15 Hilarious Photos Of People Selling Their Mirrors Online

Image Source: Reddit

While searching the internet for something really interesting we found really interesting twitter post. We have gathered together some of the best pics, so enjoy!

Image Source: SilviuMajor

Apparently making an ad for a mirror is tougher than anyone thought, and one guy found out that it often ends with a hilarious result. The feeling you get from seeing these pictures is weird, as if a group of people got together in search for the solution of a problem that nobody knew actually existed.

Thanks to the Twitter user Siv we are able to enjoy these photos.

1. Is this mirror haunted? There’s a ghost in it.

Image Source: gabideg97

Oh, wait, it’s not a ghost. It’s just the current owner of the mirror with a white sheet on, looking goofy. If you think this is funny, we haven’t even started yet.

2. Mirror for sale! Dog not included.

Image Source: craigslist_mirrors

This casual photo of the object for sale may actually be a clever marketing stunt. Think about it – a cute little pup would draw much bigger attention.

3. The artistic soul of the seller is clearly visible

Image Source: abbyiscoolest

The person behind this ad must be an artist of some sort, because it looks really stunning with the reflected sky in it. We just have to mention the photographic skills as well. This is one of the best ads in the list.

4. There is definitely a story behind this one

Image Source: craigslist_mirrors

Upon seeing the seller’s reflection, you immediately begin to wonder what happened to him and is his injury related to the fact that he’s selling car parts. Of course, it could be just a coincidence.

5. That’s an interesting approach

Image Source: Koheijito

The reason why this person is taking a picture with his foot is unknown. However, that not so important; the more intriguing question here is how is the person able to trigger the snap button?

6. This seller did want to be part of the image and he figured out how to do it

Image Source: SilviuMajor

The end result may not be very original, but it was still good enough to make things work. What’s more important, the person selling it is not visible, and this was the initial goal.

7. Do you find this one a bit creepy?

Here’s an image that looks a bit controversial; it leaves a strange feeling and it’s perhaps a bit creepy. The seller probably took some time to figure out the exact position of the mirror so he could take the photo properly.

8. The sale would definitely be quicker when you have a model posing for the ad

Image Source: locheeri0

This canine looks a bit confused, but still cute enough to draw any potential customer’s attention. The mirror looks interesting, too, and the photo was taken from a clever angle.

9. Do you think this guy would look hotter if his head was visible?

Image Source: BeatPutinArmWreslin

Yeah, you’re right – even if he had Channing Tatum’s face, the photo would still be ridiculous. We wonder if this person was able to sell the mirror despite the reflection in it.

10. Special effects

Image Source: msgnomer

These people obviously have a few tricks up their sleeve. The optical illusion they were able to create is quite good and we hope that it helped sell the mirror. Probably the best part was that making the photo was a lot of fun.

11. This was an intentional pose for sure

Image Source: SilviuMajor

The message behind this picture is probably that if you buy the mirror, you’ll get to chill in front of it just like the seller does in the photo. This seems to be a strange way of advertising the item, but the mirror doesn’t look too bad.

12. Someone tried to blend in

Image Source: christophlr

Here’s a failed attempt to become a part of the scenery. We are not sure if this man posed the way he did intentionally, but he could still be seen easily. Maybe he should try body paint instead of clothing.

13. This man looks almost like a pro

Image Source: SilviuMajor

Just look at the concentration of this seller. He is really trying to create the perfect image and his dedication is admirable. However, the end result is not as good as he probably hoped to be.

14. Is she selling the mirror or the decoration in front of it?

Image Source: SilviuMajor

Some people obviously have trouble taking a decent picture. When this lady realized that her photo was not quite good, all she needed to do is ask someone for help or advice.

15. Remember the “Cow and Chicken” cartoon show?

Image Source: craigslist_mirrors

Well, it seems that Mom and Dad exist after all, and they have a mirror to sell! The item is rather interesting, too, because it appears that it has coat hangers on it and it looks vintage.

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