15 Amazing Wives Whose Husbands Are The Luckiest In The World

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Image Source: The Mind Circle

Do you feel lucky to have the girl who you live with? Are you happy waking up to your wife day after day? You probably are and we are happy for you! Sometimes it is easy to see that a man should feel extremely lucky to have his wife. All it takes is a situation and the list below shows some examples of wives whose husbands should feel blessed to have them. May we all be that lucky!

1. How to scare your man on Halloween

Image Source: Elite Readers

Have you ever thought about scaring your man in a new and unique way? Here is a great idea how to freak him out! Simply put up a realistic and scary decoration and leave it as a surprise for him. This decoration is so realistic that it can literally scare anyone off in a split second! We guess the poor husband ran outside screaming! It would be a horrific experience to be scared that much but we need to admit that it is a genius prank!

2. This is an interesting idea for a new dress in order to surprise a man

Image Source: Awkward family photos

This is what we call an unexpected surprise! The woman was able to come up with a really interesting pattern for that dress and it definitely features an obvious hint! Unfortunately, not every man would be flattered to see something like this. However, it is an excellent idea to prank your man. You can bet that he would be more than surprised to see such a thing. It is definitely a unique fashion statement but the meaning behind it is what counts. We also need to give credit to this woman for making the extra effort to do what she did.

3. Here is one easy plan

Image Source: Reddit

Most men are like little kids when it comes to eating habits! Let’s remind ourselves how a man usually eats. After having a meal the table space around a girl is perfectly clean in most cases, while their partner’s side is most likely a mess. Girls are probably tired of always cleaning after their men and this is surely frustrating. We know that guys can do whatever it takes to keep things tidy. Help the girls out!

4. Here is how to keep a man away from the fridge

Image Source: Jokideo

Men love having a snack in the middle of the night, but not every girl is happy with this habit. As we all know, girls always do everything possible to stay fit. If you have a girl around, she will teach you how to stay healthy and change your habits. The image above suggests a cute idea to all the ladies out there how to amuse your men and give them a hint to ditch the bad habits. Of course, some ladies have this habit as well, but in this case one woman was probably determined to do something about her man’s midnight snack breaks.

5. When you want to tell something your man something sweet

Image Source: Quora

The best way to teach your man a lesson is to prank him in some way. This is an amusing way to show him that not only men can be funny. Girls have their own way of making a joke and this person was able to have a good laugh after her man saw this surprise. After this girl’s partner went to the bedroom to grab whatever she asked for, he was greeted by this sight, and we are sure the girl laughed or a good half an hour after that.

6. Here is what a girl can do to save her food from being eaten

Image Source: Themindcircle

Someone could consider this to be a disgusting thing to do. But on the other hand, girls will understand the struggle when they are on a diet and the only things they can eat is fruit. This woman was just probably trying to protect the bananas from being eaten by her husband and she pranked him as well.

7. When your girlfriend is in a bad mood, things like this happen

Image Source: Positive Posts

How do you make a surprise birthday party for your man? Well, this is definitely one way to do it! We have no idea if this wife put up such a sign for a reason or this is just the way she and her man talk, but it definitely looks weird. We guess that she was definitely annoyed by a certain thing but she decided to show that in a passive-aggressive manner. Well, it is actually not that passive, too!

8. A sweet present for a boyfriend who underwent a vasectomy procedure

Image Source: The Chive

If a man is in a bad mood after such a procedure, his girl is expected to show support, right? Making him a bit happier is essential. Girls should take care of their men, no matter how bad a situation might be. This kind of a joke might actually be the right thing, depending on his character. Some people could actually accept this to be offensive or heartless, but it was not the message she tried to deliver.

9. Someone was bored while taking a shower

Image Source: Pinterest

Everyone feels kind of bored sometimes, even while taking a shower. We guarantee you that there are a lot of different ways to make such moments more exiting. Well, here is a funny idea about what to do to entertain your mind and prank your partner!

10. When your girl is tired of receiving too much advertising materials

Image Source: Shareably

When you try to explain to somebody that you do not need a lot of advertising materials in order to gather information about a certain product, they sometimes fail to understand you the first or even the second time. Such situations require a different way of showing your point of view. The best approach is the direct approach.

11. When your man instantly has more friends than he thought he had

Image Source: Reddit

This vehicle received an addition by its owner’s wife. He was probably unaware of it and anyone who played along probably confused him more and more. Imagine tens of strangers calling you by name on your way to work!

12. If your man feels lonely in your absence, do a similar thing to this one

Image Source: Taringa

So your man is complaining that he is going to be lonely for a couple of weeks, because you are going on a trip? How can you solve this problem in order to please your boyfriend? The best way is to provide him with something which is going to help him feel you even in your absence! This woman trolled her man like a boss!

13. Women who pull off dad jokes are definitely keepers

Image Source: Onedio

Some people are strange and that’s that! In some cases this is quite amusing and the only choice that we have is to entertain ourselves and the people around us with the strange perspectives our partners have or with their weird sense of humour. This situation speaks for itself!

14. A girl can do everything when her boyfriend sleeps like a log

Image Source: Recreoviral

It appears that this man should not make any bets against his wife because he is about to lose each time! He probably did not believe his eyes when he woke up and saw his foot!

15. Here is a different way of understanding what a dirty picture is

Image Source: Onedio

Every man would be delighted to receive such a picture from his girlfriend and most guys ask to receive such pictures often. Unfortunately, a that kind of picture may not be what most men would expect and depending on the meaning it could actually be unpleasant to see. Women are interesting creatures. They can always find a way to show you that you don’t deserve a certain thing. This is why guys should do everything within their power to avoid annoying their girls!

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