15 Curious And Funny Pics That Will Definitely Take Some Time To Process

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Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we come across another image that can be really challenging. In many cases the challenge is to figure what is actually going on in it or why people did the things featured in that image. Regardless of the specific answers and the reasons for such photos to exist, we are more than happy to see as many of them as we could, because they are curious and funny in most cases. The list below features some really nice examples!

1. Now this is an earring that we see for the first time

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that when it comes to accessories, things can get really wild because people can improvise with a lot of things, not to mention that they have different tastes and preferences when it comes to personal style. As you can see, this person found a way to stand out from the crowd by showing off this earring. We are not sure if this is an actual lizard or an artificial one, but one things is for certain – it looks extraordinary!

2. This person is desperate to cool down

Image Source: Mocool

At first we thought that this person drew a portrait of the person in front of him, but a second look reveals that it is not a drawing of the back of her head. It is actually a fan! Maybe this person was too hot and wanted to find a way to cool himself down, and desperation made him do this! We can clearly see that he is staring at the drawing in an attempt to trick his mind into believing that the fan was real! We guess that it did not work as expected.

3. This looks like fun, but it was probably dangerous

Image Source: Picbon

We guess that in certain parts of the world this would be considered normal, for example the state of Florida, or Australia, perhaps. But we cannot help but wonder is this kid riding a gator indoors? It looks like a part of a movie set, but it is not! It is unlikely for that gator to be a pet, so it must be some sort of attraction, but we are not sure that it would be a legit one. After all, it is not like goat riding in a ranch, right?

4. Here is something we have never thought of

Image Source: Picgra

After seeing this post and the images attached to it, we had the same dilemma as the person who uploaded them did. After all, taking away leftover food is a right every client has, but we believe the meal price does not include the plate or any kind of cutlery! We guess this person thought it would be easier to pack the mea like this instead of filling the box. Taking that plate home would be stealing!

5. We have mixed feelings about this one

Image Source: Twitter

Well, as we mentioned earlier, people have different ways of expressing themselves. Everyone is more or less unique, so this means we get to see unique ideas, too. Drawing The Simpsons on your toes is definitely a controversial idea. We are not sure if this is permanent ink or a temporary tattoo, but either way it is not something you see every day. We guess that it would only be visible when the person is having a good time at the beach.

6. Here is a nice device that we would love to have

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the controversial ideas people have can actually be considered good! This is no exception. It might appear to be strange at first, but we guess that we could end up in a situation in which we need to clean ourselves with limited resources of water. This device would help with reducing wasting water and we guess that two bottles would be enough for a quick shower, if what is written on the package is accurate, of course.

7. Sometimes it seems your own eyes are playing tricks on you

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually our favorite kind of images. You know, the ones in which nothing is what it seems to be! These images are mostly taken by chance. Someone is able to nail the perfect moment and takes an image at the best possible time, and the angle is usually just perfect. This is what happened here. This casual beach picture features a detail that looks curious, but impossible. Upon taking a second look, you immediately realize what actually happened.

8. Sometimes dipping in the pool is not what you might expect

Image Source: Reddit

People have different opinions when it comes to having a good time. Some like to sleep while others prefer lounging in the pool area. As you can see, this person obviously loved the second option, but there were no actual pools nearby. This is when he decided to improvise and came up with this setup. The gigantic dump truck was more than enough to provide the necessary space, but it does not seem to be too hygienic to swim in that pool!

9. Here is another example of perfect timing

Image Source: Quora

We guess that this image was probably not created by accident. The person who took it was probably aware that the light coming through the window would create a rather interesting effect. As you can see, the angle of the light created the illusion that a beam of light is coming down from that flying saucer in the poster. Some people might accept this as a sign that UFOs really exist. We guess that if they want to believe, they will!

10. Here is why you should be careful when making a choice

Image Source: The Chive

We firmly believe that you should never out the pan on the stove until the fish is not out of the sea yet. In other words, if you want to do something, you better make sure that it is not too early for it. This requires patience, but some people really can’t wait and do what they had in mind. This, of course, often leads to disaster, and this is the case here. The person who decided to get this tattoo done was more than sure who the winner of the World Cup would be, but things turned out differently, and so did the tat!

11. We need some kind of explanation about this one

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird things in our time but we of them were as unexplainable as this one. It looks really simple, actually. Someone obviously tried to charge a hotdog with a smartphone charger. The big question here is why would someone do such a thing in the first place? Everyone knows that such a thing is impossible! Even if it was possible, what would be the use of a charged hotdog, anyway?

12. Now this is something really special

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that most things we see were done for a purpose, and when it comes to most types of accessories, they can be used in a number of different ways. We guess that this particular bike accessory is not among those universal ones, because it is designed to nest bananas! Yes, that is correct. This is a banana holder especially designed for bikers! We have no idea who came up with the idea of such a product but it looks weird!

13. Here is one weird cat

Image Source: Reddit

When you look closely at the image, you will realize that it is not an oversized cat. It is a husky acting like a feline! This is definitely the first time we see such a thing and we wonder what made this husky behave like a kitten. Maybe something sparked the dog’s curiosity and climbing up there was the only way for it to check something out.

14. This is a stunt you only see in movies

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that even the best stunts we see on the big screen are inspired by real events! This is why it is probably a good idea for a movie producer to see images from this road accident. We have no idea how it happened, but this small truck was probably speeding when it was suddenly airborne and it landed on those power lines. The weird part is not only the odds of this happening. We believe that we would have never guessed that such strong power lines existed!

15. These photos are really curious

Image Source: Reddit

When a sharp-dressed woman enters a photo studio asking for professional pictures, you would probably guess that she needs them for her ID or for the family album, and in most cases these pictures are full of smiles, flowers and cuddles. But bringing a huge sword into the studio and posing proudly with it is a different level of awesome and we definitely love the final result. We are more than certain that nobody dared to ask her why she brought the sword with her! One swing with that sword and all questions would be answered at once!

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