17 Times Lucky People Found Their Existing Items To Worth A Fortune

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Every now and then people get confused about something, or they simply have no clue about what’s happening around them. This can either be caused by their lack of focus but they often don’t suspect anything about a certain object or person simply because they have no way of knowing the important details. This brings us to the list below, which is curious to see! It shows moments when people happened to own very valuable things without even realizing it. Some of the examples on the list will make your jaw drop, like the Faberge egg bought at a flea market that was worth up to 20 million US dollars.

1. The Navajo Blanket

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This is one incredible story. One man lost his leg in a car accident and struggled to provide for his family. He saw a TV show about the expensive old Navajo blankets and recalled he inherited on from his grandma. He realized it was an identical item and sold it for $1,5 million.

2. The Declaration of Independence

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Of the 500 copies of this document made in 1776, only 23 remained known to exist in 1989 but that changed. A man bought an old painting from a street sale because he liked the frame. It broke soon after and he found the document. He sold it later for almost $2,5 million!

3. The meteorite

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Edmore is a meteorite found in Michigan. A farmer used it as a doorstep for many years until a geologist inspected it and confirmed its alien origins. Needless to say, the estimated value of a hundred thousand dollars pleased the farmer.

4. The painting

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An elderly French woman wanted an auctioneer to determine the value of her possessions before she moved from her house. The specialist saw this painting called “Christ Mocked” and knew it was valuable. The woman had no clue it was worth up to six million dollars.

5. The smaller painting

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This is a work of art by John Constable and it was owned by a man for many years. Little did he know, his $38 investment was worth $400,000! He consulted a professional about the origins of the painting and found out he was a rich man.

6. The plate

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One housewife was happy to collect plates for a hobby and she found a curious one in the 1970s. She put it on her kitchen wall and some 40 years, she walked into a gallery to realized she had a Picasso treasure worth up to $15,000.

7. The computer

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They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that is true! This is a good example. A woman left a very old computer at a recycling center and left without leaving personal details. The computer turned out to be an Apple I, one of the 200 units produced in 1976. It was worth $200 thousand.

8. The ring

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A lucky woman inherited her great aunt’s jewelry and there were some incredible pieces in that collection, including this ruby and diamond ring. They were featured on the Antiques Roadshow TV series and their worth by today’s prices will be at least half a million dollars. The great aunt was once married to a congressman.

9. The photograph

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A person paid $2 for this photograph at an antique shop in Freemont. They did not suspect that it would be later valued at $5 million! The reason? The people in it are Billy the Kid and part of his gang! It was only the second known picture of the infamous gangster.

10. The satchel

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This satchel was inherited by a woman from her great-grandfather who was an Army lieutenant. The item was a gift to him by a Cherokee warrior and it was preserved well since the mid-19th century. The Antiques Roadshow valued the item and it was later restored. Thanks to the letter of authentication it had, the price went up to $145,000.

11. The baseball cards

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When a woman decided to bring this old card collection she found in a drawer to Antiques Roadshow, she expected to get no more than ten grand for it. She was stunned to learn it was worth a million dollars! The Boston Red Stockings cards belonged to her great-great-grandmother.

12. The watch

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Here is another unusual item. An Arizona man was attending a sale when he found this LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm watch selling for $5.99. He bought it and he already knew it was worth more, as he was a collector himself. When he took it to a reseller, it became apparent that it was a 1959 rarity and it was worth a lot! It was among the first watches used by divers. The man later sold the piece for $35,000.

13. The painting

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A woman bought this painting because she loved its frame. The flea market item turned out to be a special one despite she paid only $7 for it. Her mother made her take the painting for evaluation a couple of years later and it became apparent it was a genuine Renoir worth six figures! The media wrote about it and eventually, the Baltimore Museum of Art stated the painting was stolen from the establishment in 1951. The court decided it was their right to have it, and the lucky buyer did not receive anything.

14. The violin

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This violin was found in a pile of trash in San Antonio but it happened to be a genuine piece made in 1922 by Giuseppe Pedrazzini. The man who found the gem wanted to use it for spares but it was eventually featured on Antiques Roadshow and properly evaluated. After a thorough restoration, the violin’s estimated worth was close to $50,000 which is great for a piece of junk.

15.The sketch

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Here is something you don’t see every day! An Englishman visited a garage sale in LA and saw some sketches. The seller told the Englishman these sketches were his aunt’s and she was once a babysitter to none other than Andy Warhol. He later framed one of the sketches only to find Warhol’s signature on its back. It was immediately valued at $2 million but the lucky person kept it for now.

16. The pearl

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A fisherman found this incredible thing near Palawan Island back in 2006 after his fishing gear got tangled in it. He took it home where it has been stored for ten years. Eventually, the 34-kg rock was evaluated and confirmed it was a giant pearl worth a whopping $100 million!

17. The diamond ring

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One lucky girl bought this ring for 10 GBP by a person selling small stuff from his car boot in the 1980s. Three decades later, the owner of the ring had to bring it to a jeweler’s shop for evaluation. She wanted some money to help out her mom. She wasn’t expecting it to be worth a lot but it turned out to be a genuine diamond! It was later auctioned at Sotheby’s and sold in Geneva for 740,000 GBP!

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