13 Times People Got Lazy And Missed A Few Details

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Image Source: Reddit

A good percentage of people are lazy, and their work and their lives tend to reflect that. That is not always a bad thing necessarily—when you think about it.

If you strive for perfection every single time, you will never get anything done. Projects will never be finished. “Good enough”—at times—is acceptable, and it should be considered acceptable.

There are times, though, where good enough is definitely not acceptable.

In the image above, for example, it is obvious that the owner of the vehicle went a little lower than he or she should have went. It is possible, in fact, for a low rider to go a bit too low.

Here are thirteen other examples of people or companies who got a little lazy and seem to have settled for “good enough”.

1. The Cookie Birds

Image Source: Reddit

On the one hand, these little cookie birds are kind of cute; on the other hand, they have nowhere to grow, so the entire endeavor probably did not turn out so well.

You kind of have to wonder what they were being baked for, don’t you? Was a wild bird rescue non-profit holding a bake sale?

2. The Guy Using His Body To Measure His Television

Image Source: Instagram

Not everyone owns a tape measure; even if you do, do you actually know where the thing is right now? To his credit, the guy selling his television using Facebook definitely did an okay job of demonstrating its size.

It is probably safe to say that someone bought that television. It definitely looks big enough to binge watch “Orange is the New Black” on.

3. The Advertisement With The Viagra

Image Source: Instagram

It is totally possible that this one was intentional on the part of the company. The male model in this case definitely looks like he has been taking his Viagra pills.

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil, has an interesting history. It treats erectile dysfunction, but it also treats pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as other cardiovascular disorders. The drug, which can be used to treat Raynaud’s phenomenon, has actually been available since 1998.

If you decide to take Viagra, do be aware that there are a number of side effects associated with its use, including indigestion, flushing, headache, and vision problems.

More severe side effects include low blood pressure, hearing loss, and heart attacks.

Recently, it has become something of a recreational drug, as many believe that it increases libido and also improves one’s sexual performance. The aforementioned claims have not been verified by science; however, it is possible that recreational users are experiencing what is commonly known as the “Placebo Effect”.

To be clear: no one is recommending you use Viagra recreationally. Doing so is probably a terrible idea.

4. The UPS Worker That Hid The Package

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of problems with this image. For one, obviously, the package wasn’t well hidden. Also, the owner of the home could easily step on the package without noticing it was there. What if there was a Nintendo Switch in that box? That would be devastating. Those things were hard to come by for months.

Fortunately, it seems as if everything worked out just fine in this instance. Package theft is a problem, though, especially because of how many people are ordering products online these days.

Curiously, package theft is a bigger problem if one lives in a rural area. In order to prevent your package from being stolen, you should always try to schedule deliveries for a time when you are at home. If possible, you should install an outdoor camera, and you should also make it known that a signature is required when a package is delivered. Yard signs and security stickers go a long way towards preventing package theft.

5. The Person Who Installed Crystals On the Steering Wheel

Image Source: Instagram

This person wanted to fill his or her car with cleansing energy, which is all well and good. There is nothing wrong with that.

The car’s interior is decorated with crystals. The vehicle apparently gets a love charge as a result.

Accidents happen, though, and airbags pop out of a steering wheel. You probably do not want the crystals in your face and chest.

Airbags are great, and they have saved a lot of lives over the years. They can also be deadly, however, especially when low-speed crashes are involved. They actually caused hundreds of deaths from 1990 to 2008. Most of those deaths occurred due to vehicles that were made in the 90s, true, but you might want to think twice about decorating your steering wheel with objects that appear to be sharp and pointy.

6. The Guy Who Wondered Where His Girlfriend Was

Image Source: Instagram

A young man named Austin apparently had one too many drinks and temporarily misplaced his girlfriend. She clearly knew where he was. She was right by his side. You have to wonder how the rest of that night went, right?

She may have mocked him using social media, but I sort of hope the two are still together. Austin probably had a pretty fun night.

7. The Egg Without the Yolk

Image Source: Reddit

Even nature gets lazy at times, apparently. In this case, an egg decided not to have a yolk.

Yokeless eggs happen a lot more than you would think, though. Those who keep chickens for a living actually have several names for them, including “witch egg”, “oops eggs”, “fairy egg”, and “fart egg”. In regard to “fart egg”, the joke is that eggs without yokes are produced as the result of chicken farts.

An egg without a yoke seems like a bad thing, but it definitely makes cooking an egg-white omelet a whole lot easier.

8. The “Secure” Pizza

Image Source: Reddit

Almost everyone loves pizza, so it makes sense that people want to keep their pizza safe and secure. No one wants to buy a pizza, leave it for an hour or two, and then find that the pizza has disappeared.

You can’t protect a pizza using a bike lock, however, which the image clearly demonstrates. Fortunately, it appears as if a decent portion of the pizza is not touching the ground, which means that it should be sort of safe to eat.

You always have to look for the cloud’s silver lining. A bike may be gone, but at least you can enjoy a tasty meal.

Pizza has been made for over a thousand years. It could date back to the sixth century BC.

The first time the term “pizza” was recorded was in the 10th century. The modern version of pizza was actually invented in Naples, and it is one of the most popular foods in the world.

Pizza ended up being brought to the United States via immigrants from Italy in the nineteenth century. It became a particularly popular meal after World War II.

In the United States, the pizza market is worth over $40 billion. Millions of Americans eat the food on any given day. There is even a National Pizza Month in the United States—October. It is also celebrated in parts of Canada.

Worldwide, the pizza market is worth over $120 billion.

9. The Employee Who Arranged the Pain Medicine Shelf

Image Source: Reddit

In case it is not obvious, the sort of pain products one would use for back pain are actually on the bottom shelf of this display. In general, people with back pain do not like bending over. It is generally difficult for them to even get to a store to buy back pain-related products. Bending over is a whole different matter.

Back pain is actually one of the most common medical problems out there. In general, eight out of 10 people experience it at one point in their lives. Symptoms can range from a dull and constant ache to a sharp, sudden pain. Back pain can last as little as a day, but it often lasts for weeks or more. While most of it goes away on its own after a bit, one experiencing back pain should seek medical attention if the pain persists for more than a few days.

Treatment for back pain varies; sometimes hot or cold packs will do the trick. In other cases, injections and surgery may be required.

10. The “Mario”-themed Koala

Image Source: Instagram

This appears to be a koala bear statue that resembles Mario, from the “Super Mario Bros.” Koalas are considered a vulnerable species, so they need our attention. Mario is considered as popular—if not more popular—than Mickey Mouse. Regardless, it is still difficult to ascertain exactly what is going on here; is there a point being made?

Will Mario be able to transform into a koala in his next game? That would be pretty cool.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a proper “Super Mario” film being made. To be more specific, there is a film being made that will star the iconic plumber. We don’t know for sure just yet if the animated film will be part of “Mario” canon.

We do know that Shigeru Miyamato, who created and/or worked on the very best of Nintendo’s franchises—“Mario”, “Zelda”, “Donkey Kong”, “F-Zero”, “Star Fox”, and “Pikmin”—is likely going to be involved with the currently unnamed film as a producer.

Nintendo is doing very well these days; their console—“The Switch”—is arguably the most popular gaming console currently available for purchase.

11. The Lady Who Took Pictures Of Her Eye

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what this woman was actually trying to take pictures of; hopefully it was not anything too important, as she sadly ended up taking pictures of her own eye. Can you imagine how she felt once she realized the mistake she made?

It would be truly awful if she was taking pictures of—for example—a graduation ceremony, a baptism, or even a marriage.

12. The Girl With The Selfie Stick

Image Source: Instagram

Many of us have never used a selfie stick, but the basic concept is pretty simple, so we know how they work.

This young woman clearly, however, does not. Why was this picture taken? Is she trying to make a point? She looks great and all, certainly, but the photo serves absolutely no purpose.

Most people probably believe that selfie sticks are a recent invention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The first selfie sticks actually date back to the 1920s. A device similar to the selfie stick appeared in a sci-fi film in 1969. It was not called a selfie stick back then, of course.

However, “Time Magazine” declared the selfie stick as one of the best inventions of 2014; that was when the term first started to be widely used.

That year, another media organization referred to it as the year’s “must have” gift.

Selfies are incredibly popular these days, and they are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. However, one should be careful when taking a selfie. Back in 2014, over 30,000 people were injured as a result of driving and using a mobile phone. According to one insurance group’s survey, about four percent of people admit to having taken a selfie while also operating a vehicle.

For reasons unclear, according to a report released in early 2016 by “The Washington Post”, at least 50 percent of selfie-related deaths occurred in the country of India.

13. The Clogged Espresso Machine

Image Source: Reddit

How did no one notice just how clogged this machine was getting? Could you imagine being that employee? Obviously, the machine’s performance would have suffered at some point before the clog was noticed.

The above are just 13 examples of people who missed pretty important details. Were they simply being lazy, or did they just not know any better? What were they thinking? We’ll likely never know.

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