have surgery than to exercise and watch your diet.

Naturally, a lot of people have their noses reshaped. I don’t know many people who are really happy with the shapes of their noses.

Plastic surgery isn’t cheap, though. For example, if you want your breasts augmented in the United States, you will likely end up spending close to $4,000.

6. The Kid With the Bowtie

Image Source: Reddit

This kid looks very old and very surprised. In part, it is the bowtie that makes him look old. I have really never understood the point of bowties. They just tend to add ten years to the person who is wearing them. I’ll never understand how that became a look. Then again, I’ll never understand why people wear neckties at all.

The pants are a bit awkward-looking, too. If your baby already looks like an old man, why would you dress him like one?

7. The Kid That Looks Eighty

Image Source: Reddit

This kid looks like a couple of different celebrities. To me, he looks most like Walter Matthau. I’m not sure why.

If you are not familiar with Walter Matthau, he was an actor and a comedian. He also starred on Broadway.

It is hard to say what Matthau is most famous for. He was in the film “The Odd Couple”, and he was in the sequel to that film decades later. Later in life, Matthau became famous to another generation for starring in “Grumpy Old Men”, which was a movie about old men who were sort of grumpy. That movie came out in 1993. There was a sequel released in 1995.

The other star of “Grumpy Old Men” was Jack Lemmon, who won two Academy Awards during the course of his career. He was also in “The Odd Couple” and its sequel. The two really did make a great team.

8. The Baby Who Also Looks Grumpy and Old

Image Source: Reddit

This baby also looks a lot like film star Walter Matthau. I guess a lot of babies look like him.
Walter Matthau, who died in 2000, is also well known for his starring role in the film version of “Hello Dolly”. It was based on a Broadway musical, which was also named “Hello Dolly”. The film was released in 1969. If you’re not familiar, the film revolves around a matchmaker who is trying to find a match for a rich old guy, played by Matthau. Eventually, the two end up falling in love.
The film won several awards, but was not commercially successful, which is probably why there wasn’t a sequel made decades later.

9. The Kid Who Should Be a Manager At Your Office

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know if it is the hair or the tie or the shirt—or what; however, this kid definitely resembles at least two bosses I have had over the years.

I actually really like the outfit. The tie looks good with that shirt. I can’t tell what the pattern on the tie is supposed to be, though. At first I thought they were fish, but they might be ghosts.

That kid also has that weary look that many middle-aged managers have. It looks like he is just waiting for his day to be over so he can hit the bottle and go to sleep.

10. The Baby and the Hairline

Image Source: Reddit

This poor child has the hairline that many middle-aged men wish they didn’t have. Hopefully this little boy gets to enjoy a full head of hair for a while before he inevitably loses it all at around the age of 37.

Considering all that humans are capable of as a species, I am still surprised that we haven’t completely cured baldness once and for all. You can always shave your head, sure, but that’s not a great look on everybody. Some people have heads that are shaped rather peculiarly. I speak from experience. It doesn’t look great.

11. The Baby Getting the Checkup

Image Source: Reddit

This might be the most depressed-looking baby I have ever seen in my life. He or she clearly does not want to be there.

Then again, I can’t blame the kid. I don’t like going to doctors either, which is why I tend to avoid them whenever possible. Sure, I may end up losing years of my life as a result, but that’s better than spending the time I do have sitting around a waiting room with a bunch of contagious sick people while reading magazines from 1991.

I’ll never understand why doctors are consistently late. Unless you have a very forgiving boss who doesn’t care if you’re out of the office for three hours, you pretty much have to take a sick day in order to get a checkup from your primary care physician. If you want to be seen on time for your appointment, you have to show up at least a half-hour early. If you show up on time for your appointment, you’ll end up waiting at least a half-hour to be seen by the doctor.

12. The Baby That Looks Like That Guy From “The Office”

Image Source: Reddit

Fans of the United States’ version of “The Office” will likely agree that this baby looks like the character Kevin Malone. I liked that character a lot. He was an accountant at the paper company, but he was terrible at his job. He was pretty much terrible at life. Nothing went well for poor Kevin. He was actually fired at the end of the series.

Fortunately, he got back on his feet and ended up buying a bar. Sadly, though, he wasn’t the best bartender in the world.

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