13 Times People Almost Got What They Ordered Online

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Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the majority of people were probably tricked or disappointed at least one time in their history of online shopping. This is actually a common thing that is likely to happen if you miss just one tiny detail. Of course, in many cases customers are simply lied to, and the images used to advertise a certain product turn out to be purposely deceiving. The list below gives nice examples of the different ways online vendors can trick their customers. The photos encourage you to shop with caution from now on. One simple thing you can do is to only place orders if you are sure that the seller has a positive feedback.

1. This is definitely a different dress

Image Source: Shopventure

While some of you might find this comparison to be arguable, we believe that it is not. In fact, the dress only resembles the one shown in the original ad and no matter how good the quality of the photo used in it is, the real product is just different! The fabric also appears to be different, as well as the colors and probably the size. We guess that this seller would never reach a positive feedback and would rely solely on shoppers who neglect checking it before placing an order.

2. Here is something really controversial

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is something that we find hard to believe, but it apparently happened! This person ordered a product that was supposed to be quality-made and presumably even an original Marvel item, judging by the packaging. However, the mask and shirt combo turned out to have nothing in common with the ones seen in the original ad. In fact, we guess that they are a lot smaller in size and the shiny fabric used is also really different than the original, not to mention inappropriate.

3. This is nothing but hilarious

Image Source: Upgruv

There are many cases in which the difference between the expected product and the one that actually arrives is huge and they have absolutely nothing in common. This case is one of them! It is easy to see that what this woman received something that remotely resembles a dress, but the elegant model on the left is something really different! The seller surely knew about this but after all, they are interested mostly in making a profit. We hope the woman left the feedback this seller deserves.

4. Even the feedback was not a guarantee here

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there you have it – even the feedback was not enough to save this person from dealing with a seller who sold him a doormat instead of a rug! This is so ridiculous that it is actually funny, and it seems the man also decided to just have a laugh about it and let it go. Even the shade of purple is different here, meaning that the real product is a false copy of what it should have been! We do not know if the buyer was compensated in any way but we doubt it!

5. Shopping from Amazon is not a guarantee, either

Image Source: Reddituploads

Regardless if you choose a recognizable platform to shop from, it is still not a guarantee that you would not be deceived. After all, there are thousands of different sellers on every online shopping platform and all of them are independent, meaning that you need to check each everyone separately before hitting that submit button! We guess that this person kept the small balls of yarn as a reminder to always check the tiny font at the base of the ad because that is where the hidden details are usually mentioned.

6. Here is a product worthy of a horror movie

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that all the makeup artists working in the movie industry would be delighted to get their hands on this mask. As you can see, all it takes for a regular person to become e hideous monster is to put it on! How could anyone possibly think that this mask resembles even slightly Winnie the Pooh’s face? It is the opposite of cute! If you want to win the next Halloween costume contest, all you need to do is to source one of these masks.

7. This man is not happy with his purchase

Imageb Source: Twitter

We guess that the most common mistake people make when buying things online is forgetting to check the exact measures of the item they want to buy. This often results in situations similar to the one you see here! This person looks disappointed and for a good reason! He expected a large and beautiful rug for his home and he got a rug suitable for a dollhouse instead! Let’s hope he had a daughter to give her the tiny rug.

8. This dress is not what it looked like in the ad

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a classic example of something purchased online that turned out to be really different. It is definitely a frustrating experience to order something like this dress and to receive a piece of clothing that you would never wear. It could actually be an even bigger problem if someone ordered such type of clothing for a special occasion because that someone would be left without the outfit they wanted to wear! It is a far better option to go to a real boutique and try it on!

9. Even decorative items can have a lower quality than expected

Image Source: Imgur

Well, it turns out that online vendors have a lot of tricks up their sleeves! They are willing to make money even by deceiving their clients with false items like these pieces of decoration! The ad photo looks good and the person who ordered these probably pictured the way they would add to the interior design of their home but the reality turned out to be really different! The product in the package is definitely not suitable for any kind of decoration.

10. There must be some sort of mistake here

Image Source: Twitter

It is one thing to receive an item that has little to do with the one ordered by the customer, but this thing here is a whole new level! It appears that this is the worst case of a deceiving sale on this list! As you can clearly see, there are two completely different pieces of clothing in these images! Imagine the surprise of the customer upon opening the package! This is definitely something worth telling everyone about and we hope the customer left the lowest possible feedback for this seller so other people would not be deceived as well.

11. This one made us laugh

Image Source: Imgur

It is not every day when you see something that was supposed to be scary but it turned out to be more than funny! The goofy outfit you see is really different compared to the image on the left, which is probably the one included in the original ad. Maybe the price of this item was significantly lower than its alternatives and the reason for that difference can be seen here! You should never be tempted to buy the cheapest product you see.

12. Details matter the most when it comes to dresses

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we need to admit that upon taking a first glance of these two dresses, they look really close. However, this is not so and despite they have similarities, taking your time to compare them in detail will definitely convince you that they are completely different products! The fine details of the dress shown in the ad are missing in the real product. This was probably a disappointment for the customer and we know how that feels!

13. This is one of the funniest items on the list

Image Source: Facebook

It is sometimes really amusing to see how expectations fail to meet reality and this case is the perfect example. This person is one of the hundreds of thousands who were deceived when ordering something online and fortunately for him, it was nothing expensive. However, due to the fact that the product happened to be different in a really funny way, this person decided to share the images of the real item and the one that was advertised in the original ad. As you can see, the person received something resembling a tight dress! He probably had a good laugh about it, and we cannot blame him, because there was nothing left to do except to laugh about the situation. Getting annoyed because of it was not worth it, because things like this happen all the time and the cost of the product was probably low enough to just let it go and forget about it. We are sure that this person would be much more cautious when he intends to order something from a seller online. There is never a guarantee that everything will be okay, but being careful pays off in most cases.

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