13 Movie Scenes That Didn’t Go As Expected For The Actors

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Many people believe that acting is an easy job. You simply learn the script and study the character you need to impersonate and that’s about all, right? Well, things are not like that in reality! Acting sometimes might be not that easy and fun! Many actors go above and beyond in order to earn their paychecks and this sometimes results in various situations! The list below consists of some of these situations.

1. The Wizard Of Oz, produced almost 80 years ago, was the scene of a few accidents

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The worst of these examples involved an actress named Margaret Hamilton. She played the Wicked Witch from the West and while filming one of the scenes she had to pretend she is about to exit Munchkinland. There was an explosion of fire in that very second and she suffered severe burns. Hamilton spent a whopping six weeks getting rest and recovering after staying at the hospital first. She returned to the set of the movie but she demanded that there were no scenes involving fire.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio hurt his hand on the set of Django Unchained

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This is actually a relatively well-known fact. It is also the epitome of how an actor should react in such circumstances. DiCaprio smashed a piece of glass with his hand during the making of one of the scenes. This resulted in a bad cut and blood started dripping off his hand. Instead of cutting the scene, he continued filming the scene as if nothing happened and we salute him for that! It is not about the bravery, it is about his level professionalism.

3. There was a really bad situation involving Isla Fisher during the making of Now You See Me

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Now this is something serious and the actress was lucky to escape the worst case scenario. The scene where Fisher’s character was in a tank full of water went wrong and she was not able to free herself. She started banging on the glass walls but nobody rushed to help because this is what she was supposed to do in the scene! She was lucky enough to free herself but she was just seconds away from the inevitable!

4. Tom Cruise films most of his stunts without using a double

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Most movie fans are aware of this but there are probably many people who never knew that Tom Cruise is actually a fearless stuntman! He loves filming most of the stunts in his movies without the assistance of a stunt double. He is also really good at it, too, but in some cases things just do not go as planned. During the making of Mission Impossible: Fallout, he broke his ankle. He actually finished the scene, pulling himself on a rooftop, and said to the crewmembers that he needed to be taken to the hospital. All the people on the set arranged their vacations after realizing they will have some time off.

5. Making Titanic was no easy task

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While there was no actual shipwreck involved in making the Titanic movie, it was a really tough job doing everything just right, because a lot of scenes took countless hours to make, and the majority of the crew spent those hours in the cold water! This resulted in many cases of cold and even flu. Some crew members suffered a kidney infection, and Kate Winslet was one of them! Imagine how tough that must have been!

6. The making of Maze Runner: The Death Cure also became the scene of an injured actor

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The actor Dylan O’Brien actually suffered a lot during the making of this movie. He had to be included in a scene where he was strapped onto a vehicle. He was on the top and despite he was harnessed, he was pulled off the moving car in a split second. The vehicle next to the first one hit the actor. As a result he had a facial bone fracture, a concussion and serious lacerations. He had to spend quite some time to fully recover from those injuries.

7. Channing Tatum applied a bit too much force in a scene while filming Foxcatcher

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The hunk is one of the best-looking actors Hollywood has ever seen, and one of the most talented, too. Apparently he is also really strong. He went too hard in one of the scenes and smashed through a mirror that was covered in plastic. He almost broke through the drywall behind the mirror, leaving a dent in it. The curious part of the story is that he did not do it with his fist. He used his head instead! As you can imagine, he received multiple cuts all over his head!

8. Terminator 2: Judgment Day required all the crewmembers to wear ear plugs

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As you can imagine, filming an action-packed movie means that there would a lot of real action on set! This is why everyone had to wear ear plugs because most of the scenes required special effects that could damage people’s hearing. Unfortunately for Linda Hamilton, she forgot to wear hers just when she needed them the most! During a scene in an elevator shots were fired, resulting in damage to her hearing which turned out to be permanent.

9. George Clooney was injured badly while making Syriana

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You have probably heard about this story before because many people talk about the famous actor and frequently share news related to him. He suffered a severe accident on the set of Syriana and received multiple injuries, but the worst was the result of hitting his head! His spinal fluid was literally leaking out of his nose and his brain was basically loose inside his head, hitting his skull multiple times. The actor still feels pain and his condition turned chronic. This is definitely a proof that sometimes celebs face really hard times in their lives and all the money and the fame cannot help them. Clooney is probably sorry for this accident but there is nothing he could do since it happened. He deals with the chronic pain and that’s that.

10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was not an easy project for Harrison Ford

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The set of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens was probably an amazing place to be, but Harrison Ford keeps a rather unpleasant memory from one particular moment of the process. He was involved in an accident when someone slammed a door on his body. That someone turned out to be J.J. Abrams! He turned out to be quite the strongman, because he managed to dislocate Ford’s ankle! The actor was probably furious after that!

11. Tom Hanks is also on the injured list

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It is not hard to imagine that the filming of Castaway must have been a huge challenge! Due to the nature of the story and the locations the crew filmed in, the possibility of injuries was relatively high! And Tom Hanks learned that the hard way. He hurt his leg but it was not that big of a deal, or at least that is what he thought. After all, a small cut was not a severe injury. On the flight home he realized he felt a constant pain in his leg. After visiting a doctor it became clear that he was just about to get blood poisoning because of a staph infection he got from that cut! It was a life-threatening condition!

12. Halle Berry actually broke an arm and a leg on different sets

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It seems that Halle Berry has little to no luck while participating in different movie projects! During the making of Cloud Atlas the actress fractured her foot. She had the misfortune of breaking her arm as well. It happened on the set of Gothika. But that is not the complete list of her injuries! She suffered head trauma while making Catwoman and The Hive! We guess she should be more careful when filming because it sounds like she is really into getting in trouble! It is a good think she did not suffer anything worse!

13. Brad Pitt also has a history of injuries related to his acting career

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The legendary actor is an idol to millions of people and every appearance he makes is cheered! However, his level of professionalism came at certain price and he is no stranger to injuries on the movie set! Ironically, one of his worst injuries when his Achilles’ tendon was tweaked during the making of Troy! He actually thinks that is funny and we agree! But it was surely painful, too! It took a ten-week period for him to recover and the movie production had to be paused. On the set of Se7en he managed to break a windshield with his arm, ripping a tendon. He ended up in a cast which had to be covered using various techniques throughout the rest of the making of the movie.

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