17 Pictures That Will Confuse Or Entertain Your Eyeballs A Bit

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Image Source: Reddit

Vision can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you see things that are not there, and sometimes you don’t notice things that you really should have.

The whole “not noticing” thing happens a lot when people are driving, it seems. I heard a story about a car hitting a bicycle in my town the other day. It was in the middle of the day—the sun was shining. How do you not notice a bicycle if you are driving in the middle of the day? There was no alcohol involved in the accident according to the police reports, but I bet there was texting involved in the situation.

Anyway, vision can be sort of inconsistent. Here are seventeen pictures that might confuse or entertain your eyeballs.

1. The Chip

Image Source: Reddit

This is not a tiny taco. It is a chip. It makes you want to eat tacos and chips, though; at least it makes me want to eat tacos and chips.

I love potato chips, but I don’t eat them anymore unless it is a special occasion—or I am out of food and too lazy to get more food. Chips are not exactly good for you, after all. A lot of people still are eat them, though, at least in the United States; people buy billions of dollars worth of chips a year. Most potato chips in the country are produced in the state of Pennsylvania. For example, Herr’s Snacks is based there; I actually know a guy that works there, and sometimes he gives me free chips! Wise Foods also has its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

2. The Coffee Beverage

Image Source: Reddit

Some people thought this coffee beverage was being held by fingers; if that was the case, it would be the tiniest coffee beverage ever made. Of course, Starbucks being the company that it is, the beverage would be overpriced. It isn’t that I dislike Starbucks; I just live close to a couple of places that make much better cups of coffee and charge a lot less.

Starbucks does pretty well, though; there are over 28,000 of them in the world. It generates over $20 billion in revenue every year and employs over 200,000 people.

Anyway, those aren’t fingers. Those are legs.

3. The Face and the Flyswatter

Image Source: Reddit

This is a flyswatter, and that is a creepy face. I am guessing it was intentionally designed that way, but I am not sure why.

I can’t understand why anyone would want a flyswatter with a face on it. Do you have to pay extra for it? Who puts a lot of thought into their flyswatters? You don’t exactly keep them out as decoration for your kitchen and living room. I suppose some people do if they live in an area with a lot of flies and keep their windows open, but it still seems kind of strange.

At first glance, I actually thought this was a wine glass. The shadow certainly looks like one.

4. The Controller and the Bed

Image Source: Reddit

Do you see the controller? I admit that I did not at first. It is definitely there though. You have to look by the pillows, and even they are sort of difficult to notice unless you really give this picture a good look.

I can see the controller, but I can’t tell what type of controller it is. It sort of looks like an XBOX controller, but I can’t be sure.

This pattern would drive me nuts. I have a lot of darkly colored furniture, and I am always losing things. For example, I misplace my iPhone at least twice a day. The screen is black when it is not on, after all! I also lose my sunglasses a lot. It is quite obnoxious.

5. The Pictures and the Mirror

Image Source: Reddit

At first, I was confused by this picture. I then realized it was one of those changing artwork things—at least I think that is what is going on here. If it is something else, it is spooky—I don’t want to know.
What confuses me about this image is the artwork in the bathroom. I have never put artwork in any bathroom I used, and I don’t comprehend why anyone does. I do like a clean restroom, but I don’t feel the need for one that is decorated, especially if it is not one anyone’s guests will use. You do your business in there—you perhaps read a few pages from a book—and then you get out.

I know many people who check their email via their phone while doing their thing. This is more than enough to make me never want to touch a phone belonging to someone else! Maybe I would do it only if there is an extreme situation or an emergency. That is scary, disgusting stuff. Smart phones are kind of gross even if you don’t bring them into the restroom.

6. A Perfect Triangle and a Clover

Image Source: Reddit

That is a very nice triangle on that clover. That’s a very nice pattern. I have never seen that in nature.

I actually found a four-leaf clover in nature once, and I was given one as a gift; I am also Irish, but I have terrible luck. In fact, I think my luck became worse after I found the clover, which is proof the whole tradition is sort of crap. It is a nice thought, sure, but there is obviously nothing to it.
Whenever I think of clovers, I think of leprechauns, which are fairies in Irish folklore. I also think of the first movie about an evil leprechaun, which came out in 1993. It was the first movie to star Jennifer Aniston, who would go on to become one of the most famous women in the world due to her role on “Friends”.

The movie was not great, but it was also pretty successful in its own way. That is why there were six sequels. There was also a remake of the film. It is fair to say that it was a successful franchise.

7. The Kiss and the Nose

Image Source: Reddit

It really does look like the young woman in this image has a nose that is scary huge. If it were actually that big, she would be begging her friends and family for money for a nose job. I know I would be out there begging.

Happily, it is just the lighting and the angle and such. Her nose is probably pretty small.
His nose might be a bit larger than average, but society considers large noses on a man more socially acceptable. To me, the guy kind of looks like the guy who plays the character of ‘Dante’ on “General Hospital”.

8. The Little Dog and the Cone

Image Source: Reddit

This little dog looks terrifying, but he just found something he likes to pick up and show off to his owner.

My little dog is actually terrifying. For reasons unclear, he likes to eat mulch. If you try to get the mulch out of his mouth, he will try to bite your finger off of your hand. Similarly, I would not recommend trying to get one of his favorite toys away from him. He will not be a happy puppy.

Despite the fact the dog only weighs about as much as a large rat, he once gave me a black eye while jumping on my head to get his pet giraffe.

9. The Flat Building

Image Source: Reddit

This building is super cool-looking from this angle. It looks completely flat. It obviously is not flat, but it certainly looks that way from this angle.

When I think about designing buildings, I often think about the game “SimTower”. There is a good chance you have not played it. The entire point of the game is to build a successful skyscraper, which is actually more fun than one might think. It was very quirky. On Christmas, Santa would fly over your tower. You could build condos, offices, hotel rooms, and fast food joints. It wasn’t as complex as “SimCity” or “The Sims”, but it was a fun away to spend an afternoon if you had nothing better to do.

10. The Toad and the Fast Food

Image Source: Reddit

If you squint a little, the toad does indeed look like ice cream.

I think that’s a toad. I am no expert when it comes to animals.

When I think of toads, though, I think of the “Mario” games and the character known as ‘Toad’. He was always my favorite. You can rarely play as ‘Toad’ in the proper “Mario” games, though, which is a shame; he is the best character in ‘Mario Kart’ as far as I am concerned. I would rather play as a guy with a mushroom on his head than I would a semi-obese plumber with ridiculous facial hair. If I wanted to walk around as a chubby guy with facial hair, I would just go for a walk in the neighborhood.

11. The Poster and the Sweat

Image Source: Reddit

This guy looks like he is sweating, but he is not. It just rained on this outdoor poster.

The gentleman is apparently trying to sell something; I am not sure what the product is. To me, he sort of looks like a guy who sells real estate. I think it is the wardrobe that leads me to believe that.

12. The Boat and the Mountains

Image Source: Klyker

To be clear, those are not mountains. They definitely look like mountains, and I thought they were mountains, but that is actually water. No one is in the air.

That is a boat, and that is a wave. It sort of explains why that guy’s arm is hanging out over the edge of the vehicle. You generally can’t do that with planes.

13. The Pine Sap

Image Source: Reddit

This is pine sap. It looks like something you would put in a ring or something, though.
It wouldn’t be the sort of ring you would propose marriage with, but it would make a nice piece of jewelry.

I actually might use a ring made with this to propose—if I ever find a woman dumb enough to marry me. I think expensive diamond rings are a horrible way to propose. They are all so generic-looking, and I personally can’t tell the difference between a proper diamond and a fake one.

14. Barry and the Mug

Image Source: Reddit

I always assumed there was nothing in the mugs that news anchors pretend to sip on television news shows.

If there is anything in those mugs, I am guessing there is a little bit of booze. A lot of news anchors get up very early, and reporting the news at five in the morning seems like a pretty tough job. They need something to get them through.

15. The Floor

Image Source: Reddit

Why would you tile a floor like this? Are you trying to make guests to the building sick?
The effect is pretty cool, true, and it probably took a bit of talent. It is still kind of weird, and I would definitely end up sort of dizzy.

I am hoping this whole thing was just an unfortunate accident. If not, the designers should go out of business.

16. The Torso and the Water

Image Source: Reddit

If you look closely, you will see that the man is not actually in the water below his waist. His pants are just a strange color.

It looks like everyone here is having a fun time, and that is great. I went fishing with my dad when I was a child. I rarely caught anything, though. Sadly, I am bad at most outdoor activities. We also fished in a manmade pond, and those fish were not simply not edible. Eating one of those would have been asking for food poisoning. We just threw them back. I assume they went on to make baby fish and the descendants are still swimming about the pond twenty years later.

17. The Wedding Picture

Image Source: Reddit

It kind of looks like all of the bridesmaids are little people—which would be fine, of course. That is not the case, however.

Some terrible photographer insisted the young men and women pose in such a fashion. I have no idea why. The photographer was clearly not the most skilled out there; that said, weddings are expensive and you sometimes have to skimp on one thing to get what you want in another area.

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