15 People Who Make Pregnancy Seem Awesome

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Everyone knows how tough pregnancy is, but not everyone can find the right attitude and have a little fun while it lasts. Apparently these nine months could become a little bit easier to bear if you have a sense of humor and despite that it would still be a physically and mentally challenging experience, you might as well have a few laughs while you are in that situation.

1. This woman’s face explains all about the advantages of being pregnant

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Well, there’s at least one thing that could be a considered as an advantage – the size of the tummy obviously eliminates the need to reach all the way to the table when you want to grab a bite.

2. The pregnancy announcement is always a big deal

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Apparently mixing a bit of creativity and effort does the trick and there is no need for flashy setups and fancy attributes to drop the big news. When you look at this couple, you see the love and joy they feel, and that’s all that matters.

3. This mum-to-be really took her time for this South Park-themed costume

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Here is one proud future mother who created a nice cartoon character costume using her belly. The end result is pretty good – Eric Cartman looks almost alive, although he seems a bit taller than usual.

4. When you try to swaddle your dog, make sure it likes the idea

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This pooch is probably thinking that his mother is behaving weirder and weirder with every passing day, and things have obviously escalated since the swaddling exercises began. It’s clearly visible that the dog is not willing to participate, but it has no choice.

5. Pregnancy increases the appetite, but this here is just too much

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How on Earth could anyone think that jalapenos covered in cheese can be dipped in a peach-flavored milkshake and taste good? This seems like one food challenge that we’d definitely pass on.

6. When your pregnant wife wants something specific and you could deliver even more than expected

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This must have been a funny coincidence, but it seems that the husband knew how unstable the mood of a pregnant woman could be, so he decided not to take any chances and save the joke for himself.

7. This man got the perfect response from his wife

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When you ask a woman in the final stage of her pregnancy about how she felt, you should probably expect a similar answer every time, but instead of trying to explain it with words, this woman decided to visualize her answer and it’s brilliant.

8. The hunger is stronger than anything during pregnancy

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A pregnant woman’s appetite has an explanation, of course, and we all know it; however, if a woman was used to eating relatively small quantities before she was expecting a child, she might be scared by the amounts of food she is able to devour during the pregnancy period.

9. Understandably the wardrobe also suffers from the changes in the body

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Thank goodness that we have all these small life hacks that help is keep things together, and sometimes it means quite literally to keep them together.

10. Oh, so the baby actually wanted the sweet stuff, not the mother

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Of course, we doubt it. The mother simply has the perfect excuse for treating herself with all these sweets, but nobody could blame her for doing so.

11. Apparently as the belly grows bigger, it becomes the favorite thing in the whole house

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Here’s an example of a family that always wants to be close to mum’s belly; the pet pig even uses it as a pillow.

12. The pregnancy cravings obviously reflect on the weight, but who cares

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When you think about it, people sometimes add weight even more rapidly without being pregnant, so this here is totally acceptable.

13. Childbirth could be extremely painful

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This woman here is the proof that upon delivering your child you go through such pain that you easily take the immediate decision to be your first and last time, and she described it in the funniest way possible.

14. We already mentioned the fashion changes that would occur, but here’s one more

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Being pregnant is the only time when you can put on a regular skirt and wear it like a high-wasted one, and it would still look good!

15. We just have to mention the frequent mood change

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Apparently some pregnant women tend to change their mood a bit too often, and the husbands just need to swallow their pride and keep up with the mood pace.

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