18 Of The Weirdest Optical Illusions People Ever Noticed

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There are all kinds of optical illusions but we prefer to divide them into only a couple of categories – those that are no good and the rest which are brilliant! Regardless of the illusion was the result of a carefully designed plan or if it was purely accidental, it is the effect it has on people! As fascinating as an illusion could be, it could also scare the living daylights out of you, and we believe that this is the impact that most people seek! An adrenaline rush is always welcome!

1. Here is how a simple lamp could scare you

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It appears that it does not take much for an illusion to be created! In fact, we believe that we miss most of the optical illusions and effects that are created by chance on a daily basis. However, sometimes we happen to see them, and this particular one is not something you would feel comfortable with! You would probably be too scared to investigate what is really inside the lamp!

2.This hair clip could give you anxiety in an instant

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You have probably heard of the term arachnophobia. This is the scientific word for fear of spiders, and many people suffer from it, including us! Even a tiny spider is more than enough to make us leave the house, and we don’t even want to imagine what would happen if we see a spider as big as this hair clip! As you can see, it looks exactly like a strange tarantula!

3. Mannequins could also create a rather strange illusion

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As you can see, this looks like a prank, but it is likely something that happened by chance! Someone threw out a mannequin without realizing that it looks nothing like the rest of the trash! Someone noticed that and took this photo. Imagine how scared a person would be after coming across this thing in the trash! It is the last thing you would like to see on a dark night!

4.This is a nothing but a cardboard cutout

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People say that the simplest ideas work best and we completely agree with that! In fact, we believe that sometimes a certain action or decision have an unexpected effect! This cardboard cutout is the best possible example! You can bet that it would scare off any burglar and no security system could do the same in an instant!

5.Now this is a strange find

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It appears that some people have no clue about the potential effect their trash might have on people who happen to see it! Of course, not every piece of trash would have such an effect; it must be something special! We can all see that in this case the effect of someone’s piece of trash is rather strange, but whoever threw that doll away had no clue about that!

6.Just a tree is enough to scare you

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Sometimes the best optical illusions are naturally formed, or at least the things nature creates serve as improvised props for an illusion to happen! Even something as simple as a tree could create an illusion, but sometimes it is not what you might expect! You can see how a tree created a disturbing effect! It looks as if someone is lurking just outside the window, and this is always strange to see!

7.Some pillows and a blanket could look like something else

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Well, there you have it! Even your own bed could play tricks on your mind! Imagine this: you are walking in your bedroom and see this while you are perfectly aware of the fact that you are alone in the house! The sight shown in the photo would be more than enough to make the hairs on your neck stand straight up!

8.One comforter is more than enough to create an optical illusion

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Maybe this photo would serve as a good enough reason for you to stop piling up clothes on chairs in order for them to dry after laundry. This comforter created the illusion of some entity siting on the chair, and it could easily scare someone, especially if they believe in ghosts! It might not look like much, but you can be sure that it would work on you, too, if you are sleepy enough and you come across it in the middle of the night.

9.Here is why hanging your clothes the right way matters

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It is more than clear that most people would neglect this one, but those who often suffer from their anxiety would spot it immediately! The way these clothes are piled up on that hanger made them look like something from a nightmare came to life! We would always pay attention to how we leave our clothes on a hanger from now on!

10.A pair of boots at the front door can look suspicious

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Well, a simple pair of boots is also good enough to serve as a prop for an optical illusion, apparently! Most people would probably never notice this, but someone did, and we are glad they shared this photo! It really looks as if a stranger is standing at the door!

11. Someone called 911 because they thought a woman was about to jump!

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Nobody could blame the person who noticed this umbrella and mistook it for a person! It is more than obvious that from a far distance it really does look like a person that is a about to jump, and that is just horrifying.

12.This one is as simple as it could possibly get

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You might think that this was supposed to be a modern interpretation of a scarecrow and we totally understand why you may assume that. One look at this photo would sent chills down anyone’s spine, but the setup was purely accidental and the optical illusion turned out to be really cool!

13.Here is another mannequin that could bring you nightmares

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This is definitely the last thing anyone would want to find while at the beach! What appears to be a clothing store mannequin was dumped there, and the illusion it creates leave the impression of someone’s lifeless body, and this is not exactly a nice find, too!

14. This is not the proper way to dry your shoes

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This photo is a nice addition to one of the previous on this list – the one with the boots. It appears that leaving shoes on the front porch is not the only way they could become the reason for a disturbing optical illusion! Drying them like this when living 11 stories high could appear as if someone was hanging from the window while barely holding for dear life with their feet!

15. One person was able to scare his wife by using a pair of waders

Image Source: Femina.hu

Of course, the whole thing was unintentional! The husband simply hung up his waders to dry in the basement, but his wife was unaware of that. When going to the basement, she noticed them and the illusion of some entity lurking down was more than enough to frighten her!

16. Even walnuts can look like something intimidating

Image Source: Chaostrophic.com

This is yet another photo that would make you take another look! Of course, it is a simple piece of walnut, but it looks like something completely different at first! It is one of those things someone with arachnophobia would never want to experience! The simple optical illusion created here is just about enough to scare or trick many people!

17. This is nothing but laundry hanging out to dry

Image Source: Elegimaldia.es

It appears that most of the people either miss the peculiar optical illusions around them or they completely fail to realize that they were the ones who created them in the first place! This example is as simple as they could possibly get. Someone simply hung their laundry to dry, but the lighting of their home really added a dramatic effect to it, and it looks as if the person was stalking their neighbors by staring at them from the window, which is exactly what some people actully do! They should stop it, because it is creepy to see.

18. The hanging clothes


Image Source: TUMBLR

We are pretty sure the neighbour didn’t mean to do it, but still, it was a good one. We can bet that it took a bit for the person to realize it’s just clothes.


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