17 Times When People Found Hidden Spy Cameras In The Craziest Places

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We live in interesting times and tech gadgets are among those factors that changed our lives in the past couple of decades. Needless to say, this fact has its good and bad sides. We all know the good sides but the list below shows part of the bad sides – the hidden cameras used for secret surveillance. There are cameras inside screw heads now!

1. The Airbnb

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It appears that people have their own setbacks when entering someone else’s property but one is common for all – the fear of being surveilled. In this case, the fear was confirmed because someone found a hidden camera when residing in an Airbnb. We believe this should be qualified as a crime.

2. The other Airbnb

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another example of a hidden camera inside an Airbnb listing. The person who stayed there noticed only one motion detector while there should have been a few in order for the installation to makes sense. He found the secret camera and reported the host immediately after leaving.

3. The mall bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another curious find. Someone went inside the bathroom of a Russian mall and noticed something peculiar. This air freshener was mounted in a funny way and the person saw that it had a camera inside.

4. The charger

Image Source: Reddit

A Starbucks employee was curious enough to investigate a charger someone left plugged in across the toilet. It turned out it was a cleverly disguised hidden camera that someone installed for obvious reasons. This is unacceptable.

5. The screw

Image Source: WT

Here is something that baffled us when we saw it. We knew that they come up with all kinds of tricks but we never thought that we would see such a thing. It is almost impossible to find such a hidden camera.

6. The clock

Image Source: City News

Here is yet another example of a host with vile intentions. This couple rented an apartment only to find a camera hidden in a clock. This was intentional, of course, and the host probably found it intriguing to observe complete strangers.

7. The other clock

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that people are often tricked in all kinds of ways but setting up hidden cameras to watch them without their consent is more than just deceit – it is a violation of their personal space and such acts should be punished.

8. The ceiling

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of a person who tried to be smart and set up a hidden camera to observe people without them knowing it. In this case, the camera was found on the ceiling of a hospital and it remains unclear what the spy’s intentions were.

9. The water bottle

Image Source: YouTube

This is something we never thought was possible but there is apparently a ready-made kit for it! The water bottle hidden camera is something nobody would suspect and it could be used literally everywhere.

10. The pen holder

Image Source: SMH

There are many ways to install a hidden camera and people can miss one even if they search for such devices. This pen holder is a nice example, as it has a spy cam mounted in it that nobody would suspect. We guess this technology is very advanced.

11. The notebook

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of a cleverly disguised hidden camera. This notebook is actually a camera with a recording device! It seems that nobody would ever recognize this unless they happen to flip the cover and see what is inside.

12. The coffee cup

Image Source: Reddit

Similar to the water bottle we posted above, this coffee cup is another clever way of surveilling that nobody would ever suspect. All you need to do is carry it around and that is it. It is one of the best ideas on the list and we should all be careful.

13. The detector

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another Airbnb listing that happened to hide a surprise inside. As you can see, this person was shocked to find a tiny camera hidden inside a smoke detector. This is a real problem and we hope that all rental platforms addressed the issue.

14. The socket

Image Source: ABC

This is something clever and we need to admit that it is impossible for one to notice this camera except for the times they use special equipment. There are specially trained teams in South Korea that search for planted spy cams.

15. The shampoo

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, people shower in complete privacy except for the times when they want to invite someone, of course. This means they want to be alone without anyone watching most of the time. This spy cam shampoo bottle is a way to violate that right.

16. The wall clock

Image Source: Imgur

Here is yet another product that could easily be left unnoticed by most people. It features a high-resolution spy camera meant for secret surveillance but the trouble is people can actually use it for spying on unsuspecting individuals instead of security purposes.

17. The Airbnb charger cam

Image Source: Instagram

This is another of the cases which are related to spy cams found inside Airbnb listings. One young woman decided to take a bath while staying at Airbnb when she saw a charger left inside the socket. She remembered reading on the topic of spy cams and removed it when she found it. The police didn’t do anything but the listing was removed, at least.

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