13 Of The Best Hacks You’ll Ever See


If you are addicted to clever hacks that you could use in daily life, you’re in luck; the following list contains random tricks that will make your routine chores a bit easier and will also give you the satisfaction that you became more efficient in doing them.

1. Physics kicks in

Image Source: The House By The Sea

Some simple laws of physics are involved here. The hack uses the vacuum created when you squeeze the plastic bottle. Instead of fighting to separate the yolk with a spoon, just use this neat trick next time.

2. Apply this to get rid of insects, instead of smashing them

Image Source: Reddit

Most people are afraid of creepy crawlies and smashing them around the house with a folded newspaper is out of the question. The solution to the predicament is pictured here.

3. Use this shoe organizer for a different purpose

Image Source: One Creative Housewife

This clever hack turns the shoe organizer into a much more convenient device – a make-up organizer! No more scattered dozens of bottles and little jars everywhere!

4. Here’s how the nasty grime on the bath tub will be gone instantly

Image Source: One Good Thing By Jillie

Just pour some dish detergent and grab a broom. It may sound strange, but it is highly effective, and your tub will be bright and shiny in no time.

5. How did we not think of this until now?

Image Source: Imgur

Instead of searching for your favorite shirt and make a mess around the drawers, you could simply stack the folded clothes vertically, so you could be able to see all of them at once and simply pull lout the right one. It’s as simple as that.

6. This sounds odd, but it apparently works

Image Source: Vivala

Who would have thought that garlic in the nail polish would have a positive effect on your nails? This originated from the Dominican Republic and it apparently works. Might as well give it a try next time.

7. One of the oldest driver tricks that you probably don’t know

Image Source: eBay

When you get stuck in the snow, you might be able to save yourself some digging if you pull out one of the floor mats and place it under the tire; it would give you just enough traction to take off. Just remember to stop somewhere near and come back to pick up your mat.

8. Dirty car wheels do not stand a chance against dish soap

Image Source: Men Clean

It sounds strange, but dish soap could easily get rid of the dirt of your rims. The specialized products are very expensive and they basically have the same effect, so this hack would save you money.

9. This one is for all the pizza lovers

Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to warm up a slice of leftover pizza in the microwave, put a glass of water inside as well; this would prevent the pizza crust of becoming chewy. We are sure that a lot of people would try this immediately, because everyone has leftover pizza in the fridge at any given moment.

10. The perfect DIY ice pack

Image Source: Reddit

Soak a sponge in water, then put it inside a Ziploc bag and after freezing it becomes the ideal ice pack, because it lasts longer and it doesn’t drip all over you. It is a simple and clever solution.

11. Don’t throw away old bras

Image Source: The Little Treasures

The underwire of the bra could become the perfect base for a new piece of DIY jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet. As we all know, handmade jewels are the best kind.

12. Add some hot glue for better traction of your shoes

Image Source: Instagram

It actually makes sense; when the soles of the shoes wear down a bit, you lose the grip they used to have when brand new. By adding a bit of hot glue underneath you will be able to fix that issue in no time.

13. The foodies will be delighted

Image Source: Reddit

When you drip the inserts of your taco all over the plate, don’t bother to use a fork; there is a better way to do it. Just get a second taco to catch everything you dripped and you would be much more satisfied in the end. We know that we’ll definitely use this hack from now on.

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