15 People From Historic Photographs Who Proved That ‘Time Travel’ Exists

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Image Source: Imgur / Getty Images

Have you heard about the theory that states that everyone is reborn multiple times and looks the same each time? Maybe you prefer to believe in time travel? No matter what you choose to believe in, there is one thing for sure: people from historical photos often are the spitting image of individuals that are among us today. Sometimes, the resemblance is frightening and we love seeing such comparisons when we come across them. The following list is full of them!

1. Johnny Depp

Image Source: Imgur / Getty Images

We really love seeing a comparison between a person the whole world knows about and someone who lived decades ago. In this case, they look almost identical and we are beginning to believe time-travelers exist.

2. Eddie Murphy

Image Source: Tumblr / Getty Images

This is one of our favorite comedians of all time. It seems that he would be stunned to see the old photo of this sharp-dressed man. The reason is obvious: he looks exactly like the actor and we can’t believe it.

3. Jay Z

Image Source: Eonline

The rapper is probably aware of this old photograph and we would really love to see what he thinks about it. Of course, if he is actually able to travel in time, he would never admit that is him in the other photo.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Image Source: IWSMT / Getty Images

Here is one of our generation’s most adored actresses! She is loved by the public for more than her good looks. However, it is her looks that we need to discuss. On the left, you can see an actress named Zubaida Tharwat, born in 1940. She passed away in 2016.

5. Sylvester Stallone

Image Source: Wikimedia / Pinterest

6. Nick Cage

Image Source: DailyMail / Getty Images

7. Robin Williams

Image Source: Reddit

Mrs. Doubtfire will remain one of our all-time favorite characters and the late Robin Williams showed how great of an actor he was by creating that character. One person’s great grandmother looks exactly like Mrs. Doubtfire!

8. Mathew McConaughey

Image Source: Reddit / Getty Images

Another person shared online a picture of their great-grandfather and you can tell why they did that. The person in the old photograph resembles the famous actor and we can’t stop thinking about time travel again!

9. Harry Potter

Image Source: Reddit / Examiner

Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his amazing work in the Harry Potter movies but it seems that his distinctive face can be spotted in an old photograph taken in Manchester back in 1940. The person in it looks the same.

10. Elijah Wood

Image Source: Pinterest

The actor’s talent turned him into a world-famous celebrity and we admire his humble behavior as well. These two images, however, made us wonder how is it possible for a Bedouin woman to look exactly like him?

11. Dave Franco

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another super interesting comparison. Someone created this collage because of the uncanny resemblance between their uncle at a younger age and Dave Franco. You can see that they look completely identical.

12. Queen Latifah

Image Source: Wikimedia / Getty Images

Queen Latifah is an icon and her fans adore her more and more as time passes. They would probably be surprised to learn that she is another person’s doppelganger. On the left, you see Zora Neale Hurston, a novelist born in 1891.

13. Eminem

Image Source: Sunsigns / Getty Images

We all know where Eminem comes from. The people of Detroit, however, have probably never heard of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander. You can see him on the left and you can’t deny that he looks a lot like the rapper.

14. Matthew Perry

Image Source: Pinterest / Getty Images

Most people’s favorite Friends character seems to be a doppelganger as well. You can see his close resemblance to the youngest vice president of the United States – John C. Breckinridge.

15. Matt Damon

Image Source: Reddit

Someone shared a photo of their parents on their wedding day and suggested that their dad looked like Matt Damon. We guess that they don’t just look like each other; they are absolutely identical and we can hardly believe it.

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