14 Great Dads Who Definitely Know How To Be Hilarious

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Dads are a special kind of breed and they always seem to be ready to do something funny or ingenious in order to succeed in their role. As much as we admire these efforts, they are not always successful, but that is perfectly fine, as long as nobody gets hurt, of course.

On the other hand, some dads seem to be perfect at doing things their way without sacrificing any of the fun; in fact, thy even bring more fun to the lives of their families by just being awesome! We admire this type of behavior and we also believe that positive attitude and the right mindset would always result in a life filled with joy.

1. Shopping and fun combined seems to be a great idea

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Here is how you can take care of your grumpy kid while strolling through the huge hardware store! The suggested idea is simple, creative and surely a lot of fun for your kid. You get to carry the little rascal around just like a shopping bag, and you can be sure that you will gather a lot of spectators, too. However, we must mention that most mothers would probably find this to be a terrible idea, because it does not look safe enough, but we guess that even if the kid falls down from the suction part, it would not be that much of a fall.

2. This is what happens when you live the father to look after the baby

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Well, it is a risky thing to do, but there is no other option sometimes. The main problem would be if the toddler was naughty, because most dads would struggle to handle that. It seems that this was exactly the opposite case, and the dad probably got bored by just watching his kid sleep, so he came up with a brilliant idea, and the result is the comparison you see here. We guess that with a little more photographic skill the photo composition would look even better.

3. Sometimes dads push it just a tad too far

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This is one really controversial image, to be honest. We get that this dad had no other option but to hold his baby until naptime finally came, but it meant that his hands were occupied and he had to eat after all, which was a problem. However, some quick thinking proved to be more than enough to produce a solution, but it is not the most appropriate one for sure.

4. This dad knows how to troll with style

Image Source: Dump A Day

They say that the older men get, the bigger amount of fun they can make for themselves and their families, and we guess that is true if we judge by this photo. This dude moved to Tokyo, and when his son wanted him to take a photo of his new place, he decided to fool around a little, and altered the image, adding Godzilla in the background. This is an extremely funny and clever idea, and very accurate, too, because he is in Japan, after all, and that is where the legend originated from. We admire such sense of humor a lot, because it takes skill and experience.

5. We know trolling when we see it

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And this one is definitely a perfect example, although this man’s wife was probably not too happy about that joke, but since she was able to capture a photo of the potato selection and to share it, she probably had e few good laughs about it as well. This is the kind of thing that keeps any marriage rolling flawlessly, and such jokes show the affection someone has for their partner, although it is a weird way to do it. Love has a lot of different languages, and joking with your partner is one of them.

6. This dad is a master of cosplaying

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We were quite stunned when we stumbled across this photo, because there is actually no physical resemblance with Justin Bieber at all, but the styling is good and accurate that we cannot wait for the singer to grow older and for us to be able to compare if he would actually look like this. This dad probably wanted to troll his kids for their love for the young performer, and he did it in an absolutely perfect way. We know that everyone would at least chuckle upon seeing the photo for sure!

7. This is what you call a team player

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A really dedicated father would go great lengths to please his family, and when it comes to his daughter, there are no borders to what he could do! This sweet and funny picture is the best example for that. When the little girl wanted her dad to wear her hair-bows, he probably did not hesitate at all and bravely put on one the accessories on his head, which is truly admirable. If there is one thing that we love seeing over and over again, it is definitely the close bond between a father and his beloved little girl.

8. Leisure and fun combined is the way to go

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You need to agree that taking care of the kids is a boring process sometimes, and it consumes a lot of time, but it is actually not that much of a problem. You see, all that is needed is some clever thinking, and some of the most creative people can really set an example and teach us a lot of parenting hacks. This dude here can really write a book for all we know, because we were impressed by his simple and yet effective idea. He was able to combine taking care of his kid while enjoying a cold beer in the yard, and it is practically a dream come true.

9. Here is how you teach a lesson in a funny way

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This father is a perfect example of setting rules for his family and making them follow those rules for their own good. Apparently this young lady thought that she could wear extremely short shorts despite her fragile age, and her dad was probably furious. Instead of punishing her the old-fashioned way, he decided to be more creative about it, because he knew that being ashamed is a far worse thing to feel, and any teenager would be ashamed to walk beside their dad who is wearing such an outfit. We like the dedication that he put in this lesson, and the extremely funny side of it, too.

10. Dad’s way of showing how much he cares

Image Source: Dump A Day

As the older people say, you need to be careful what you wish for, and there is a reason why those words are so true that it sometimes hurts. Getting what you want does bring the desired effect or feeling sometimes, and the reasons could be numerous. This picture here shows what happens when your dad is a prankster and he grants your wish in his own way, and wrapping a hundred dollar bills individually was surely worth the reaction this prankster father witnessed. They say that hard work pays off, and this is one rather odd way of proving it.

11. This is a hack we could all use

Image Source: Acid Cow

Those among you who already have kids know that they always expect some kind of a gift when you return home, and sometimes you need to think fast in order to avoid disappointing them. Luckily, the smaller they are, the easier it is to improvise, and what this ad did really made us chuckle. Apparently handing your baby an empty and shiny bag of chips is more than enough to make the kid happy, because it is just a new thing to play with, and it also one more problem solved in a typical dad fashion.

12. You do not need a kid in order to be a dad

Image Source: Fun Cage

A good sense of humor has a lot of value for any relationship, because it keeps thing interesting 24/7. The dude who made this photo is clearly a funny guy, and he took his significant other’s request quite literally. When she told him to spend more time playing with their puppy, this dog daddy decided to take the perfect photo and to prove to his girl that he listens to her and takes notes. Of course, she meant something completely else, but as we could all see, the puppy is clearly entertained, so the job is done.

13. We advise you to this only in case you know your spouse well

Image Source: The Chive

Bringing a bottle like this one to your wife requires a lot of courage, unless you know that she would take the obvious hint with a sense of humor. In any case, we would strongly recommend avoiding it, because there would a feud very soon. We love the fact that this man probably prepared himself for the moment his wife would ask water and surprised her.

14. This is a valuable parenting tip

Image Source: Dump A Day

When you want to play your favorite game while looking after the kids, you know that they would probably want to join the fun, and you could still make it work. The solutions is to give them controllers that are not working at all, and you get a real win-win situation in result! This hack is so obvious and simple that it is borderline genius, and we give a lot of credit to this man for his creativity.

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