14 People Who Took Things To An Extreme And Went Further Than They Should

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Image Source: Reddit

Most people tend to play things safe, or at least try to. They don’t drive too fast. They don’t eat too much or drink too much. They don’t do wild or insane things.

Of course, if you play it safe all of the time, things get boring. A lot of people don’t mind boring, but a lot of people do, so they decide to take things to an extreme. They refuse to live ordinary, boring lives.

Here are fifteen examples of people who decided to get a little bit extreme and go further than they probably should have.

1. The Truck That Literally Went Too Far

Image Source: Reddit

This truck definitely went way further than it should have. The owner probably needed professional help to get out of that particular situation.

I have found myself in a similar situation, unfortunately. I have run over a curb more than once, and that wasn’t fun. My car was not happy, and it needed repairs as a result. I was also a passenger in a car that got stuck in mud. We tried pushing it, but it didn’t work. Eventually, someone with a truck needed to pull us out.

2. The Guy and the Olive Oil

Image Source: Instagram

When you are taking pictures of yourself, or people are taking pictures of you, it is important to look a certain way. If someone else is taking a picture of you, there is a very good chance that picture will end up on social media.

Also, why is he sticking up his ring finger? Is that a thing now?

I assume the guy is trying to look cool by holding a bottle. However, it is clearly a bottle of olive oil. As far as I know, people don’t drink olive oil. It goes great with red wine vinegar on a salad, though, and it is supposed to be very good for you. Still, drinking it would be gross. This guy was definitely getting a bit extreme.

3. The Pants

Image Source: Reddit

I honestly don’t know what happened to this pair of pants, but I definitely feel bad for the person who was wearing them. It looks like they were burned a bit.

There seems to be a bit of damage in the crotch area, which is awkward and sort of disturbing.

I think it is safe to say these pants are completely and totally ruined. No one should ever wear them again. I am one of those people who will wear clothing with little rips and tears; however, at a certain point, you need to just throw a shirt or a pair of pants away. Nothing lasts forever, after all.

These pants need to be tossed in the trash right away. I am sure there is some extreme story related to how they ended up as they did, but they are worthless now. There is no reason to keep them.

4. The Kid That Is Trying To Hide

Image Source: Instagram

This is a pretty extreme way of trying to hide from a teacher. I give the kid credit for trying, anyway.
I think anyone who has gone through high school has had at least one teacher they wanted to avoid. In my case, it was my chemistry teacher. She was just the nastiest, meanest old lady. I used to dread going to her class. As a result, I now know basically nothing about chemistry. What I do know of chemistry I learned from watching “Breaking Bad”, which was a great show, but I somehow doubt the science portrayed was totally accurate.

I’m currently learning a lot about the law by watching its spinoff series “Better Call Saul”. It is currently in its fourth season, and it has been renewed for a fifth.

5. The Milk

Image Source: Reddit

I am assuming this young woman was holding several gallons of milk; that’s the only logical explanation for this mess, which probably took forever to clean up. It also probably smelled really bad for a while in that establishment, which appears to be a Starbucks.

If you haven’t heard of Starbucks, I can’t imagine where you are living. It is a coffee house chain, and there are over 28,000 of them throughout the world. It has also been around as a company since 1971.

It would almost be easier to list the countries in which you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee from Starbucks. The shops can be found in over 75 countries, including Canada, Germany, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Jamaica, Turkey, Bulgaria, India, Qatar, Jordan, Australia, Portugal, and Cambodia.

6. The Girl Who Is Eating Too Much

Image Source: Instagram

It is hard to reject a challenge or a dare. In this case, the young lady probably took things a bit too far. I don’t know what sort of lesson she was supposed to be learning here, really.

It isn’t good to eat too much. That’s never a pleasant feeling. Every single time I go to a place with a salad bar, I eat way too much. You wouldn’t think that to be a problem, as salad is supposedly good for you, but it isn’t when you top it with bacon, chicken, ham, and eggs. Salad dressing is not particularly good for you, either. There is a lot of fat in most salad dressings. Even the low-fat stuff has a high calorie content.

7. The Kid That Somehow Got Stuck

Image Source: Reddit

People were laughing, so I am assuming this child was in no real danger. It is kind of a funny scene. If I saw it, I would also laugh. I hope the kid wasn’t traumatized by this, though. I probably would be. The kid doesn’t look particularly happy.

I just can’t figure out how the kid got himself stuck like that. It looks like an impossible feat. Then again, kids manage to do things that seem sort of impossible to adults. What was that kid trying to accomplish, anyway?

You have to wonder how they managed to get the kid out.

8. The Kid and the Desk

Image Source: Instagram

I can’t imagine why this kid is up there. Arguably, he is hiding from a teacher, which is understandable, but he brought a desk. It also looks like he brought a book.

I am guessing he was just playing a prank on someone. Maybe he was trying to impress a person in his class.

He took things a bit too far, I guess, but you have to admire the effort. This is a funny joke. I just don’t know how he pulled it off.

9. The Sleeping Guy

Image Source: Reddit

This is just gross. There is no other way to describe this. Someone had a bit too much to drink, clearly.

You really have to wonder what this guy was drinking. If he had just been drinking beer or wine, this wouldn’t have been an issue. He was probably drinking hard liquor, which isn’t the best idea in the world if you want to make it home safely at the end of the night.

The good news is that this guy didn’t drive after drinking so much. The bad news is that this person will probably be embarrassed by this photo for the rest of his life. He definitely had a bad Sunday when he woke up.

10. The Mom and the Card

Image Source: Instagram

This must have hurt the mother; however, in the kid’s defense, you really have no concept of age when you are a child. When I was a kid, I thought everyone over the age of 20 or so was an adult with a spouse and children of their own.

Little did I know that most of the people in their 20’s with whom I interacted were probably spending their weekends making poor choices and drinking in bars. It is basically impossible to tell how old someone is when you are a kid. If you notice even faint wrinkles, you probably think a person is at least 70 years old.

The drawings in this image are pretty nice, though, all things considered. The kid has some artistic talent, I think.

11. A Bad Tattoo

Image Source: Twitter


This is apparently a henna tattoo. The good news is that it won’t last forever. The bad news is that it is a pretty terrible tattoo. It is just awful.

It seems like thirty dollars is a bit much for such a tattoo, even if it is just a henna tattoo. The message is nice, I suppose. It is important not to sink; you should always keep trying, even if things seem to be working against you.

While the message of the tattoo may be nice, it is still a pretty terrible tattoo, and it is kind of embarrassing.

12. The Guy That Is Trying to Sleep

Image Source: Instagram

I certainly understand this guy’s need to take a nap. Also, it can be hard to sleep when it is light outside—unless you are extremely tired.

It can also be very difficult to sleep on a flight. When I fly, I always end up seated next to a very agitated person who can’t sit still or a baby that just won’t stop crying. There is no way to sleep when there is a crying baby next to you.

The whole arrangement here looks uncomfortable, though, so I really have to wonder how this guy is managing to take a nap. He certainly seems to be enjoying it, though. He is clearly sound asleep, or it looks like he is.

13. The Truck and the Cars

Image Source: Reddit

I would not want to be a witness to such a disaster. There are a lot of ruined vehicles in this picture. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage clearly occurred, and that is probably because the truck was going a little too fast or tried to change lanes a little too quickly.

It can be really scary driving around trucks. They don’t brake very quickly. If the person in the driver’s seat isn’t paying attention, you could easily end up losing your vehicle—or your life. I can’t blame truck drivers, though. That’s a hard job. I have met several truck drivers, and the hours are sort of insane. They definitely earn their paycheck.

14. The Tire

Image Source: Reddit

You have to give whoever did this a small amount of credit. I never would have thought of such a solution.

However, it isn’t really a solution. I doubt it worked. Tire safety is important. You should never drive with a flat or damaged tire. If you do so at high speeds, you can cause a pretty serious accident. Even if you do so at low speeds, you will end up damaging the wheel—or even the vehicle itself. That is why it is very important to always have a spare tire in your vehicle.

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