14 People Who Apparently Just Could Not Get A Break

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It seems, at times, that there are people are just a lot luckier than other people. Also, sometimes a person just has really bad luck, and there’s nothing anyway can do about that. Things do not work out, and that just needs to be accepted.

Sometimes, though, it seems like the universe itself is punishing a person in ways that could best be described as petty, and that is an honest shame.

Here are 14 examples of times that a person, it seems, simply could not get a break. The world was apparently a bit mad at them.

1. The Lottery Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

To be fair, this ticket was technically a winner. It is better to win some money than no money at all.

However, it would have been great to win $3,000. Also, you don’t know how much this particular ticket cost. Some of these scratch-off tickets can cost a small fortune. The person who bought this ticket might have lost a fair amount of money.

Once, for a present, I was bought a fake lottery ticket. For about a minute there, I thought I had won ten thousand dollars. I thought about all of the fun ways I would spend that money. When I realized it was a prank, I was pretty depressed.

2. The Dogfood on the Floor

Image Source: Reddit

This is a real mess, and you can’t help but feel bad for the woman. She’s going to have to clean that up. There is no other choice. I can’t figure out exactly what happened here, but we have all been in situations where a giant mess has been made that absolutely needed to be cleaned up. Some messes simply can’t be ignored.

Also, you know that little dog would slowly work its way through all of that dog food. A lot of dogs don’t stop eating just because they are full.

I wonder how long it would have taken that adorable little dog to go through all of that.

3. The Wrench and the Tire

Image Source: Reddit

Few things in life are more irritating than a flat tire, especially if you do not have a spare one in your car. A lot of the time, they seem to happen for the most foolish of reasons, too. How frustrating it is to run over a nail and have your entire day ruined.

How do you end up running over a wrench, though? Why are there wrenches in the middle of the road? Are people just tossing them out the window? I know people litter, but that seems like a strange thing to dispose of out of your car window.

Tire safety is important; a flat tire should definitely be considered an emergency situation, and you should never drive on one. If you drive with a flat tire, you risk damaging the tire to the point it can’t be repaired. Also, you risk damaging the vehicle itself, and you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

4. The Bicycle Lane

Image Source: Reddit

The people who want to bicycle down this street will definitely not be getting a break. This seems like a very dangerous situation. What sort of person made this decision?

It seems like kids have been having fun riding bikes around forever, but that simply is not the case. They were not invented until the 19th century. However, their impact on society was tremendous. People stopped relying so much on horses, and it is believed they helped lift a lot of people out of poverty and even contributed to the emancipation of women in western nations. Suffragists actually went so far as to describe the bicycle as a “freedom machine”.

Well over a billion bicycles have been made since the product was invented, which probably should not be a surprise considering the world population. In fact, it is believed there are about 2 billion currently being used.

Since the invention, bicycles have been incredibly popular, and they probably will be for decades—or even centuries—to come.

5. The Owner of the Sink

Image Source: Reddit

I am truly disgusted by whatever is coming out of that faucet. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what it is.

I am no plumber or anything of the sort, but I am assuming it is sewage coming out. I have heard of that happening. I really can’t be sure, though.

You really have to feel bad for whoever owns this sink. If I were him or her, I would start looking for a new place to live, and I would also drink nothing but bottled water for the rest of my life. I wonder if this disgusting situation impacted just this sink; I am guessing it impacted the whole building or maybe even a whole neighborhood.

6. The Cow That Wanted to Play

Image Source: Reddit

Honestly, I really feel bad for the cow in this image. It is not having the best of days, clearly, and it also looks sort of confused. It does to me, anyway.

A lot of people eat cows, and many assume they are dumb animals, but they are not. Compared to many animals, they have pretty long memories. They are also very social animals, and they prefer to be in the company of others.

Actually, they get stressed when isolated, which is really sad when you think about it.

There is an urban legend about “cow tipping”, but the fact of the matter is that you really can’t push a cow over.

If anyone tells you that he or she once tipped over a cow, he or she is probably a liar. Cows also tend to lie down when they sleep. They sleep for about four hours a day.

Also, even if it were possible to “tip” a cow, that would be a pretty mean thing to do to an animal, so you should not associate with that person.

7. The Guy and the Fire

Image Source: Reddit

I am guessing that this fire wasn’t intentional. I have never met an arsonist, but I am guessing they don’t take pictures of their crimes and then intentionally put them on the internet.

If I happened to be that guy, I would be running away as fast as possible from the burning structure. In fact,
because there is that truck there, I would probably be driving away as fast as possible.

I like the Corona shirt, though. Corona is one of the world’s top beer manufacturers; in the United States, when it comes to imported beer, it is the top seller. It has been satisfying beer drinkers since 1925, and it originated in the country of Mexico.

8. The One About the Crush

Image Source: Instagram

These two look like they would make a lovely young couple. I realize that particular wording makes me sound like I am a thousand years old. It is true, though.

It is hard to be rejected by a crush. Almost everyone reading this has been there, and we have probably been there more than once. Some of us have been there dozens of times, and we don’t even bother to have feelings anymore. We are just cold, emotionless shells.

I imagine there are literal movie stars that have been rejected by a person in whom they were interested. You could be the best-looking person on the planet, and you would probably still get turned down for a date once in a while.

Being rejected by a person you are interested in is, really, one of those things to which practically everyone can related.

I still don’t know why so many people voted no. They really do look like they would make a good match. I feel bad that the poster couldn’t get a break.

9. The Food That Will Make You Vomit

Image Source: Reddit

I realize that people do, because they can be tasty and also because it is necessary from time to time, eat bugs.

This, however, is horrible. I think I would rather die than eat this, and I am probably not alone. This couldn’t have been intentional, I don’t think. If it wasn’t, why would anyone post this? Were they intentionally trying to creep out and disgust the internet?

10. The Vacuum and the Lawn

Image Source: Reddit

At first glance, this image really does not make a whole lot of sense. Did something spill that needed to be cleaned up? Is someone trying to start a grass and dirt collection? The person in this image does not look to be particularly thrilled with whatever he is doing.

I am assuming that he lives with his parents, and they have decided to punish him by giving him the most ridiculous chore on the planet. Parents do that.

I can’t think of another explanation. I wonder what he did to deserve such a fate.

11. The Kid and the Television

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to feel for the parents. That probably is not a cheap TV, and that is also a huge mess to be cleaned up.

Fortunately for them, television prices are pretty low—relatively speaking, anyway. People actually used to repair televisions for a living. For decades, that was a career that people had, and they made pretty good money.

Televisions were practically investments sixty years ago. Nowadays, they are practically disposable appliances.

There are also televisions that are basically as big as my car, which is really weird. Once in a while, I’ll go into a store and see one of those enormous televisions, and I’ll wonder why anyone on this planet needs a television that large. Apparently, though, I am a bit behind the times; there is a definite demand, it seems.

12. The Barge and the Road

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea how that got there, but I do want to know. There has to be a story there.

That must be one weird of a traffic situation. Those drivers must be pretty ticked off, and I can’t blame them.

If you want to be irritated by traffic for some reason, though, you should consider driving in the city of Los Angeles on a Friday between the hours of 3 and 6 PM. That is an experience you will not forget. You’ll likely want to, but you never will.

13. The Puzzle

Image Source: Reddit

The expression on this guy’s face is almost heartbreaking. I really feel bad for him. Can you imagine how many hours of work he put into this?

I don’t do the whole jigsaw puzzle thing myself. If you have a dog like mine, you can guarantee that he will find a way to eat a piece or two, rendering the whole experience sort of pointless.

14. The Owners of the Dog and the Couch

Image Source: Twitter

This dog really did a number on the couch. It is sort of impressive, really. The dog looks so innocent, too, that it is hard to be mad. I am sure the owners were, though, at least briefly.

That does not look like a cheap couch, either.
Dogs are strange, especially when they are puppies. You have to know that going in when you decide to adopt one.

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