15 People Who Made The Best Of Their Bad Situations

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Life has its unexpected ways of reminding you that things are not going to always be easy or straightforward; sometimes you need to endure and find some inner strength, or just be creative and have a positive attitude. No matter what happens, you always have to keep an open mind and accept the situation, because the problem has already occurred and focusing on it would not do any good; that’s why you need to focus on the solution instead.

The following list contains fifteen examples of people who managed to turn a negative situation into something positive, because they did not let themselves down.

1. This is a person who obviously refused to give up to the heavy snowfall and found a fast and fun way to commute

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Probably not everyone could follow this example, because some skills and the proper equipment are needed, but this person absolutely won against the severe weather conditions and even had some fun in the process.

2. The perfect example of turning a defect into an effect

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The owner of this phone managed to ‘fix’ it using a simple desktop image.

3. A person with webbed toes decided that there was nothing to be ashamed of

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The defect was even highlighted with a clever tattoo, which clearly stated that this person is proud and happy just the way things are.

4. The fact that you injured your fingers doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have fun

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The bandage this person had wrapped around his injury was quickly transformed into a raging monster.

5. The owner of this dog obviously took him to the vet, but there wasn’t much more they could do

Image Source: Mandatory

However, the owner decided that he could at least improve his own mood a little bit, and he obviously did.

6. Apparently being injured has some benefits

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Here’s one person that took advantage of the situation and upgraded the pair of crutches he needed in order to be able to make his way around. We guess his recovery goes much better now.

7. Somebody created a sad monster out of a damaged trash container

Image Source: reddit

After a heater melted off one side of this trash bin, its owner decided to add a little creativity; the end result is perfect.

8. This guy is enjoying the flood

Image Source: Izismile

Since there probably wasn’t much he could do, this guy decided to get on his air mattress and enjoy a tour around the block like never before.

9. This person lost an arm but obviously not his spirit

Image Source: reddit

The shark tattoo is very creative considering the circumstances, but it’s unclear if the reason for the missing limb was an actual shark.

10. This guy was rather disappointed at first, but he eventually got satisfied

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This dude apparently expected some other girl, but she still had something he liked, so he decided to stay over.

11. The beard shavings that always clog the sink can become your new pet

Image Source: imgur

Since we don’t know for sure which body area were these shavings trimmed from, this could turn out to be rather disgusting, but it is still a way to have some fun while fixing a problem.

12. Josh Sundquist is a paralympian who uses his disability to create awesome Halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram

Sundquist obviously doesn’t let his disability stop him and he is able to create unique Halloween costumes using the lack of his leg as an advantage.

13. Someone broke their chair, but ended up with a luxurious bathroom seat

Image Source: reddit

We are not sure about the hygienic aspect of this upgrade, but it looks really fancy. This could probably be considered as a form of recycling. The only questions here is how much time does the owner spend in the bathroom anyway.

14. Another clever ‘solution’ for a shattered phone display

Image Source: reddit

Someone’s broken phone became a lot cooler after Spiderman appeared on the wallpaper, creating the illusion that it was his net instead of the broken glass.

15. This man proved that being an amputee does not stop you from being a winner

Image Source: tumblr

Although he is not able to stand on his feet, he definitely stood tall in the eyes of everyone after winning a Game of Thrones cosplay award. Well done, sir!

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