15 Shops That Made Their Customers LOL

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The trade business has become a mean machine. Most store chains hire high-productive CEOs and marketers in order to maximize the profits and make the costs as low as possible. However, in this process the humanity touch is kind of left behind; that’s where originality and personal approach come in handy, and the store managers who manage to use them have an advantage.

Here are some examples of great customer service and attention to detail that is becoming a rare sight as we go on further into the future.

1. Selling cheese with an attitude

Image Source: Gin_Tonic

It seems that this grocery store combines shopping with a good taste in music. The sign at the cheese counter is a proof for that, because it’s a nice rework of the Eurythmics hit single Sweet Dreams.

2. A small coffee shop messes with the big guys

Image Source: daviedrew

In order to play ball, you must not be afraid to throw. This is what a small local coffee shop did by using a genuine Starbucks mug as the toilet brush holder. We wonder if some Starbucks managers were able to see this.

3. A sarcastic way to deal with annoying customers

Image Source: Glypshmergle

This ice cream shop in Amman, Jordan came up with a hilarious idea that served a purpose but also trolled the customers who were always touching and tapping on the glass. Well done.

4. Maybe they were fed up of people asking what type of cones they had

Image Source: -Papadil-

This hilarious display should win a sarcasm award, if there are any at all in existence. The pine cone is a perfect addition to the display and those with a sense of humor would laugh out loud.

5. Best product description ever

Image Source: olliepots

We know fine marketing when we see it, and this is definitely an example. The product may be strange, but they created a mystery around it and probably everyone who took a minute to read this sign probably bought one.

6. Another marketing gem

Image Source: obviousplant

The people who put this brilliant description knew what was about to happen. They were aware that every single person who reads it will open the fridge, and they were right.

7. The perfect marketing campaign

Image Source: blinkf2

This tattoo salon knows how to draw attention. The funny and catchy signs they put up are what everyone would love about a place – they show identity, which is valued by the customers.

8. Mocking the ‘buy one, get one free’ type of deals is a nice idea

Image Source: darrenpauli

We are all used to seeing tempting deals here and there, but the managers of this pizza place are not bothered at all and they inverted this type of deals in a hilarious way. If we assume that the pizza is tasty, it is the right spot to have dinner, no doubt about it.

9. A vintage touch

Image Source: gerclar

A computer service shop decided to have some fun, and they did it in the typical geek style. Probably every customer they have laughed at the clever display of that mouse caught in the trap.

10. This is a tricky way to remind the customers to be polite

Image Source: mitchellwaldron

Nobody likes bad attitude, and many people working in retail have to put up with grumpy and rude people daily. This shop manager had an idea how to make things work without tension and have some fun in the process.

11. Some dark humor at the Arts and Crafts store

Image Source: London-Queen

Someone working at the store decided to make the displays on the shelves a bit more interesting. However, his choice of composition is peculiar, to say the least, but it’s also funny in a dark way.

12. This is how you troll your customers like a boss

Image Source: perpetual_wanderlust

When we get bored, we all start wondering around and trying to find something to amuse ourselves. If you are bored while having breakfast in the coffee shop, you are likely to get your hand on the nearest thing – the menu. This guy did exactly that, but did not see that coming at all.

13. There is no better sign for a coffee shop ad

Image Source: lansingcycleguy

These people absolutely nailed it with this sign. Clever thinking always results in catchy phrases that you don’t see every day, and the customers are likely to follow up, because they appreciate the effort.

14. That’s one way to call them

Image Source: mcledger

Hey, if it is the right season, why not? Having a good sense of humor makes you outgoing and you could even increase the sales of carrots, because you would make people laugh and feel some joy.

15. Apparently humor turns everyone into a marketing genius

Image Source: nevermatter

Something as simple as an ad in the paper is done in the best possible way, including humor, sarcasm and a bit of boldness. We would definitely grab a slice of pizza there.

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