13 Awesome Photos That You Will Definitely Think About Later

Image Source: Sizzle

Internet is full of random content, but people seem to never get enough of funny photos. From hilarious to just plain weird, there are countless pictures that you spent too much time looking at. This list contains thirteen trippy clicks that would probably leave you asking questions like ‘how’ and ‘why’, so just sit back comfortably and enjoy the list.

1. This is a rather weird business tactic

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some restaurants and diners come up with strange ideas in order to attract more customers. We guest that since the watermelon is nearly finished, the idea must be a success, but still the meat would be our choice.

2. Bubble gum tape is made of gum, but it is still tape

Image Source: Reddit

It would be probably safe to say that it is better to fix a hockey stick with bubble gum tape than to chew on regular sticky tape. We have no idea why would somebody attempt such a repair; it was probably just for laughs, though.

3. Folding money like boss

Image Source: Reddit

You can bet that it takes a lot of skill to be able to fold a dollar bill like that, but unfortunately we don’t have the slightest clue about how exactly does this work.

4. Preparing a surprise for you food-snatching roommate

Image Source: Reddit

Tired of your roommate or someone else stealing your food from the fridge? No worries, we got you covered.

Instructions are not needed, just follow the tutorial and you will be able to set up quite a surprise for the food snatcher.

5. Tattoos would hardly become any weirder than this

Image Source: Imgur

This would only make some sense if it is a temporary tattoo. If it is permanent, a lot of questions need to be asked, but we are not sure we want to know the answers.

6. There are random kinds of art, and then there’s this

Image Source: Instagram

Upon realizing what exactly you are looking at here, you will start wondering who the master behind this unbelievable piece is and how could he possibly create it. This is simply amazing.

7. Super-realistic make-up that will haunt you

Image Source: Deviant Art

Make-up has almost endless possibilities to play tricks on your mind. This half-living statue is so realistic that it will probably haunt you for some time.

8. A work of art created by nature and technology combined

Image Source: NBC News

They say that nature is the best artist, and with the help of a Jeep and some ice and snow this beautiful frosty shell was created. It looks as if it was handcrafted to perfection, with every little detail present.

9. Perhaps you might want to look twice here

Image Source: Reddit

If you are saying to yourself ‘big deal’ after seeing this photo, you might have thought that there was just an odd contrast between the carpet and the tiles but look again. There is a perfectly camouflaged dog lying on that carpet. This canine is a true master of disguise, but his owner must be careful not to step on him.

10. Candy hair confusion

Image Source: The Chive

Take a good look at this photo before deciding what you think it is. It looks like perfectly colored hair, but also looks like delicious wrapped cotton candy. Whatever it is, it could certainly bring up your appetite.

11. Become a rap-star at least for a selfie

Image Source: BoredPanda

Are you impressed by all the bling that rappers are wearing in their videos? Would you like to have your own photos with similar gear to theirs? Oh, you don’t have a chain like the ones they usually wear. No problem – just take your mum’s purse for a couple of minutes and you’re done.

12. This is a bit too realistic

Image Source: Instagram

Artists obviously become better and better in their craft, but this thing here is simply on another level – just look at it – don’t you have the feeling that those eyes are going to open and stare at you any second now?

13. McDonald’s slippers

Image Source: Instagram

Whoever came up with this idea must have a lot of free time, but what is more important here is the fact that you’ll probably remember this picture next time you order fries.

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