13 Amazing Photos That Will Definitely Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Let’s be straight about something – human interaction is not always a pleasant experience, particularly on Mondays.

We tend to get worse as individuals; we fail to take responsibility and to lend a helping hand to our close ones.

But there’s good news – not everyone is like that. There are still people out there who care, who feel your pain and would not hesitate to help.

These images show exactly the kind of people who make us feel proud to be human beings.

1. If you think you have problems, take a look here

Image Source: Reddit

The horrors of war need be seen in order to be understood, and while it’s tough for adults, imagine what it could do to a child. This kid’s reaction to the kind soldier’s attention says it all.

2. The uniform does not stop this dad from supporting his little girl

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The dedication of being a parent looks like this. People who are willing to show support to their children regardless of the circumstances are the ones we admire the most.

3. This is the way you give wings to a child

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Stories like this make our day. Imagine what the little girl probably felt when this man purchased one of her drawings and encouraged her to follow her dreams. It takes a little kindness to keep the world going in the right direction.

4. You can say a lot about a man by seeing the way he treats animals

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We are sure that this elderly man has a big heart; just look at the way he takes care of his dog. Unfortunately there are people who don’t even take care of their children in such way.

5. All the kindness in the world is written in this note

Image Source: Reddit

Dealing with health issues is one of the worst things ever. When a random man overheard what was going on the table next to him, he decided to pay for their meal and chose to keep it a secret.

6. Respect your elders

Image Source: Reddit

Caring for old people is a must, because they deserve it. Not everyone would pause what they are doing do help out, but this woman did exactly that, and had the patience to do so – something we must all be willing to do when needed.

7. Babysitting done right

Image Source: Reddit

This is how you help raise a child without shattering any dreams. The little effort this babysitter made will surely leave a mark on the girl and she will grow up believing that dreams do come true.

8. True love lasts forever

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine the sadness of this person after Roxy passed away; however, it must have been a remarkable dog, because the owner decided to commemorate the canine by leaving a basket of tennis balls for everyone to take away. This is how you spread love!

9. All people will ever need is to be there for each other

Image Source: Imgur

After the heartbreaking ad was posted, one person decided to comfort the parents, but it’s not the only good thing that happened. Apparently someone at the company that produced the diapers saw the ad and messaged the couple to keep the diapers, because they’ll get full refund.

10. Here’s something to put a big smile on your face

Image Source: Reddit

When this person was accidently invited to a wedding, he reacted in the best possible way – he sent a wedding present and even shared his own experience, encouraging them with their marriage. It was probably the best gift the couple received.

11. Keeping your promises is a must

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

This Cubs fan promised his father that they would listen to Game 7 together, and when the team qualified for the World Series, he travelled seven hours between North Carolina and Indianapolis to fulfill his promise. The love between a father and his son is apparently beyond time and space.

12. What a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Image Source: Facebook

When the train was delayed, one couple took advantage of the man playing his accordion and started dancing, spreading joy everywhere around. It was probably one of those moments when you feel truly alive.

13. This worker was surely pleased to read the message on his truck

Image Source: Reddit

It takes only a kid with a sharpie to make your day, apparently. These three words are more than enough to brighten your day and remind you what really matters in life.

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