15 Times Logic Was Abandoned, Not To Be Seen Again For A While

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People can’t be logical all of the time. No matter how hard one tries, one emotion or another takes over once in a while. People can also be very lazy creatures. Sometimes, people are simply not really thinking.

Logic fails happen, and we should embrace them. The good news is that logic fails can actually be pretty amusing.

We might as well laugh at them.

Here are sixteen great images about various times logic was abandoned. I am guessing the people in the images realized what they did wrong after a while, and I imagine they were slightly embarrassed.

1. The Picture With the Bags

Image Source: Imgur

It is immediately obvious what is wrong with this image. Where is the logic? Why would you go out of your way to carry around a reusable bag if you are just going to get a plastic one at the store? What was she thinking? Does she use the plastic ones to line her trash cans, perhaps?

I think what bothers me most is that she is being a hypocrite about the whole thing. If it was an accident of sorts, I could understand. However, her reusable bag is totally advertising the fact she doesn’t use plastic bags. There she is, though, with one in hand. Why does she have to be so smug about it?

2. The Picture With the Glass Stall Door

Image Source: Reddit

A glass bathroom stall door is a pretty questionable idea—at least as far as I am concerned. That might be putting it sort of mildly.

True, you can’t really see through the glass very well; the view is obscured, so this door has that going for it.

Still, when you are doing your private business, you do not want anyone to be able to see you at all. There are a few times in a person’s life when he or she should just be left alone to do his or her thing.

What really gets me is that I am sure that the choice to make the door glass had nothing to do with any particular function. It was a likely a strict design choice.

If you live on your own and want a glass stall door in your home, that’s your call. Why would you have one installed in your business? People do not need to see strangers sitting on the toilet.

3. The Picture of the Kid Who Is Listening To the Wall Outlet

Image Source: Reddit

This young man certainly appears to be having a perfectly fun time. Almost everyone enjoys listening to music with their headphones, right? He definitely has a peaceful, almost thoughtful look on his face.

In this case, though, the young man appears to be listening to the wall, and I can’t figure out why. The whimsical part of me would like to think there are cartoon mice living in the walls of his home and they routinely serenade him with jaunty tunes, but that seems sort of unlikely.

I suppose it is possible that he lives in a noisy house with small children and he is using his earbuds to block out the sounds. That would explain his almost serene expression. When you are used to hearing small children most of the time, it is a pretty good feeling when you actually manage to get a moment of relief.

4. The Picture of the Sliding Door Company Entrance

Image Source: Reddit

The problem with these doors is obvious. I am not a huge fan of sliding doors, per se; however, if you run a sliding door company—one that is literally called “The Sliding Door Company”—most of your doors should be of the sliding variety.

I might have to give the person who installed these doors a pass, however. For all I know, installing sliding doors here might have been some sort of fire code violation.

Regardless, the whole image is amusing enough to have a quick laugh at. The young man outside of the door is amused enough to take a picture.

5. The Picture of the Kid With the Hair

Image Source: Reddit

Logic was abandoned twice in this case. First of all, what kid wants to look like that? That is not a good hairstyle on anyone. Is that the point?

Also, when was this photo first taken? That is what I am wondering. It does not look terribly recent, although I could be totally wrong. The shirt just seems off, as does the chain. Then again, that could just be me.

I’m wondering, frankly, where the parental figures were. I simply can’t believe that a parent or guardian would let him leave the house like that. I understand parents want to encourage kids to be themselves. That is great and all, but surely there must be limits, right?

6. The Picture of the Shopping Court and the Sign

Image Source: Imgur

A lot of us, being a paranoid sort of person, would have illogically assumed the man on the sign was a real person. He certainly looks real from a distance. Don’t lie and pretend otherwise. That is a pretty impressive—albeit sort of creepy—sign.

Did the designer of the sign make the guy look intense for design-related reasons, or did that just happen accidentally? Are there studies out there that show people are more likely to use attorneys that have extremely intense gazes? Is there logic behind the decision?

The area code 415 belongs to the San Francisco area, so there is a good chance that advertisement is still up somewhere in the city or its suburbs.

7. The Picture of the Urinal For Women

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever designed this object clearly was not thinking logically. I do not think I even need to explain why. I am assuming the contraption works—why else would it be installed? Who would try it, though? That is disgusting. It is completely unsanitary. Once it has been used once or twice, I’m pretty sure that hose is ruined forever. I wonder if anyone other than the designer of the device and the restroom has actually tried the product.

8. The Picture of the Vegetables Being Washed

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, for whatever reason, washing vegetables in one’s kitchen sink is now too time-consuming; that is how one illogical person views it these days. Instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, that person has decided to wash all of the vegetables at once using a washing machine.

Last time I checked, washing machines were to be used for clothes, towels, bedding, etc. I would imagine that washing carrots in a washing machine would probably break the thing.

All of the time you might save on food preparation will have to be spent working extra hours to buy a new appliance.

9. The Picture of the Unbreakable Glass

Image Source: Reddit

Unbreakable glasses are great; once you have had a couple drinks, you are prone to dropping things.

This picture strikes me as illogical, though, and not because it sort of looks like the little girl is having a nice glass of Chardonnay with her mom. Obviously, it is some sort of juice. It just seems sort of weird to me that any parent would serve their small child a beverage in the sort of glass used for alcohol consumption. That is a pretty young kid. Even for special occasions, the whole thing seems sort of weird.

10. The Picture of the Disgusting Oven

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever made this mess could have just went out for dinner. Instead, he or she is going to have a giant, disgusting mess to clean up. It might never get cleaned up.

How did that even happen? Did the person not consider the possibility that the cutting board might melt due to the heat of the oven? That’s a rookie mistake. Logic failed that person.

11. The Picture of the Disgusting Bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

According to this list, logic seems to fail people a lot when it comes to restroom stuff. This is not anything strange smeared across a sink. This was a legitimate design choice. Someone just wanted it to look like something gross was smeared across a sink.

I have never really understood people who put too much time or money into bathroom design. Some people have more money than they know what to do with, I suppose. Also, when you really think about it, you do end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom over the years of your life. You hopefully won’t spend as much time as you will in your bedroom or kitchen, but you certainly visit the bathroom regularly. If have not spent time in your bathroom recently, you probably need a bath and you probably need to consult a medical professional at once.

12. The Picture of the Tomato In the Drawer

Image Source: Reddit

Desk drawers are not logical places to store tomatoes for a long period of time. They are not ideal for any fruit or vegetable, really. Also, raw meat should not be stored in a desk drawer. This was a fail of logic.

However, the good news is that there are foods that can be stored in desk drawers. While raw meat should not be stored, properly sealed bags of jerky can be kept in a desk for a while. Most types of candy and chips will do just fine.

The desire to snack at one’s desk is natural, but the sight of spoiled, rotten fruit makes one never want to eat again.

13. The Picture of the Tattoo of the Sharpie

Image Source: Reddit

I am pretty sure someone was trying to make a relatively amusing joke here. In that sense, the person succeeded.

I know people do it—I know people who have done it—but I do not think it is logical to get a brand tattooed on your body unless you are getting paid by the company. If you are really low on cash and need a kidney for your kid, I can understand getting a product tattooed on you; otherwise, it seems like a curious choice.

The choice of product is curious, too. How many people really love Sharpie markers that much? I could see a kid who grew up in the 1980s getting a “Nintendo” tattoo. That would be really neat. But a brand of marker?

14. The Picture of the Neighbor’s Breakup and the Cheetos

Image Source: Imgur

This is both illogical and weird. If you ever cared about your romantic partner at all, why would you sit there eating snack food while breaking up with her? She is not having a good time! He could at least offer her a hug. Of course, he might have had a good reason to break up with her. We will never really know.

The only thing we all know for sure is that Cheetos are a delicious snack food. They have been distributed in the US since the late 1940s, and the US is their primary market. However, they are now sold in more than 35 countries. The brand is currently owned by PepsiCo.

15. The Picture of the Cake and the Cigarettes

Image Source: Reddit

The cake looks delicious. What is logical about putting cigarettes out in it?

Well, there has to be a story, and I am guessing the story is that the cake was already stale and the room was filled with smokers who had been drinking and couldn’t find a proper ashtray. It seems as logical as any other scenario, right?

What a gross image, though.

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