17 Celebrity Lookalikes From Slavic Countries That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Image Source: Zagony.ru

We are more than certain that nobody on this planet is a 100% percent unique. There are just too many of us, and this means that you would be easily able to find someone that looks exactly like you if you travel across the world all the time. But there is one even easier and more amusing way to prove that, and the list below shows what we have in mind! If you see that even some of the top celebrities in the world have their lookalikes, then you would probably agree that everyone has a doppelganger, and some people have more than just one, too! The famous faces listed below are not the actual celebrities, but their exact lookalikes! To be more specific, all of these people come from Slavic countries, making the resemblance between them and the world-famous celebs even more extraordinary! We absolutely love all of them and you would probably be puzzled about just how identical some of them look like to the celebs they resemble!

1.Anthony Hopkins

Image Source: Twitter

Sir Anthony Hopkins is definitely one of the best actors the world has ever known! The genius is able to send shivers down your spine with every single role he has brought to life so far! While his talent never seizes to amaze us, we have always loved the fact that he has a really unique appearance as well. Maybe this senior lady would be to differ, we guess! She looks exactly like him!

2.Bruce Willis

Image Source: Upsocl.com

One of our all-time favorite action heroes is still going strong and we would never get enough of him. Apart from his acting skills and amazing personality, Willis is also a distinctive individual when it comes to appearance, but he is not unique! This photo serves as proof of that, and we are not sure if this man realizes whose doppelganger he actually is!

3.Amy Winehouse

Image Source: Reblog.hu

The late Amy Winehouse had the kind of lifestyle that many people found to be controversial or even wrong in many ways, but most people loved her, including us. She was a living legend and she will always be remembered! Seeing someone who looks exactly like her made is shiver, to be honest! We never thought we would see her lookalike!

4.Daniel Radcliffe

Image Source: Twitter

Harry Potter became a massive success by becoming a worldwide brand, and we believe that one of the main contributing factors for that was Daniel’s talent! He impersonated the young Harry Potter with such precision and perfection that we were simply stunned to see him! This is why we loved the fact that there is another Daniel walking around somewhere on this planet!

5.Alan Rickman

Image Source: Zagony.ru

Here is another legend that we miss so much! The actor was among the most respected celebrities and the reasons for that are numerous! The fact that there is someone who looks so much like him is something that really warmed our hearts and we are glad we got the chance to see this person’s photo!

6.Emilia Clark

Image Source: Fishki.net

We guess that most people would immediately see the resemblance between this woman and the GoT actress! Of course, they don’t look exactly alike, but there is a really strong resemblance and the photo definitely belongs to this list! Even Clark herself would probably like it if she happened to see it.

7.Justin Bieber

Image Source: Izismile.com

It seems that Bieber has been busy with doing other things rather than focusing on his career, but he is one of those celebrities that will always be famous! His fans are too many to count, and each and every one of them would probably be more than happy to see his lookalike! The resemblance in this case is absolutely incredible and you could easily mistake this person for the singer!

8.Hugh Laurie

Image Source: Voffka.com

Gregory House is probably one our top five TV series characters ever, and we believe that we don’t need to state the reasons for that! His image would never be this memorable if it wasn’t for Hugh Laurie’s brilliant performance! He literally becomes House and the role was the perfect one for him! Laurie has a distinctive appearance but you can that there is at least one person that looks like him!

9.Kit Harington

Image Source: Voobsheogon.ru

Jon Snow was by far our favorite Game of Thrones character! The actor chose for the role is the perfect one, no doubt about it! The talented and handsome Harington is definitely a person we admire, but his good looks are not unique! To be honest, this person does not appear to have exactly the same face and body as the actor’s, but they are pretty close!

10.Angelina Jolie

Image Source: Trollno.com / W Magazine

Every woman would love to be mistaken for Angelina Jolie, but not many look like her! The gorgeous actress has been a part of the dreams of many men across the world, and she gets even more beautiful with age! As distinctive as she is, her beauty is not one of a kind! It seems that there is at least one person who looks exactly like her!

11.Nicole Kidman

Image Source: Trollno.com

There are some actresses whose beauty is more or less underrated! We cannot believe that they sometimes get neglected over others, and we believe that this is the case with Nicole Kidman! She is a beauty and there is no doubt about that, but what is more curious in this case is that another person who is a complete stranger shares almost exactly the same appearance as her!

12.Jennifer Lawrence

Image Source: Trollno.com

Sometimes certain famous faces look as if there is no way for someone else to look like them, but we assure you that each and every celeb has a doppelganger somewhere out there! Jenn Lawrence is among those people, but the photo clearly shows that even she has a lookalike, although there are some differences between the two ladies.

13.Megan Fox

Image Source: Trollno.com

Whatever we say about Megan Fox, it would still not be enough! She is an extraordinary woman and there is just something about her that is unexplainable! Maybe it is the charisma she has, or her character, who knows. The point is that she is one in a million! Of course, just like everyone else, she has a lookalike and the person is identical to her!

14.Leonardo Di Caprio

Image Source: zagony.ru

Leo DiCaprio has been in the spotlight for about a couple of decades and there is no wonder there – he is super talented and has an amazing personality! Since The Beach came out, Leo is on our top 10 actors list. His appearance has changed over the years, and he looks more and more like his Russian doppelganger photographed here!

15.Cara Delevingne

Image Source: Zagony.ru

This photo really made us look twice, because at first we could not believe that this isn’t Cara herself! The beauty of this person is amazing and she looks exactly like the young actress! We guess that sometimes doppelgangers look like the long lost twin of the person they get compared to!

16.Julia Stiles

Image Source: Zagony.ru

We love Julia Stiles for all the reasons you probably love her as well! She is super sweet, but to us she will always be the most distinctive actress from those typical teenage movies Hollywood used to make in the dawn of the new millennium! Her performance with Heath Ledger will forever remain in our hearts as one of the cutest on-screen couples! We were more than happy to see just how identical this bride looks when compared to the actress!

17.Rupert Grint

Image Source: Europaplus.ru

The actor’s career has been declining ever since he was a part of the Harry Potter movies, and we guess that people would always associate him with his role there. In fact, we accept Daniel Radcliffe the exact same way – he will always be Harry to us regardless of his other good roles. Maybe Grint would find the fact that he has a doppelganger really curious, and in this case the resemblance between this stranger and the actor is amazing and they could easily get mixed up, which probably happens a lot to this person.

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