17 Moments When English Made Nonsense And People Were Confused

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There is no doubt that the English language is the most popular language in the world today, meaning that many people all across the globe are fluent in it. However, we know that there is a huge possibility for an English speaker to understand other people’s English. You see, the language is definitely not the same in different parts of the world, and this is the cause of confusing and funny moments! We believe we have all been involved in at least one such moment!

1. Now this is one wild riddle

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While this post is absolutely correct, it does not matter what it suggests. What matters here is the way it is suggested. The whole sentence looks like some kind of a riddle and saying these words out loud sound really weird! This is the magic of the English language!

2. Here is another puzzling fact

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This is something we never thought about before. It is true that there are words that are spelled the same way but they are pronounced differently, and there are words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently, and we have no explanation about these facts.

3. This can drive anyone crazy

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The fact that you can pronounce the exact same word in a completely different way can mess with people’s heads! No matter if you are an English speaker or you are currently learning the language, it is still hard

4. Here is some food for thought

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We like seeing different points of view, and this one is definitely something we can get behind. And you need to imagine people’s confusion when they are still learning the language and realizing that spelling is not as easy as it seems!

5. This one made us laugh out loud

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As you can see, the mysterious ways of the language lead to phrases and sentences that sound absurd, but they are absolutely correct in terms of grammar. You are right to feel confused about this, and we definitely did! Yoda nailed it, though!

6. Rules are meant to be broken

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Here is one equally funny and witty post that suggests something rather interesting! It shows numerous examples of words in which ‘e’ is before ‘i’, and we never thought that so many words actually featured this combination!

7. This is one rule that can give learners a hard time

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This is yet another example why English learners might struggle with the language. Many people claim that English is relatively easy to learn, but we beg to differ! As you can see, even native speakers can feel uncomfortable in certain cases.

8. Every words is for itself, apparently 

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While there are many rules you need to learn well in order to be fluent in English, the numerous exception of these rules are equally important. For example, there is no universal way of pronouncing words that appear to sound the same based on the way they can be spelled.

9. This post will make the cogs in your head turn fast

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Of course, English speakers will immediately get this one, but it still looks like someone tried to create a riddle to fool around with people who do not understand the language well enough! It is more than just confusing – it is weird to see!

10. This is one way to explain things

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First of all, we need to say that the idea for the ‘house-spouse’ term is amazing and we would incorporate it immediately in our vocabulary. However, the best part of this post is the way in which the formation of the language grammar was described.

11. This one makes sense, we guess

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Every language has certain unwritten rules that speakers go by even if they are not of the fact they are doing it! In fact, they only notice that this is true when they step out of the right path and do not obey these rules!

12. This is another thing that can make your jaw drop

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This does not seem like much at first, but when you think about it, it really makes zero sense using that word order. We say similar things dozens of times daily but we never actually think about what we say!

13. This one will make you stutter 

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This hilarious example is probably one of the best ways to show just how crazy English language is! IT can make you stare at a sentence in disbelief that the said sentence is correct in terms of grammar and spelling!

14. This is another good way to explain spelling in English

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English language as we know it today has been shaped in many different ways and was definitely influenced by other languages as well, meaning that most of its grammar was inherited and changed afterwards.

15. This is pretty much a correct way to explain things, too

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As we already mentioned, the language has been formed by using many different words, phrases and rules typical for other, older languages, and this makes things confusing on many occasions!

16. Here is the only rule you need to know

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Of course, the rule is essential only for explaining the weird ways the English language goes by! This word really has four silent letter!

17. There is no way we could explain this to a foreigner 

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We guess that English teachers really have a hard time explaining examples like these to foreigners!

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