13 People Who Trolled Their Customers Like A Boss

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Working in customer service could be an absolute nightmare sometimes. Creepy and rude customers, low wages and odd demands – it’s all in one big hellish package. And then there are the moments of utter boredom which could last for hours. In order to preserve your sanity, you just have to amuse yourself to pass the time, but how? Well, the following list contains thirteen examples of employees who brilliantly trolled their customers and amused themselves while doing it.

1. This person got what he asked for, but not exactly

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Technically speaking, the burger does contain only cheese and ketchup, but chances are that the customer expected a different quantity.

2. Being specific is obviously not enough

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A customer who ordered a couple of McChicken sandwiches with no lettuce actually got all lettuce and no chicken. Satisfaction not guaranteed, we guess.

3. The finest trolling is in the little details

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A barista was obviously fed up seeing the countless selfies that random kids took instead of just enjoying their drinks, so he began to troll them by placing the order stickers precisely on top of the logo, ultimately ruining their photos. This is pure evil and we love it.

4. Trolling the lazy people

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This brilliant marketing campaign suggests that you should use the stairs more often, but it would serve as a shock when you enter the elevator and you actually think that there were stairs instead. This is some clever advertising.

5. This barista was probably too bored

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Talking about trolling in customer service, this has to be one of the most subtle and smoothest examples on the list.

6. The Starbucks trolls did it again

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When you order a sandwich, you expect it to be a handful, and this example looked just right, at least from one perspective. But when you turn it to the side, you realize that it’s not even half of what it needs to be, and it looks to be prepared that way in purpose by some bored worker who decided to ‘surprise’ a customer. Well, the customer was very surprised, no doubt about that.

7. Attention to detail is everything if you work in customer service

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While this may not be a case of an employee trolling a customer, it was probably funny to witness this person’s reaction upon attempting to eat the taco.

8. When you order something extra, you probably don’t expect this

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Ordering something extra usually results in the opposite scenario – you could hardly notice the ‘extra’ part. But this Subway employee took the request seriously and added the biggest portion of ‘extra pickles’ possible.

9. The other side of the ‘extra pickles’ request

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It seems that these McDonald’s employees could learn a thing or two from their colleagues at Subway. This has got to be a form of trolling; this is not even a pickle, and it is even less in quantity than the regular serving.

10. Providing more than you were asked for is not bad

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When you ask for a little extra of that sweet frosting on your cookie, you hardly expect to receive a box of frosting with a cookie hidden somewhere beneath. However, in this case the customer probably did not complain, because this icing is delicious.

11. Customer service trolling 101

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When a customer tries to be original while complaining online for everyone to see, the company has to reply to the complaint in the best possible way in order to guarantee that particular customer’s satisfaction. However, if you know your game, you could add the perfect dose of sarcasm in the reply and end up with the perfect trolling response.

12. Quitting the job like a boss

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While it is questionable if this now former employee did receive the last paycheck, one thing is for sure – all the customers who went to buy nuggets from that particular Burger King location were not happy at all.

13. There must be a story prior to this

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This customer probably stated how much he loved Space Jam, and saying that it was ‘just okay’ must have felt quite rude, but it is still a perfect way of trolling.

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