13 Charming Pictures That Will Make You Feel Good For The Rest Of The Day

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In many parts of the world, the weather has been terribly cold as of late. It is also the time of year when you have to spend time with your family, which can be positively chilling. Even if you generally like your family, there is always the one or two relatives that drive you absolutely nuts.

In my case, there are only one or two relatives that don’t drive me nuts, and I don’t have much of a relationship with the rest of them, which definitely gives me more free time than most around the holidays.

The point is that, for one reason or another, this time of year tends to be very depressing for many people; that is why a lot of bad things tend to happen in November and December.

You might be feeling down. Instead of talking to someone or seeking professional help, you should turn to the internet! It really is the best way. Professional help costs money, and talking to people exposes you to germs.

Here are thirteen charming pictures that will warm a chilly heart. They might make you feel a little better.

1. The Siblings and the Present

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This is a nice little remake of an old photograph, and I am sure that the mother really loved it. The kids grew up nice. The outfits are a little different, but that is okay. At the least the colors are similar. The young lady probably should have put on a skirt, and the young man could put on a watch, but I give them credit for the effort. Most kids don’t put in half as much thought when it comes to Mother’s Day. Most kids in the United States just take their mom out to breakfast or brunch.

It is kind of fun to look at these two pictures and point out the differences. I am guessing the setting is the same, but I honestly can’t be sure. Assuming it is, it appears as if there was work done on the bridge at one point. There is also the new light, which is probably very useful at night. I speak from experience when I say that falling into a stream after dark is not the most pleasant of experiences.

I wonder if the siblings are actually as close as they appear to be in the photo; I somehow doubt it, but it is nice to believe that they are and actually enjoy spending the holidays together.

2. The Animal That Got To Keep Its Job

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Over the years, I have learned that truth really is a lot stranger than fiction, and at first I thought this was fictional; apparently local libraries hire animals now, which is weird. In this case, I am guessing it was hired to keep away mice and rats.

As for why it was fired, I am guessing it had something to do with a human resources issue. Animals like to touch humans, and it is never a good idea to touch your coworkers. Even if someone you work with offers you a handshake, you should think twice, especially if that person is technically a subordinate. You should never hug a coworker under any circumstances, even if they invite you to their wedding or the baptism of their child. You never know when someone is setting you up to get fired.

Anyway, I am glad that the animal got its job back. I find it hard to believe there was “international backlash”, though; are people really that bored that they write to libraries about their employees? Most people these days don’t even go to libraries!

3. The Van Driver and the Grocery Cart

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I like this story, and it definitely warms my chilly heart. It also reflects well on the company’s hiring practices. They clearly know how to recognize good people.

You would think that helping and watching out for the elderly would be a thing literally everyone would do; everyone definitely should do it, but they don’t. I have seen able-bodied young men make the choice to not hold the door for old ladies who could have been their grandmothers. I could tell that they saw the ladies; they just could not be bothered waiting five seconds.

Young people are funny; many have no respect for their elders and don’t realize that they will be old one day—if they’re lucky.

I don’t know anything about this particular employee, but I am guessing that he is happy because he works for a company that produces beer. I wonder if he is allowed to take home some product once in a while. That would be a neat perk.

4. The Kindergarten to the College

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What a great dad! Also, I find it admirable that the dad has kept the same hairstyle for well over a decade. I too have done so. It is a little longer on the top and a little shorter in the back—and I actually go to a competent hair stylist now—but it is basically the same cut I have had since I was first able to grow hair. When I was a kid, my dad would cut my hair to save money. I looked like a moron. He had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

Back to the father and son, though, that must have been an emotional moment. I can’t imagine having to drop my child off at college after years of him living in my home. That might be because I don’t have a kid. I don’t like it when I have to drop my dog off at the vet, though, and that’s probably a pretty similar experience.

5. The Kitty and the Bunny

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I kind of thought cats attacked bunnies; I have a terrier dog, and I know he would, but maybe I am wrong about our little feline friends. He or she certainly seems to be enjoying time with the bunny, who is absolutely adorable.

I always thought it would be fun to have a pet rabbit. When he was a puppy, my current dog used to hop like one, but that’s about as close as I have ever come—and probably ever will. They’re not the easiest pets in the world, either. They are very social animals, and they need to exercise a lot. When kept as pets and properly cared for, they can live for over a decade, so you need to keep that in mind.

They are really cute, though, which is why so many people buy them for their kid when Easter rolls around and then regret their decision the Monday after the holiday.

6. The Cardboard Dog

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This is such a great idea, and that is such a loving mom. Jake is a lucky young man.

I actually lived at home when I went to university, and I didn’t have a pet at the time I started, so I can’t relate to this particular experience. I have had to say goodbye to pets for one reason or another, though, and they were pretty much the most horrible experiences ever. I don’t even like leaving my current dog in order to go to the store, and he is a giant pain in the butt and ignores me most of the time.

7. The Teacher and the Meme

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Do they teach the making of memes in classes these days? I was sort of under the impression that babies are now born with that ability. My little neighbor, who is three, was better at the newest “Zelda” game than I was when I last let her play with my Nintendo Switch. She knew how to run around and cut grass.

Her dad was kind of confused in regard to what to do, but she had it mastered within minutes. I would really like to race her in “Mario Kart”. I have seen her drive around the neighborhood on her little bike, and she’s clearly got driving skills. It would be a true test of my abilities.

I will not let her play the “Fallout” or “Call of Duty” games until she is five; that would make me an irresponsible neighbor. Also, her tiny hands are too small for an XBOX controller.

I don’t understand what happened in regard to video-game themed clothing. When I was growing up, you were nerdy if you wore t-shirts that referenced classic Nintendo video games. Nowadays, you’re trendy and hip. You can buy video game clothing at Kohl’s for heaven’s sake. When exactly did the shift from lame to hip happen? I would like to know.

8. The Animal Without Predators

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It is kind of hard to believe that there is an island where there is an animal with no natural predators.
In case you are not familiar with the animal, quokkas live on islands off of the western coast of Australia. They are marsupials, and they are herbivorous. They are considered a vulnerable species, but there isn’t any real danger they’ll go extinct soon, so you have plenty of time to interact with one. They really don’t have any fear of humans, but it is technically illegal to handle one. You can actually get in a lot of trouble if you do so. It is kind of sad, really; they want to be our friends, but we’re not allowed to make friends.

They are cute little things; I wonder if they would make good pets.

9. The Officer and the Dog

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In the United States, police officers really do have a bad reputation, and it isn’t fair. A few bad apples shouldn’t ruin the reputation of an entire community of people who risk their lives to keep us safe and solve crime.

This officer is clearly a pretty decent guy. Dogs generally don’t react in such a fashion to bad people. They are excellent judges of character. You can tell from the pics just how much that dog loves his master. I wonder if the dog lives with him! That would be nice for both officers—the dog is an officer, too!

I only know of one police officer who has a dog. He’s my neighbor, and that dog is not appropriate for police work. That thing is a pet, not an officer. He’s one of the few dogs I have ever seen that makes my dog look large and intimidating.

10. The Cookie Dough

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It must be nice to be loved. I have a few friends, sure; however, if I asked anyone I know to make something for me from scratch, they would roll their eyes and make fun of me.

I think I could probably get a friend or two to heat up something frozen if I really begged and my stomach was growling—so that’s something.

Anyway, this looks delicious. I am now hungry. I hope Kojo and this girl have a lovely life together. She clearly knows how to make a dessert. He is a lucky person.

11. The Driver and the New Friend

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This story seems sort of hard to believe, but I’ll take it at face value. First of all, I feel bad for Leah. I can’t imagine flying somewhere to meet up with someone just to get abandoned. That is a true shame.

The driver in this case seems extremely nice—and also very trusting. I don’t think I would invite a stranger to hang out with me, but that may be why I don’t have many friends. Still, the driver was taking a risk; for that matter, so was Leah.

It seems like the whole thing worked out pretty well for both, though. It would be nice to think that a lifelong friendship developed all because of a simple ride.

For all we know, Leah never actually returned to Texas—and found a new home in a new city!

12. The Actor and the Card

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Terry seems like a great guy, and I like his work. How can I dislike anyone who was on “Arrested Development”? It wasn’t a great season, but it was still “Arrested Development”.

It was nice of him to approve the card-related request. He didn’t have to do that.

I didn’t realize you could get pictures of celebrities on your debit card, though. Can you just have whatever you want put on them now? That’s a fun feature that didn’t exist just a few years ago. I don’t know if I would bother, as I try to take my debit card out as little as possible, but it is still cool.

13. The tattoo

Image Source: danong.sa

This is an amazing way to have your loved ones close to you 24/7. I am actually planning on doing such a tattoo myself.

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