15 Situations Which Turned Out To Be Much Better Than Planned

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Sometimes things do not go the way they were supposed to, but this can actually be a good things. You see, in some cases people end up in funny and unexpected situations! We love it when things take such a turn, because there is always something amusing to see. The following list will give you some examples of such situations and you will definitely have fun while you check them out! Scroll down and enjoy the list!

1. They say that romance is dead

Image Source: The Chive

When you hear someone claim that romance is something that is almost considered obsolete, you need to tell them they are wrong. We firmly believe that romance will never die as long as there are people who believe in it! Of course, if you intend to do romantic things, you need to do it from the bottom of your heart! In other case it will just not work. The situation you see is a nice example. The man probably enjoyed the romantic and intimate moment but his partner was busy scrolling through her phone! Maybe she wanted to take a selfie.

2. Here is something you don’t want to try

Image Source: Me Me

We often wonder why people don’t think twice before they do something. Even seemingly simple and harmless things might turn out to be a real danger! The situation you see here proves that. It is one thing to put other kinds of food in an ice cream box, but pouring grease in an apple juice bottle is a completely different story. The color is basically the same, which means that anyone could mistake it for the real thing. As you can see, someone did and regretted it immediately.

3. This note is the last thing you want to find on your vehicle

Image Source: Me Me

Most of us know how it feels when you approach your vehicle and see a tiny piece of paper under the windscreen wiper. You cannot be sure if it is an advertisement or a ticket! Sadly, in a lot of cases it turns out to be a ticket. If you think that it cannot be worse than that, you are wrong! Just take a look at what someone found attached to their car! This simple note is enough to make you reluctant to get inside the car before calling the pest control services. Huge spiders are a big no-no! We guess it was a joke intended to freak out the vehicle owner and it worked out well!

4. Sometimes an improvisation can get you a long way

Image Source: Bright Side

People need to improvise in all sorts of situations on a daily basis. Sometimes they are really good at it but in other cases the improvisation makes things even worse. This person was able to improvise in the best possible way when she had to cover her hair. One hat or a hairnet was obviously not enough, so a second one solved the problem! We like seeing such creativity!

5. This is an unacceptable form of revenge

Image Source: Instagram

We have always stated that there are things that you simply cannot joke about. However, there are also things that you might consider to be the perfect prank but they are just too much! Just take a look at what someone posted on social media. This was supposed to be some kind of revenge but it is way more serious than it should be. After all, the broken earphones are not a major issue, but the thing you see in the photo definitely is.

6. Here is one man who lost a bet and faced the consequences

Image Source: Me Me

Bets are something you should never participate in if you are not ready to accept defeat. When you lose a bet you need to face the consequences and most people actually back down from the bet! This is not the way to go because the bet loses its meaning. The idea of the bet is to be prepared to face losing it and doing what you agreed upon. As you can see, this man kept his promise and got an awkward tattoo after he lost a bet.

7. This store’s manager definitely has a sense of humor

Image Source: Huge Lol

We have used public restrooms at different stores before. The only embarrassing part about the whole thing is asking for the key. However, things can be a lot funnier and unexpected and this photo proves it. Apparently asking for the restroom keys in this Dollar General store means that you need to take a couple of colorful loops, too! They serve as a keychain and we love the idea! Such unexpected creativity is nothing but funny!

8. This must be some kind of a tribute

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is something that nobody expected to see during a graduation ceremony. One person decided to add something really special to her hat! Yes, that is a pizza in a box, or at least the box since we are not sure if it is full or not. The box is also a perfect match with the hat and fits like it was supposed to be there. The girl probably wanted to show some respect for pizza because it was probably on her favorite things during her stay in college.

9. Here is one request that received the funniest response

Image Source: Pinterest

When you order food you need to make sure that you are specific enough about the things you want. If you are not sure or if you talk too fast, you might end up with an order you never wanted. Of course, that is not that big of a deal, but it can lead to funny situations. As you can see, this customer got a little more than they ordered and there is actually a cup on top of the ice cream. It looks weird and it is, but we would still eat it, of course.

10. This is an alternative way to use a gym card

Image Source: Funnyand

We guess that buying a gym membership does not mean anything at all. Having the card in your pocket will not make you lose weight or gain muscle. You still need to go and put in the work! As you can clearly see, this person chose an entirely different approach in using their gym membership card. In fact, it is the opposite thing compared to hitting the gym! We have no idea why this person did such a thing but our guess is that the gym card expired.

11. Here is an unexpected product delivery situation

Image Source: Bensbargains

You probably know that you can make all sorts of specific requests when you order a product online. One of the most common requests people make is related to the safe delivery of item. In a lot of cases people are not at home when the package arrives which means that it should be hidden somewhere safe. The person who expected this huge box obviously wanted the delivery driver to hide it, and they did! The trouble is that it is too high and we hope the customer was able to get it down safely.

12. This is such a clever idea

Image Source: The Chive

We love creative people because they always come up with the coolest things! This photo is the best example and we are glad someone shared it on social media. It appears that one wife was able to trick the whole family by hiding a huge stash of candy bars inside a box of tampons. This is one really smart idea and we guess that a similar solution needs to be applied in more households because many people eat too much sugar and that needs to stop.

13. Here is a kind of embarrassing situation

Image Source: Drivepedia

If you ever feel embarrassed about something, just remind yourself that someone somewhere is wearing this piece of clothing. Of all the controversial things we have seen in the clothing world, this must be one of the worst! Just take look at that pattern! The trouble is not only that it has flies all over it, but some of them are pictured in rather curious poses! The designer of this thing needs to reconsider their personal style.

14. This is equally impressive and unexpected

Image Source: Twitter

We are more than certain that people are willing to do anything in order to be able to sneak snacks inside the cinema. Nobody could blame them, because the cost of a soda or a bowl of popcorn there is ludicrous! This is why these people came up with an idea that is equally brilliant and weird. It seems that it worked and all the effort paid off, which is the most important thing.

15. Some artists are real visionaries

Image Source: Meme.xyz

One of the most beautiful things you can do with your body is to get a tattoo. Tats are becoming more and more popular and we believe that most people who get a tattoo choose it for a reason. However, sometimes the customer does not have clear vision about the final appearance of the tattoo so the tattoo artist must step in an suggest an idea. In this case you might say that he saved the day, because the initial drawing was more than funny!

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