15 Funny Posts That Went Really Popular On Social Media

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Over the last decade social media has taken over our lives. Everyday most people check their profile as soon as they wake up. Sometimes they post funny or similar posts while they are having their morning coffee. Other people go on Social Media just to read posts and have some fun while doing it. We have gathered together top 15 of the most funny posts. Enjoy your morning coffee while reading.

1. That is some really funny logic

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Here is an example of a girl who thought that having triplets will result in being pregnant 3 times for 9 months and in total 27 months. Well girl, being pregnant with one, twins or triples will still be for 9 months as we all know, so don’t worry and enjoy.

2. Where is the sun?

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Here is a good example of a person who thought that “the sun” is a place. Well, the person who commented meant to say that you don’t need to go to tanning studio in order to get some tan. You can just use the sun and get tanned.

3. That person got Miley real good here.

Image Source: ifunny.com

Austin got Miley really good here. Maybe the typo that Miley made was due to autocorrect. This is a common mistake, because “they’re” and there have almost the same pronunciation. Austin responded to her comment and keeping in mind that in his profile picture he is in uniform he was very polite in correcting her. Good job Austin!

4. Double mistake

Image Source: Twitter

In the above picture the girl is obviously trying to convince everybody that her husband took the photo, but as we can all that she is taking a selfie. Her shadow is more than visible. The funny part is that she is still trying to convince everybody that her husband took the photo and his shadow is invisible on the photo. Well, nice try.

6. Almost Vegan

Image Source: blazepress.com

Accordingly some people are trying to be different or are doing some things just for fun. We are not too sure what’s the case here, but we can all see that the person is loving chicken and port.

7. Marilyn Monroe’s most famous texts

Image Source: vorply.com

You really shoud NOT believe everything you read online. Well, here in the above picture there is a whole lot of truth. We all agree that if you save texts from a person and you re-read them every single day you really do love this person, but we can NOT agree that Marilyn said that, because text messages were not invented back in the days, so please don’t believe everything you read online.

8. You should really think before you post on Social Media

Image Source: mutually.com

There are some things that we all do and know they are wrong. We do them, but we should never talk about it on Social Media. As we can see from the picture this woman is buying cigarettes with the money from her child support. We do agree that doing such this is wrong on so many levels.

9. We believe that there is a lie here

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

We are all used to watch people brag about all kind of stuff on social media. Most people just lie to get attention and we all know that they are not telling the truth, but we are used to it. Apparently this girl tried to get some attention, but her friend ruined everything by commenting what she actually did. We all have a friends that are simply always telling the truth.

10. That person is just going to UNI…

Image Source: blazepress.com

Misunderstanding is really common when it comes to Social Media. This person just said goodbye before going to university, but his friends did’t really catch the university part and thought he is just bragging for attention. However the post wasn’t that great at all, but the first comment really nailed it. We bet that the person commenting apologized to the post owner.

11. Is this an HDMI cable?

Image Source: thethingsimages.com

We all know that some people are just not into technology and we don’t really see anything wrong in the person asking, because he was just not too sure if those were HDMI cables. Well, he could have taken his time to check online, but he decided to ask on Social Network. Most people nowadays prefer to ask that to do a simple online research. I am actually the same 😀 😀 😀

12. The ultimate profile pic

Image Source: emok.tv

It is crazy how often people take their profile photo with something in the back. This one is maybe the very best selfie of the year. The girl forget about the mirror, took the pic and didn’t really noticed her friend being there before people started commenting.

13. We all love the smell of a guy’s colon

Image Source: metdaan.com

Spelling mistakes is something you can see almost everyday. Sometimes they are kind of funny, sometimes not. In the above image if we read it without thinking what the possible typo might be we will get confused big time. But, don’t worry guys we bet the the above people love the smell of perfume. We all do!

14. The selfie and the tornado

Image Source: metdaan.com

We believe that when seeing a tornado most people wouldn’t just take a selfie and post it on social media. Apparently this girl has no fear and decided to show everyone what is coming to her. We salute her, because she is really brave.

15. Squirrels are her favourite reptiles

Image Source: pinterest.com

In the above pic we have a girl who took a photo of a beautiful squirrel and post it on social media. The funny part is that the girl believes that the squirrel is a reptile which apparently is NOT. DOn’t worry girl, we believe that there are plenty of people who would like to explain you the difference between reptile and a squirrel.

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