13 Examples of People Who Decided To Show No Respect To Others

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Image Source: Reddit

Life is tough, and you need to be prepared for that unfortunate fact. Other people are very prepared. If you do not assert yourself, other people will walk all over you.

Some people manage to efficiently assert themselves, and here are thirteen examples of people who have done so. They are not the sort of people who should be messed with. They did not show mercy. They know what they want—or they had a point to make—and they will be heard.

1. The Guy Who Told His Son To Improve His Grades

Image Source: Reddit

The guy in this picture apparently has a son named Thomas, and Thomas’ grades could apparently be better. Had his grades been better, Thomas would have enjoyed quality time with his father at a sporting event. Hopefully, Thomas will focus on his schoolwork—so that he can enjoy the game.

The sad face with a tear is a nice touch. That kid must be so embarrassed—but maybe now he will do his homework and pay attention in class!

Recently, the concept of “letter grades” has been criticized. The lecturer and author Alfie Kohn has said that that there is not ever a need to “reduce” the performance of a student to a number or a letter. Letter and number grades, Kohn says, diminish a pupil’s interest in what is being studied. They also reduce the quality of a pupil’s thinking—according to Kohn.

2. The Guy With The Girlfriend Who Said “Whatever”

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, the guy who placed this order has a girlfriend who is sort of non-committal when it comes to food orders, and the boyfriend had enough! Either that or he was trying to make the restaurant employees laugh, which would be a nice thing for him to do.

This image definitely made me laugh, and it also made me hungry for BBQ chicken pizza, which is delicious.

I particularly enjoy his use of the phrase “extra empty”; I don’t know what a container being “extra empty” means, exactly, but I am nonetheless amused.

Hopefully, the girlfriend never finds out about the order. If she does, let’s hope she is the forgiving type.

3. The Girl Who Turned Down An Invitation To the Prom After Being Asked Out Using Snapchat

Image Source: Reddit

So the young man in the image—a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, apparently—used Snapchat to ask a girl to prom.

Is using your mouth to make an “o” a thing now? Is that a trend?

Anyway, the young woman in the image made it clear—also using her mouth to make an “o”—that she was not interested.

Maybe she found it lame that he used social media to ask her out. Couldn’t he have just asked her after class?

We’ll probably never know for sure.

A lot of people do not know that the word “prom” really means; it refers to a “promenade dance”. In the United States, the semi-formal gatherings are quite the big deal. Proms have been held for decades—since at least the 1930’s.

In 1975 a prom was held in the White House—by the First Daughter Susan Ford, the daughter of President Gerald Ford. He was the 38th President, and he served from 1974 to 1977.

4. The Girl Who Turned Down An Invitation To the Prom Using The Handwritten Note

Image Source: Reddit

It is sort of sad to see young men get rejected, but the fashion in which he got rejected is quite amusing. Kudos to the young lady for being as clever as she is; I’m sure she found a date to the prom who was more to her liking.

5. The Dad Who Took His Daughter’s Phone Away

Image Source: Twitter

So a dad took his daughter’s phone away—something that happens a lot these days. Rules are rules, the kids don’t follow the rules, so they lose their devices. I guess the dad in this case was bored and wanted to taunt his daughter. It really is very funny, but you just know the daughter will bring this incident up in therapy when she is in her 20’s.

6. The Mom Who Roasted Her Son

Image Source: Twitter

The mother referred to in this image sounds mean, but she obviously loves her child and has a great relationship with him if she can make a joke like that.

We’re guessing the son in this case was simply trying to make a joke on social media, but there is always the possibility that he genuinely wondered if he was adopted. Adoption is a common practice, and sometimes the children are kept in the dark until adulthood.

While adoption in its current, modern form first emerged relatively recently and in the United States, the practice of adoption has appeared throughout recorded history. It is even mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi. Adoption also occurred in ancient Rome—the practice is well documented. There was adoption in ancient India and China, as well.

7. The Police of Louisville

Image Source: Reddit

If you make your money selling drugs, law enforcement will take away your property. Apparently some people don’t know that, so the police department of Louisville is making it known in a very entertaining fashion.

In the United States, law enforcement agents seizing one’s assets when there is the suspicion of criminal activity involvement is referred to as civil forfeiture. In cases of civil forfeiture, suspected wrongdoers may or may not be charged with a crime. If assets are seized, owners have to prove that they were not involved in any criminal activity. The primary reason civil forfeiture exists is because of the illegal drug trade, which is very lucrative.

Over $10 billion in profits are made from the drug trade each and every year.

8. The Legend Known As Stan Lee

Image Source: Reddit

Almost everyone knows who Stan Lee is. The 95-year-old man was one of the creators of Spider-Man, after all; he also co-created Daredevil, The X-Men, Thor, Doctor Strange, and other superheroes. He’s a legend, so he sort of has the right to have a bit of an ego. He is, after all, the reason Marvel is as big as it is today.

Stan Lee is well known for making cameo appearances in Marvel movies. He has also been credited as an executive producer on most Marvel television and film projects.

Marvel films in which he made cameo appearances include “Spider-Man”, “Spider-Man 2”, “Hulk”, “Fantastic Four”, “Iron Man”, “Thor”, “The Avengers”, “Ant-Man”, “Doctor Strange”, and “Deadpool”.

Stan Lee actually had a cameo appearance in “Avengers: Infinity War”, which came out last month. To say it did well would be a massive understatement. It grossed more than $700 million and was extremely well received by critics and fans.

When going into a Marvel movie, the chief thought on a lot of people’s minds is when Stan will make his cameo. He is getting up there, true, but let’s hope he continues making cameos for many years to come.

Just in case you thought you could not admire Stan Lee anymore, it is worth noting that he was married for roughly 70 years, which is adorable and a true accomplishment. His wife died in 2017. They married in 1947.

Her name was Joan; like her husband, she was quite the interesting figure. She was a hat model and voice actress—she even wrote a novel in the 1980s. She also made cameos in Marvel productions; the last one was in 2016.

9. The Neighbor Who Isn’t A Friend

Image Source: Twitter

Technically, you don’t have to be friends with your neighbor; you should definitely try to be friendly, however.

This staircase isn’t particularly wide, so it wouldn’t have taken a lot of time to shovel the other half of it.

This is clearly a passive-aggressive move on someone’s part, and you really have to wonder what one neighbor did to the other neighbor to justify that sort of treatment.

It could be a case of extreme laziness, but that seems unlikely.

10. The Coworkers Who Value Their Milk a Little Too Much

Image Source: Instagram

There are just so many questions that really need to be asked here. Is that biohazard tape, and how does a normal person get that?

Really—who likes milk that much? I definitely understand that people want to protect their personal property, but we are talking about milk here. It is kind of expensive, true, but the biohazard tape seems totally unnecessary.

The Federal Government of the United States of America actually recommends people over the age of nine drink three glasses of milk, either low-fat or fat-free, a day. Those under the age of nine should consume less according to the recommendations. In United States schools, milk has to be offered if a school district wants to get reimbursed by the Federal Government.

Of course a lot of people do not drink milk at all—vegans, for example—and there are those who have been critical of the United States’ government for promoting the drinking of milk. The production of milk is resource intensive, after all, and many are concerned that the government’s interest in the industry is financially motivated.

In addition to being a beverage, milk is used to make a lot of products, including cheese, yogurt, and pudding.

Steamed milk is frequently added to coffee drinks.

So milk is definitely useful—that can’t be denied—but it still does not explain why people would guard it with biohazard tape.

11. The Neighbor Who Cleans Ceilings

Image Source: Imgur

It is irritating when your upstairs neighbors make way too much noise as you’re trying to fall asleep. This guy’s neighbor vacuums at night, apparently, which is definitely a weird thing to do.

The normal thing to do, I think, would be to approach the upstairs neighbor and calmly point out that people need to sleep at night. I’m going to give the guy in the image the benefit of the doubt and assume he did just that; clearly, the upstairs neighbor did not care and continued to vacuum. Therefore, the guy had no choice but to vacuum his own ceiling. It makes perfect sense, right?

At the very least, the guy in the picture has a clean ceiling, which is not something most of us can claim.

12. The Casual Dining Restaurant Known As Chili’s

Image Source: Reddit

Parking can be a real pain in the butt when it comes to cities, true, and the space can be very valuable. This particular Chili’s may have overreacted a bit, however, to those who do not follow their parking rules. I do not know if I would consider buying a gift card to a restaurant that threatens to crush and melt my vehicle.

Fortunately for that restaurant, Chili’s is a pretty popular brand. People apparently love Tex-Mex cuisine. Founded in 1975, there are roughly 1,600 Chili’s restaurants in the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and many other countries.

13. The Girls Selling Cookies Outside of a Place Designed To Help People Lose Weight

Image Source: Reddit

This one is just cruel; you do not try to sell fattening cookies outside of a place where people go to lose weight. It is probably a pretty effective strategy, honestly, but it is still a mean one.

You have to wonder how much the girls raised.

So those are thirteen examples of people who really didn’t care about hurting another person’s feelings or possibly being offensive.

There are countless other examples out there. Just read the comment section of any news story posted online. It doesn’t even matter what the topic is. The internet makes us mean!

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