18 Images Proving That Nature Can Sometimes Offer Strange Surprises

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Image Source: Shutterstock

Nature has its own ways of doing things and we cannot understand some of them, but we tend to judge other, and we do not have the right to do so. What we can do is look at nature’s creations in amazement and be amused by them! Well, sometimes nature can have creepy ways of making things happened, but that is just another thing to accept. Many things around are worth seeing, if we could only have the right mindset to pause our busy lives and let our curiosity go wild!

1. Meet one very special bug

Image Source: Neogaf.com

The name was picked for a reason – the other bugs you its back lost their lives to its might, and now they are carried around as a showcase of what the bug is capable of! Now that’s creepy!

2. These creatures are actually curious to see

Image Source: Pinterest

While some of these mantises look intimidating, we also like the way they were enabled by nature to hide in plain sight using their camouflage skills! We would never dare to let them crowl on our hands, though.

3. Here is one jumping spider

Image Source: Reddit

If you are wondering what is wrong with this spider, then you noticed something unusual in the photo. Well, it turned out that the spider usually catches bees and eats them, and what you see

4. Here is an unusual find

Image Source: Twitter

This is something that most people would prefer to never find themselves, but it is actually curious to see. The color is unlikely for such a find, but it turned out that it had been underwater for a long time and this was the cause.

5. This stingray was really misfortunate

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely something we are sorry to see but it happens. It is also something that one could not see every day! Maybe a shark was the culprit behind this and you could hardly escape one of these creatures.

6. Believe it or not, these are the remains of a pufferfish

Image Source: Imgur

This is one creepy find and we guess that many different species look a lot different on the inside despite their cute appearance. This is the case here, and we guess that we would never look at a pufferfish the same way again.

7. This is definitely a critter we never want to see in person

Image Source: Reddit

This is one creature that looks intimidating for a reason. It actually captures whatever comes its way and grabs a hold tight! The critter loves hiding under rocks especially near rivers.

8. We hope that this is one really small snake

Image Source: Pinterest

If the snake is a regular-sized one, then this means that these insects are gigantic! We hope it is like that otherwise we would immediately start fearing grasshoppers, too! We considered them cute until now.

9. There is something in the mouth of this angry-looking fish

Image Source: Twitter

It turns out that this is actually a living thing! This is a kind of parasite that gets inside the mouth and eats the tongue, but it gets weven worse. This isopod actually replaces the tongue and feeds on whatever goes in the mouth!

10. This is a fish called a stargazer

Image Source: Pinterest

We thought that things could not get any creepier than seeing a parasite in a fish mouth, but we guess that it could be worse after all. As you can see, the stargazer is easily one of the scariest living things we have ever seen.

11. This is the stuff nightmares are made of

Image Source: Reddit

We found it hard to believe that this is a living thing, but it is something that swims around a certain part of the world. It looks strange and even scary, but it has a really funny name! It is called the Arctic Footballfish!

12. Someone came across this thing

Image Source: Reddit

This is not a living thing, which kind of makes it even scarier! As you can see, there is something growing out of this can of catfood. Someone left it opened for about ten days and there weird hairs started growing from it! It is some kind of mold, we guess!

13. Here is one unexpected surprise

Image Source: Reddit

Snakes often seek shelter and they hide under rocks or other items. In this case the snake happened to be in an urban area, and it chose the hide in the gap between the trunk door and the body of this SUV. We hope nobody got hurt here!

14. This plant is called the Hydnora Africana

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it seems that looks can be deceiving and this plant is not what it appears to be! It is not going to try and eat you if you go near it, but you will notice that it smells extremely bad!

15. This is a orb weaver spider specimen

Image Source: Kapook.com

As you can see, this critter is not playing any games and you can see who won here. The spider is also a kind of artist because it is a real web-slinging artist!

16. This bird family found the creepiest nest possible

Image Source: Ek21.com

The remains of this pike are probably a good idea to hide in case of some predators trying to approach the improvised nest, so it may not be a bad idea after all.

17. This is a hedgehog like you have never seen one

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

As cute as hedgehogs are, we never thought that we would actually be scared of one!

18. Here is a scene worthy of a movie

Image Source: Men’s World

We believe that there is a chance for this image to be altered, but it appears to be genuine! We hope that person was not hurt!

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