15 Life-Changing Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

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You probably have at least one friend who is basically a living and breathing encyclopedia; these individuals seem to be full of information about things that you find completely useless. However, some seemingly random facts may turn out to be rather interesting and you may even find out the answer to something you’ve wondering about for years.

The following list contains miscellaneous facts about everyday things you probably were not aware of before.

1. Apparently the little hole on the cap of every average ballpoint pen has an important purpose

Image Source: Science Alert

In case somebody swallows the cap by accident, the hole allows the airflow to remain relatively uninterrupted, which prevents chocking.

2. If you ever wondered why the annoying short videos before the movie in the cinema are called trailers, here is the answer

Image Source: F1 Online

They are called trailers simply because they used to be shown after the movie, hence the name. Probably nobody at the movie theater waited to watch them and they decided to show them first.

3. The little pockets on most jeans are a mystery that is about to be solved right now

Image Source: Men’s Den

If you thought that maybe these pockets were meant to put small change inside, you were wrong; they were designed for cowboys in the 1800’s who had the habit of putting a pocket watch inside.

4. Barbie is one of the most popular toys in history, but it turns out this is not her real name

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Barbie’s official name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she even has an official birthdate – March 9, 1959.

5. The amount of toothpaste that you put on the toothbrush actually has a name

Image Source: Polar Dental

Nobody knows why there has to be a word for this, but there is – it’s called a nurdle.

6. Apparently the French are not the ones who invented croissants

Image Source: William Sonoma

This is a rather surprising fact, to be honest. Croissants were actually introduced for the first time in Vienna, Austria.

7. This is the exact amount of trees that are needed for the production of toilet paper

Image Source: Self

127,000 trees need to be chopped down daily to supply the demand for toilet paper. Keep that in mind during your next visit to the toilet.

8. You will never be concerned about the way your necktie is tied after reading this

Image Source: Tailor On Ten

Swedish scientists have estimated that there are exactly 177,147 ways to tie a tie, so you probably nail it every time without realizing.

9. The liners on the soda bottle caps are there for a reason

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These liners apparently help the carbonated drink to remain fizzy for a longer period of time by creating a tight seal, so you could enjoy your soda, instead of drinking a flat beverage.

10. Apparently chocolate milk was thought to have healing qualities back in the 1700s

Image Source: KRCM

One Irish botanist – Sir Hans Sloane – even sold it as a medicine; now we know that it may not cure the body, but it’s definitely good for the soul.

11. One of the kings in this deck is different from the others

Image Source: Wikipedia

The Rouennais pattern of playing cards features something interesting – if you look closely, you’ll notice that the king of hearts is the only one that does not have a mustache. You will surely check this out next time you play cards.

12. Cooking pasta will never be the same again for you

Image Source: Oh Nuts

The hole that every spaghetti spoon features is meant to help you measure the perfect serving per person, so you can cook the right amount.

13. This one is for all M&Ms lovers out there

Image Source: Oh Nuts

The quantity produced of these candies on a daily basis is mind-blowing; 400 million pieces roll out every day from the New Jersey and Tennessee factories.

14. We bet that you didn’t know how long a slinky is when stretched completely

Image Source: Priceonomics

One slinky is exactly 87 feet long when fully stretched, which is pretty impressive.

15. If you think you know all kinds of berries, think again

Image Source: Flickr

You may feel like you have been living in a lie this whole time, but as it turns out, oranges, grapes and even bananas are actually berries.

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