13 Pics Of People Who Are Absolutely Right To Be Furious

Image Source: Reddit

There are many things in our everyday lives that could annoy us. We all know that we must not give our attention to minor inconveniences; sometimes things are just not the way they’re supposed to be and we must accept it.

However, when you’ve been through a whole day filled with such situations, maybe all it takes is just one more to ignite your fire.

1. Looks a bit undercooked, don’t you think?

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this person’s cravings for a tasty burger were quickly replaced by outrage, and with a good reason. Feeling hungry is frustrating, and when you add disappointment to the equation, things become really bad.

2. Just as he was about to enjoy that Coke

Image Source: Imgur

This is the worst snag that could happen to you knowing it was the last can of Coke in the fridge. But if you’re anything like us, you’d already be searching for the can opener! It’s never over until you say it’s over, right?

3. Is this even edible?

Image Source: Regretful Morning

Everybody knows what a cheese pizza should look like, and you can easily make that comparison by looking at the package on the picture. We are pretty sure that this thing is definitely not something you should put in your mouth. This person has every right to feel cheesed off.

4. This box looks like it has been dropped from ten thousand feet

Image Source: Reddit

It’s no secret that courier company employees are not particularly careful when handling the goods they are supposed to deliver, but this is whole new level of negligence.

5. Playing the victim would not get this guy anywhere, especially while he is overreacting like that

Image Source: Instagram

Some people are afraid to take the responsibility for their actions, but this guy here decided to add some drama to the situation. It makes you furious and in the same time you just want to laugh out loud.

6. Milkshakes apparently became different than they used to be

Image Source: Twitter

Nobody would expect his milkshake in this shape and size. Maybe they ran out of plastic cups, but they could have provided an explanation, at least. We wonder if the customer even tried it.

7. Dying your dog as a side effect is not cool

Image Source: Twitter

While it looks funny, it could possibly lead to a health problem, like irritating the dog’s skin, or maybe something even worse. This is the reason why you should probably buy specialized pet products from the vet’s office.

8. Okay, the furious one here is not a human, but still he has every right to be pissed

Image Source: Instagram

Just look at that cat’s reaction to the new family addition; it’s absolutely priceless. The cat must be considering the new puppy to be an intruder whose only goal is to steal all the love and the food.

9. This is why you should check the measurements when you order something from China

Image Source: Reddit

When this person ordered a desk lamp, he probably liked the design, the color and especially the price. However, the incredibly good price had a logical explanation – it was a scaled down version of the real thing.

10. Reality versus expectations

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the reasons why we don’t order clothes online. However, most people do, and the results may vary from hilarious to disastrous. The case with this girl’s prom dress looks like it was both.

11. Did they do this on purpose?

Image Source: Instagram

That lonely pickle inside the burger looks like it has been severely dehydrated. There’s little doubt about how it tasted like – probably exactly the way it looked.

12. Admit it – it’s not the girl in the dress you saw first

Image Source: Reddit

This girl must be pretty pissed that her pretty dress was not impressive enough and the guy in the hotdog suit in the background literally stole the show. And the dress does not look cheap, either.

13. Someone is only a cut away from being pissed off

Image Source: Reddit

Pranks could be harmless, but they can also be extremely brutal. In the case pictured here, everything this person needed to do was send the photo to whoever was flying with that parachute. It would serve as the perfect alternative source of adrenaline.

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