16 Examples of Everyday Things That Looked Like Totally Different Things

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Image Source: Reddit

For a variety of reasons, things often tend to look like other things. For example, we all know that a lot of people think that the moon looks like a face in the sky.

It happens a lot, though. Things tend to look like other things, at least to our human minds. Here are seventeen examples of things that looked like other things.

1. The Building That Is Getting the Hug

Image Source: Reddit

Honestly, I can’t figure out why this building had to be designed in such a way. It is definitely a curious-looking structure. I’m sure there were reasons, but I just can’t figure out what they were. I am no architect, so I can’t really speculate.

It is kind of a strange looking building, true. Strange is not always bad, though. This building is adorable. It looks like it is getting a hug from a sort of bizarre-looking giant.

I imagine people are constantly taking pictures of this building. How could you not? There are probably people out there who are jealous of this building. Not everyone can get a hug when he or she wants, after all.

2. The Reflection on the Pots

Image Source: Reddit

Because of the burners, the pots look like they have faces, which is pretty neat.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of color in the image and the style of the faces, this is a pretty creepy picture. I don’t think I would want to eat anything cooked in these pots. The grins on the faces of the plot are sort of evil-looking, really. They look like they are plotting something devious, frankly.

This is definitely a fine example of things that look like other things, though. That can’t be denied.

3. The Snow and the Chair

Image Source: Reddit

This is another fine example of a thing that just happens to look like a face. People tend to see faces where there are not—technically—faces.

Happily, in this case, it appears to be a very friendly face. Most of us would not mind being greeted by this creature. You might want this particular creature to get off your chair so you can take a seat, true, but it certainly appears to be nice enough. It would just be a little cold to sit on.

4. The Adorable Thing That Looks Like Fabric

Image Source: Pinterest

When you first look at this thing, you probably think it is some sort of towel, or maybe a garment of some sort.

Frankly, at first glance, it is really hard to tell exactly what you are looking at.

Upon closer inspection, however, you will realize that you are actually looking at an adorable little dog that is taking a nap. I have no idea what kind of dog it is, honestly, but I definitely want to hug it and then curl up for a nap with it. It looks so happy to be napping, doesn’t it? How could you not want to curl up with it?

5. The Milk Jug With the Face

Image Source: Reddit

This milk jug, at this particular angle anyway, definitely looks like a face. In fact, it looks like it could actually be a work of art. When you squint a bit, it sort of looks like an ancient statue, doesn’t it? I think it has to do with the fact it is surrounded by all of the rocks.

Sadly, it is just litter. It is just a dirty old milk jug. However, it is nice to think that you can find beauty in junk, and there is a certain type of beauty in this particular image.

6. The Donkey In the Soup

Image Source: Reddit

It definitely looks like there is a donkey-like thing in this soup, which is pretty disturbing.

There is nothing wrong with donkeys, though. They have been used as working animals for over 5,000 years. They have been, and still are, one of the cheaper forms of agricultural power. There are more than 40 million of them in the world right now.

While it is kind of strange to see a donkey in your soup, as people often don’t consider donkeys as an animal to be eaten, people do regularly consume donkeys. They are somewhat popular as a food item in Italy, for example. Donkey meat is also considered a delicacy in China. There are several restaurants that specialize in donkey-related dishes.

7. The Acorn That Likes To Smoke

Image Source: Reddit

This acorn definitely looks like a face. It also looks a lot like a creature that is really enjoying smoking something, which makes the whole image a lot funnier.

Smoking is, of course, terrible for you and isn’t really very funny at all. There are serious health risks attached to smoking cigarettes. Roughly 50 percent of people who smoke cigarettes die due to a disease related to smoking.

Everyone knows that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and cigarettes can cause birth defects when smoked by pregnant women. There are dozens of carcinogenic substances in cigarette smoke, and second-hand smoke also kills people. For example, second-hand smoke has been linked to respiratory infections and sudden infant death syndrome.

Fortunately, cigarette use has declined in the developed world. Unfortunately, however, cigarette smoking is still pretty common in the developing world.

8. The Rock That Looks Like an Elephant

Image Source: Reddit

It definitely does look like this rock is an elephant having a nice cool drink. Sadly, it is just a rock.

Elephants are great and interesting creatures, though. For one thing, they are working animals, which means they totally help humanity out. A long time ago, they were used as instruments of war. They are also well known as animals that have been entertaining people for centuries. They can be trained to perform tricks, as anyone who has ever gone to a circus knows well.

In general, elephants get on well with humans. They can be aggressive and engage in destructive behavior, but elephants are not known to be particular threats to human beings.

9. The Bowl That Looks Like Yin-Yang

Image Source: Reddit

I honestly have no idea what exactly is in the bowl. It does not look particularly appetizing, to be honest, but that is just me. I guess it could be some sort of soup. If it is a soup, it look kind of greasy. One is likely, I would imagine, to get indigestion by consuming it.

It does look very much like the Yin-Yang symbol, though, which is definitely pretty interesting. I am relatively sure it was not intentional, but it is definitely very cool.

10. The Ice Cream and the Ghost

Image Source: Reddit

This is the most delicious-looking ghost that I have ever seen. I don’t know exactly what flavor of ice cream it is, but it definitely looks to be some variation on chocolate.

All things considered—considering we routinely spend people into space and have the ability to clone animals—you would think we would know whether or not ghosts exist. In general, most scientists have concluded they do not, but it is awfully hard to prove things do not exist.

Even if ghosts do not exist, which is likely the case, they do make stories a little more entertaining. A really good ghost story can really creep you out.

11. The Croissants That Look Like Animals

Image Source: Reddit

I am not sure what they look like exactly, but these croissants definitely look like some sort of animal. They are cute animals; that is for sure. It would be great if more food resembled adorable animals.

One of the more popular edible items that resemble cute animals are Peeps, which are pretty popular candies in the United States and Canada. They are typically shaped like bunnies and chicks.

They are not exactly good for you, but Peeps have been delighting candy lovers for over 50 years. While they are typically associated with Easter, they can be purchased in many places throughout the year.

12. The Chicken Puppies

Image Source: Reddit

Puppies are adorable; there is nothing that needs to be done to the average puppy to make it positively adorable.

However, puppies can apparently be made more delicious-looking, and this image is proof. These puppies look very much like fried chicken.

You shouldn’t eat the puppies, of course. That would be inappropriate. Sadly, however, there are places in the world where dogs do get eaten. It isn’t remotely uncommon, in fact. It seems a shame, considering dogs are well known to be man’s best friend.

In fact, it has been estimated that over 20 million dogs are eaten every single year. Most dog meat is consumed in South Korea, China, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

Believe it or not, it is actually legal to eat dog meat in most states in the US. Technically, it isn’t illegal to serve dog meat in Canada.

13. The Baby With the Kiwi Sticker

Image Source: Reddit

The baby head really does look kind of like the kiwifruit, which is great. The baby’s caretakers clearly like kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit is delicious, and most of it is produced in China. It is also produced in significant amounts in New Zealand and Italy.

It is also a pretty healthy food item. For example, it is well known that kiwifruit is high in vitamin C as well as vitamin K.

14. The Dental Light

Image Source: Imgur

This is a light in a dentist’s office. As you have undoubtedly noticed, it also looks a lot like a water buffalo.

Water buffalos are more important to our planet than you might think. For one, there are over 100 million of them, and people really depend on them. Their milk is turned into numerous dairy products, including butter, yogurt, and cheese.

15. The Snow and the Face

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another great example of snow falling in such a way that it ends up looking like a face.

While you do have to give credit to snow for entertaining us, it is otherwise pretty irritating. It definitely causes a lot of car accidents. Skiing and snowboarding is great, and all, but the car accidents are terrible and very few people actually enjoy being cold.

If you are a fan of cold weather and snow, you are probably a fan of the artic fox. They have become mostly adapted to living in cold environments. Unfortunately, though, the creatures generally only live for a few years in the wild. They also have a lot of predators, including wolverines and grizzly bears.

The good news is that artic foxes, in general, are not considered endangered. There are subpopulations that are, but it seems likely that artic foxes will be around for a long time.

16. The Person On the Rock

Image Source: Reddit

The shoes in this image are apparently on a rock. The rock, however, looks a lot like bacon. It looks a lot like great bacon.

Bacon, of course, is one of the best foods ever. Physicians argue that it isn’t good for you, of course, and they may be right; however, it certainly tastes great. It may be linked to increased mortality rates, but there is no denying that bacon is delicious. It is worth the risk.

17. The “Ice Man”

Image Source: Reddit

This man, apparently made of ice, appears to be peering into a window. That is disturbing. It is apparently not a friendly ice sculpture.

It also sort of looks like he is peeing into a corner, which is truly horrifying.
You have to wonder what is on the other side of the window, don’t you? This whole situation would be made a thousand times worse if the frozen man is actually peering into a bathroom. Could you imagine looking out your bathroom window while you are doing your business and seeing that?

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