13 Dads Who Did Amazing Things For Their Kids

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Father’s love is one of the strongest things that ever existed. The perception that fathers are not engaged in raising their offspring as much as the mothers are is a total nonsense. There are a lot of dads who would do literally anything for their kids, and they try to give the best they can and dedicate their time to it, despite having to go to work so they could provide for their families.

Some fathers go beyond any expectation and probably deserve an award for the effort they put in. The following examples show how dads can take care of things and to be there for their kids.

1. The DIY Mario Kart setup

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Proving to your kids that you would do anything for them looks like this. The creative father of these boys arranged and amazing Mario Kart game setup for his kids to enjoy and it looks superb.

2. Connor’ Day

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This amazing story is a sad one, but still shows the amazing strength of father’s love for his child. 12-year-old Connor had defeated cancer twice, but it returned again and he only had a few months to live. Knowing that he loved car shows and his desire to attend one, Connor’s dad arranged a show in their home town, and more than 2,200 vehicles were gathered. Connor was not aware of the cancer he had again so he could enjoy these moments.

3. The sweetest thing

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This trucker’s little girl asked him to babysit her doll, and he really took that request seriously. He photographed their journey together and it looks adorable.

4. Noah’s spaceship

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Creativity and craftsmanship come in handy when you want to bring joy to your son. This dad outdid himself, creating an insane spaceship cockpit for his boy. The work done here is amazing.

5. Father’s love can be shown via teaching a lesson

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Some lessons need to be taught in a specific way in order for the valuable information to sink in immediately. This dude knows exactly how to make a statement.

6. The little things matter the most

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Sometimes a little bit of effort makes a whole lot of difference, and what you see here is exactly that type of effort. This father holds the book so his little princess could read while commuting, not to mention that he also gave her his seat.

7. Yes, this is actually a wheelchair

Image Source: Kindness Blog

Here is something you don’t see every day. This kid looks happy beyond words, and the reason is that his dad built him an ice cream truck rig to put on his wheelchair. It even has a music player inside!

8. The best baby Halloween costume ever

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Most babies are dressed like flower or something similarly cute on Halloween, but not this one! The father of the infant decided to build a special kind of Transformer-style costume for his baby, and it really stands out!

9. Nils Pickert and his son

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This open-minded dad shows what real support looks like. Apparently his son feels comfortable in a dress, so Nils wears a matching color skirt when walking around with him. Nils says that people need to have more flexibility with the gender roles.

10. Gabriel Marshall and his boy

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When Gabriel’s 8-year-old son was diagnosed with brain cancer, the whole family was devastated. The boy underwent surgery which left a huge scar on his head. Gabriel did some quick thinking and decided to show his boy that he had nothing to be ashamed of; the brave father got a tattoo which is a perfect match to his son’s scar.

11. The swing of happiness


This girl is a bundle of joy, after her dad fulfilled her wish for a swing! The clever parent came up with the improvised swing only to make his daughter smile and have some fun.

12. One of the most creative parents ever

Image Source: reddit

One dad has been drawing on his children’s lunch bags every day since 2008, and it evolved into a tradition, which is beyond beautiful! The awesome lunch are became a nice collection of unique artwork and we are sure that these kids love their dad!

13. Fletcher’s dad is a hero

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A boy named Fletcher had epilepsy, which meant he was not supposed to have sweets; however, his father fulfilled his wish to participate in the Halloween activities by preliminary organizing the community – he gave them all the information they needed to know and also provided them with a toy they were supposed to give him. This is how you go great lengths to make your boy the happiest kid ever!

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